TCU – Campus Tour

TCU – Campus Tour

welcome to texas christian university home of the TCU Horned Frogs. if you jus t take a second and walk around campus, You’ll already start to envision your future here. It’s friendly, pedestrian residential, it’s the classic college experience. So, let’s check it out. TCU has more than 200 clubs and organizations. and chance are, you’re going to get connected with one or more of them here at the Brown Lupton University Union. Known by the students as the BLUU. It’s sort of a 24-7 community where students and professors gather, interact, study, think, eat, perform, debate. Essentially, it’s the place where the TCU mission is fulfilled. Where students learn to be ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community. The arches and architecture are designed to inspire you and to encourage interaction. Inside, there’s the main dining hall called the Market Square. It’s an all-you-can-eat eatery with food from around the world. There’s also the post office, a copy center, a convenience store, a gift shop, a ballroom, sports theme cafe, and even a 350-seat theatre for movies, performances, or speakers. Maybe best of all, there’s an entire wing dedicated to student organizations. So, no matter what group you’re in, you have a place to meet. The area from the BLUU to Frog Fountain is known as the Campus Commons. Here you’re going to find students strolling through the arcaded walkways, and popping in and out of the state-of-the-art residence halls. which I might add, have marble floor entries, modern amenities, and suite-style units. At TCU, our 17 different residence halls are more than places to lay your head at night, and stash your stuff. They’re places where you make friends, exchange ideas, and learn from the people you live around. Zero dollars, and zero cents. That’s how much it costs a student to get into any TCU athletics event. The football stadium, basketball arena, and baseball park are all located right here on campus. Amon Carter Stadium is less than 5 minutes from the BLUU and about 10 minutes from residence halls. No waiting in lines, and no driving around looking for parking. On game day, you just bring along your TCU ID, and you walk right in ready to yell your lungs out for the Horned Frogs. Body paint is optional. It works the same way for basketball at Daniel Meyer Coliseum, baseball at Lupton Stadium, and so on. Soccer, tennis, volleyball, swimming, track and field: TCU competes in all these sports in the Big 12 conference against Division I competition. You’ve seen where our student athletes play, but what about you? What do you like to do? I mean just about any way you like to stay fit, you’ll find it here at our state-of-the-art TCU recreation center. Four lane jogging track, climbing wall, swimming pools, racquet ball, basketball, weights, cardio. With more than 200,000 square feet of space, whatever you need to stay in shape, or just challenge yourself, you can find it here. And while you’re at it, join an intramural team. From flag football, to ultimate frisbee, rec sports offers more than 2 dozen leagues and tournaments in the fall and spring. Directly southwest of campus is Worth Hills. Home to TCU’s popular fraternities and sororities. More than a third of TCU students pursue the Greek ideals of scholarship, friendship, and philanthropy. 11 sororities and 10 fraternities live in 5 residence halls here. The bronze statue outside of the College of Education is called “Teaching to Change the World.” That’s how we think at TCU. With our minds pointed outward. For about 38% of us, a TCU degree includes learning outside the United States. Because let’s face it, sometimes the best learning takes place outside the classroom and outside America. Our study abroad programs ratchet up the global outlook here on campus. Plus it allows students to increase their understanding of other cultures and languages. Students can go for a summer or a whole semester with a variety of courses offered. Students can choose from 43 countries. With Italy, England, Spain, Germany, France, and Chile as the most popular destinations. The TCU Barnes & Noble is our campus bookstore. At 43,00 square feet, we’re proud to say it’s the largest college bookstore in Texas. It’s one of the great things about TCU. While our community is small, about 8,000 students, we have the amenities and resources of major universities. Since 2000, we’ve renovated all of our classrooms, labs, and residence halls. And most of the campus has wireless connectivity so you can pretty much take your laptop anywhere, including the bookstore cafe. The Smith Hall is home of the Neeley School of Business and the Entrepreneurial Studies program. This building, like most of TCU, has fiber optic computer labs, team meeting rooms, and a multi-media center. But TCU is also great because of it’s intimate size. The student-faculty ratio was 14:1. Our professors love teaching, love students, and make an effort to know your name, and give you opportunities to work with them. In research, and creative activity. We call this the teacher-scholar model. What it means to you, is that they’re really like mentors as students learn and get ready for the world. The Mary Couts Burnett Library is nothing like the school library your father had. Think of it more like a neighborhood chain bookstore with Beethoven piped in over the periodicals. There are comfortable