Tarifa & Camping Valdevaqueros – The Rain in Spain [CC]

Tarifa & Camping Valdevaqueros – The Rain in Spain [CC]

Hello and welcome to Camping
Valdevaqueros near Tarifa in Spain! [music] We’ve been here now for nearly two weeks, haven’t we Dougal? And the sun might be shining now but that hasn’t always been
the case… [sound of torrential rain on the roof] The rain has been torrential at times,
and unfortunately some of the pitches have become quite muddy and churned up, including ours! So much so that some motorhomes have had to park on the site’s access roads. However, Camping Valdevaqueros is a lovely site; only five
minutes’ walk from the beach, and six miles from the town of Tarifa. So let me
show you around… When we first arrived, the weather was actually quite nice, and we did spend a lot of time down on the beach. [music] [sound of waves on the shore] Tarifa is famous for being one of
Europe’s top kitesurfing and windsurfing spots. So of course when the
wind blew, I had to go out kite surfing. [music] And now for a quick look around
Camping Valdevaqueros. It’s got a nice little bar restaurant where there’s free Wi-Fi, but only in this area. There isn’t Wi-Fi to the pitches. There’s a
nice swimming pool, which is unusually surrounded by grass which is a really
nice touch. No, I didn’t go in! The pitches… they’re a
little bit on the small side I felt and there’s no hard standing or grass it’s
just plain earth. Toilets were very clean not heated though. Now let’s have a look
in Tarifa itself. It’s a lovely little town but offseason a lot of the shops
are closed until the next spring. However many shops are open like this
windsurfing kitesurfing shop. Tarifa has a lovely old town so allow Dougal to
show us around… [chilled music] Other than the beach, the other place we
spent most of our time was the Tarifa Eco Center, a great little place; a
co-working area and it’s ideal for freelancers like me. Blisteringly fast
Wi-Fi, really friendly staff… the socket wasn’t working at this table so rather
than make us move, they brought an extension lead. [chilled music] There are no prizes for
guessing who listed this place on the ‘Workfrom’ website! Food here was terrific;
the veggie burger rivals that of The 78 in Glasgow. As for the cakes… oh and the
pizza! Oh yummy! [chilled music] Tarifa is the southernmost town in Europe; it’s only
nine miles from Morocco as the crow flies. 21 miles to Tangier, and the ferry
takes just 35 minutes. [chilled music] What’s interesting here is on the left
of this causeway is the Mediterranean Sea, and on the right is the Atlantic
Ocean. So there you have it! Valdevaqueros – a lovely site. Tarifa is a nice town, it’s just a shame we haven’t had the weather. So what do you do when
you’ve got the freedom of a caravan? You hitch up and you go searching for the
sun! That’s exactly what we’re going to do, we’re going to hitch up tomorrow, head
to the Costa del Sol, and hopefully find a bit more consistent sun. So I hope you
enjoyed that. As ever, if you did, give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you don’t
already, it just leaves me to say from Dougal and from me, from Camping Valdevaqueros in Tarifa on the Costa de La Luz… Thanks for tuning in! How do you say that in Spanish do you reckon, Dougal? Hmm… gracias por tuno in-o…. hmmm [chilled music] [waves crashing on the shore]

72 thoughts on “Tarifa & Camping Valdevaqueros – The Rain in Spain [CC]

  1. Nice destination. The campsite was more than adequate, shame about the wifi. That said local facilities are not to faraway.

  2. Awwwww, those pictures of Dougal on the beach and with his buddies are just sweet. Thanks for brightening my day!

  3. Dougal looks up…you sure that ye old pirate map with x marks the spot you bought off that cat in the side street is legit only i've been digging here and alls ive found is an old bottle top.

  4. Hi Andrew, Weather is one of the factors a camper has to contend with.
    Nice job with your drone, also featuring Dougal, he's a star!
    Andrew as you know you're closing in on 30,000 YouTube Subscribers, FABULOUS, a well earned achievement!!!

