Taormina, Sicily: Cannoli with a View – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Taormina, Sicily: Cannoli with a View – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Taormina, Sicily’s most
spectacular resort, hangs high above
the Mediterranean. Its handy cable car
provides access to the beach. Its dramatic setting
has an understandable allure. One of Europe’s romantic,
Old World resorts, it takes full advantage
of its breathtaking perch. Taormina was a favorite
aristocratic escape back in the 19th century. Today, it’s clearly
the domain of the masses, as visitors from far
and wide pack its traffic-free
historic center. It’s a busy evening
for thepasseggiataand everyone’s out enjoying
the relaxed parade of Italian life. The main drag connects a series
of inviting piazzas… and the balcony rewards
all with staggering views. But I’m hungry for dessert. Many people travel all the way
to Sicily for the cannoli and I can understand why. It’s a true local specialty. Bakers proudly maintain
the quality that comes with tradition
and bakers earn their reputation on the
quality of their cannoli — on the crispness of the crust, and on their mastery
of ricotta cheese — soft, sweet,
and fresh from sheep’s milk. The best are filled
by hand on location — never with cream or custard;
it must be ricotta. Taormina’s setting impressed
the ancient Greeks — probably more for its strategic
location than the view. Still, this must be the most
dramatically situated theater from the ancient world. 2,500 years ago, Greeks packed
the house for live theater. Today, exploring these ruins
perched high on a mountain, on an island
in the Mediterranean, I marvel at the many
layers of civilization we can enjoy here on Sicily.

29 thoughts on “Taormina, Sicily: Cannoli with a View – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

  1. Thanks!? While living in upstate NY, I had a very loving relationship with cannoli; sadly not available where I live now. Better for my wasteline though!?

  2. I love your videos! What´s interesting about your videos is that they´re the only ones I feel the same sensation of being there, and I think it´s how they´re colorized. Congrat your editor for me.

  3. I was there in 2008, just north of here helping to teach an archaeology fieldschool (and we visited Taormina a few times). The views are worth it… the history fascinating, and the people friendly. We had a real treat one night… driving down from Taormina on one of the northern roads full of switchbacks. There was a town below us shooting off fireworks, and it was awesome to be looking DOWN on fireworks – getting down to the level where they were exploding, and then down in the town, where we had to look up to see the fireworks. Getting to watch the eruptions/lava flow is also a treat – very visible from Taormina (and our site).
    The roads are packed and you have to be a really good driver in the area (especially on the back roads) plus prices were high, but otherwise… very high on my list to see again!

  4. Beautiful town, nice places, The ice cream at Bar Capiccio is a must, so is their granita, then a visit to Gambero Rosso for Dinner is welcome, and afterward stop at Pasticceria Etna for the cannoli and dolce mandorla. Boy we cost every year

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