chairs, team meeting areas, and laptops available to be checked out – free of course with your TCU ID. There’s even a bistro, so you can grab a snack and get back to work at one of the 110 PCs or Macs in the massive computer lab. Need some help? Information commons is a multi-purpose help desk there to trouble shoot. It’s all part of a service-oriented approach that makes the library the top place to study, and get work done. With more than 2 million holdings including numerous multimedia offerings. It’s not short on resources. And with a 24- hour policy, 5 days a week, there is no excuse not to stop by. You may wondering about the “C” in TCU. Let’s check out Robert Carr Chapel. We encourage students to think about what they believe, seek to understand other’s viewpoints and faith, and then decide for themselves. These values flow from TCU’s historic relationship with the Christian Church. Each year the junior class raises money and builds a Habitat for Humanity home called Frog House. It’s a chance for students to put their leadership skills and business savvy to work. But it’s also a time to make a meaningful contribution to people outside TCU. Students often catch themselves and their friends on broadcast of TCU News Now. A student-produced newscast created here in the Moudy Building. It’s also home to the 24-hour campus radio station, KTCU, and the school paper, The Daily Skiff. You never know who will get their start here and go on to become successful and famous. You probably know TV journalist Bob Schieffer from Face the Nation or CBS Evening News. He had his beginning right here at The Skiff. You might know some of our other famous alumni: LaDainian Tomlinson, running back for the San Diego Chargers and 2007 NFL MVP. Betty Buckley, Broadway star and Tony award winner. Or Gordon England, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. just to name a few. Known as the place where the West begins Fort Worth offers the best of both worlds. It’s cowboys and culture. The city is home to some of the southwest’s finest art, music, and museums. All of which are tools to help TCU’s fine arts students enrich their knowledge. But before the take the city, or world stage, they practice and rehearse at Ed Landreth Auditorium and the Walsh Complex. TCU students learn from a symphony of accomplished musicians who enjoy teaching as much as performing. In turn, Horned Frogs and the TCU symphony orchestra, concert chorale, jazz band, and marching band contribute to the community and to the world with their own concerts and presentations. We take good care of the new Frogs coming through our first year programs. Even before they come to campus as freshmen. For example, first year students who take part in our summer time Frog Camp, and nearly two-thirds of freshmen do, learn about TCU’s unique traditions. Like rubbing the Frog statue’s nose before a test for good luck. It’s our way of giving them a jump start on the TCU experience. Each camp is a 3 to 5 day retreat designed to introduce students to their classmates, learn about TCU history and traditions, and discuss what it means to be an ethical leader and responsible citizen. Our last stop is Sadler Hall, it’s the main administration building, and where you’ll find our Chancellor, Dr. Victor Boschini. You often see him at student events, and even in the classroom. We’re proud to claim Fort Worth as our hometown Cowtown is the nation’s sixteenth largest city, and like TCU, it’s welcoming and diverse. Offering an exciting mix of cowboys, culture, and entertainment. Sundance Square is recognized nationally as one of America’s safest, and fastest growing downtowns. Just four miles from campus. It’s no wonder that more than a third of our alumni choose to live here or in the surrounding area. Forbes rates Fort Worth 5th nationally as the best place to find a job. So come and see us, we’d love to show you around again.

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  1.  this was really awesome. but if you get accepted to this school from another state would you still be able to study abroad??

  2. This is awesome. TCU looks so amazing and looks like i would grow spiritually and very much educationally! Looks like such a great school. Going to be a tough choice for me but it looks like TCU has moved up on my list. Thanks for the video!

  3. I am a junior at TCU, Tokyo Christian University. I would really like to join this university after I graduate. I hope all goes well for me.

  4. Wow. I like this school I received. A letter from here and there more I see the more I like it and i play football

  5. A lot of my extended family have come here and i have family friends that are on the TCU dance team. I am so excited to come here if i get accepted in a couple of years. I love Texas and this campus from what i've seen so far and hearing cool stories. So excited!!!! It's gorgeous! <3

  6. Hi TCU,
    I'd have to say I love your campus. I'm a Junior at KU. I really like that your campus seems a lot smaller and easy to navigate. Kansas' is a humongous stadium. Point is, I really like your University. You're my second favorite big 12 football team after KU!

  7. Hello, i'm an aspiring transfer student from a community college in Colorado! I was wondering if there is anyway for TCU to help me visit the campus since my family isn't doing very well financially?

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