  5. so just another great video ? – well NO this was great great , on a basic level it was very informative and helpful, so thanks for that ,but i have to say this was a WONDERFUL video – you can see the work that has gone into this -a big up for your efforts to produce a warm , informative and lovley presented thing , but i spotted the editing and the b roll shots to make this a video that portray the essence of the place not just a set piece , so maNY MANY thanks for your efforts to make this it IS GREATLY APPRECIATED as we enjoy YOUR travels from out sofas. SO a BIG thank you for taking the trouble and time to post this vid Eds n Gail

  6. Nice video, again! That food has got my mouth watering uncontrollably. The translation for 'thanks for tuning in' is in Spanish 'traduccion de gracios por sinonizan' – if that helps!!!
    I hope that there are plenty of sticks for Dougal when you get to your next destination, he was really enjoying that beach, its so satisfying to see a dog digging a hole in the sandy beach. Happy travels.

  7. Great video as usual. My nephew Steve & wife Ed spend the winter at Cabopino so say hi if you visit! https://www.campingcabopino.com/en.html Maybe needle in a haystack methinks. Very mixed weather with us near Bordeaux-hope yours improves. ?

  8. Those drone shots were amazing of the waves breaking on the shore. Great area I’ve stayed there myself at the same campsite and really enjoyed it. Great vid but that’s to be expected thanks for reading

  9. Thank you, very useful as I’m heading that way in February. I wonder if you are heading for Bella Vista in Manilva?

  10. Hola, muy bien…. great video lovely to catch up with you and Dougal, but must say we bet you are still sweeping sand out of your Airstream. ??? ?

  11. So want to be there! Thanks for sharing and showing Andrew. Nicely informative and thanks Dougal for showing us around… ? ?? ?

  12. Another fine video there Andrew. I have a suggestion that you might like to do in one of your videos …. an in depth look into your kite surfing gear. I have no idea what gear you need … or roughly what it costs, weighs etc. So it would cool to know a little bit more about it if you can find the time. I know …. busy, busy , busy and all that, but if you could …… please …. ?

  13. Rain or no, it still looked warmer than home base. And did you dip your foot in the Med then go dip your foot in the Atlantic and back again? ?

  14. Andrew, I saw in another video that you said you had a migraine. That video had comments disabled, so I found this one. If you get migraines, watch this video: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/ginger-for-migraines/ Might help, might not, but very cheap to try it.

  15. Sometimes it's nice to see lovely Spain and locals on the off season. You have a better chance of hearing what they like about their own town. And maybe go to a secret local gem or two.

  16. I did enjoy the video. The drone shots of the tide rolling in, I could watch for ages. Good to see Dougal on the beach. He rivals my Toby in the stick carrying stakes. Why do they love playing with sticks three times longer than them? ?. Enjoy the Costa Del Sol.

  17. Thank you. I always enjoy your videos. That water was an amazing colour, and the drone shots really showed it off well. Dougal looked very happy with his stick!

  18. Wonderful video … sorry the weather was so ugh for you both..but onwards and upwards…Costa Del Sol here you come. Still appreciating the 'CC" so many thanks for all your hard work and commitment there!

  19. Hi Andrew nice to see u again lovely video looks a nice place it's a shame that most places shut for winter even though weather still nice over there shame about the rain let's hope weather better at your next location good luck onward and upwards. Kev

  20. Great video Andrew, I was walking Hetty on our beach this morning, it’s not looking like your beach at this time of year ?

  21. Literally it would say "Gracias por sintonizar" but in spanish "sintonizar" It is customary to use only when searching for radio or TV stations. It would be more correct something like "Gracias por vernos" … Thanks for watching

  22. In Spanish you say gracias por sintonizarnos. I absolutely adore your videos. You’re changing my mind as to what I want to do next in life. I live in NY and don’t know much if this country. The US has been made to explore it by driving and I haven’t done that. It never occurred to me. Thanks a million!

  23. Let's keep a prayer and vision for the greatest good health, happiness, safety and protection of Andrew, Dougal and their friends & family. They're a lovely part of all of our families! ☺

  24. From one piss elegant queen got another. Please stay the way you are and please do not promote crap like the others so! I am glad you find harmony on your own and only hope that i find it too! Travelling with my two Poms. I find most caravan club sites hostile towards gay people xx

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