Temagami Canoe Camping Trip: Sights And Sounds of a Six Day Canoe Trip 🌲 ASMR 🌲

Temagami Canoe Camping Trip: Sights And Sounds of a Six Day Canoe Trip  🌲 ASMR 🌲

Where’s here on canoe trip on madagamasi Lake here in temagami
we’re trying to find some pictographs that are on there marked on
the map on Jeff’s map but not really seeing them should be right here it
might be too far gone search continues we have the tent set up and the hammock set up Now we’re going to go wood hunting Should be lots around here Just by the site there’s this think finding wood should be easy for tonight steak potatoes in red wine well this morning – it’s about 6:00 a.m.
slept pretty good woke up a couple times go get the food barrel get some coffee
start packing up damn this is what we’re portaging
around a waterfall way to cool off hey guys give all that
energy Newman maybe you should be for portaging the canoe next time Well we’re at our campsite here on day two of our termagami canoe trip We’re on madagamasi Lake i believe it’s called firewood did about 15 K 13 15 K today
four Portage’s took about 4 and half hours. We’re tucked right out. half hours we’re pretty tuckered right
now coffee get camp set up get some water into us This fire pit needs some work. That’s okay. It will only take a second Much. better what are you doing vicka? Digging a hole? Tonight on the menu, we’re having macaroni and cheese product with Bannock some wine we’re gonna put
some bacon in this as well should be good How is it? Slightly under-cooked mmmm my favorite Newman looks comfy a beautiful night hopefully it
doesn’t rain Our snack for this evening fire-roasted
pop-tarts mmm mmm mmm can you set the toaster to number three Thanks well this morning
day three we slept in because of the rain we’re contemplating staying here
until the rain stops it’s just easier we have about six Portage’s that’s all
really slippery on the rocks the dogs don’t care for the rain either so we’ll
hold out wait it stops before noon then we’ll move on but if not make up for
tomorrow time for some coffee So with the rain this morning Having a fire outside will probably be a bit tricky For our coffee we’re going to use the Solo Stove Burns really well. Really easy to light a fire Doesn’t take much fuel it will be ideal for this morning We have MEC tarp couple of chiars here Got the stick set up to keep the roof at a high pitch. we’re hunkered down we decided not to move it didn’t stop
raining until 5 o’clock and to get to the next lake that we’re hoping to get
to is about three and a half hours so we figured we’ll just do it tomorrow
they’ll be pushing ourselves into the dark tonight so tonight we’re gonna have
Indian food there in pouches which we’ll just put into the into the hot water and
warm them up these packages in the hot water precooked so all we need to do is
love them up and we’re gonna try making brownies for dessert get the brownies on
now hopefully it tastes better than it looks how did you want your brownie scrambled and voila perfectly cooked and shaped
brownies how was it okay Newman are you warm enough et phone home where’s Elliot et you to look ridiculous well it’s morning day forth it’s about
quarter after 7:00 as you can see it’s a much much nicer morning today we got
about six four Taj’s all maybe for poor Taj’s and two carryovers hopefully about
10 12 kilometres of travel today should be good shit and you’ve made it to the end of
this brutal portage 75 metres taking about 20 minutes to do all boulders the
whole way the waterslide between the final Lake and triangle wait not at once boxers we’re down here at our campsite it’s a hard day six Portage’s nothing
too long we’re also top each one was temperance mostly the terrain making
some coffee the dogs are cooped they’re trying to
kill all the Flies for me we’re tired too sothank we’re having shepherd’s pie products homemade shepherd’s pie Annie ASMR [sound of fire frackling] this morning day five just after 8:00
we’re all packed up and ready to move on for the day we got 2 or 3 portages today so
they’re all pretty big, smallest is 500 metres biggest is 1,100 meters t’s gonna be hot too we’re the 860 portage Matagamsi in temagami Took us a while to find the right portage was. it was labeled wrong on Jeff’s Maps But we found it By far it’s the nicest portage we’ve been on this entire canoe camping trip Almost no hills. No hills to climb mosquitoes are horrendous my mosquito
gear for sure even the bugs juice wasn’t keeping them away. So going back to
get the canoe and on the the next one ASMR [Sound of paddling] Well we’re trying to get to Dune Lake once again Jeff’s Maps has
failed us so we found a trail which led to this bog marsh area and hopefully it
will lead us to where we’re supposed to be Boxer dogs are are happy, no bugs down here. Wohoo! W just got to our campsite on Dune Lake and we found this little treasure really
nice nice sheath sure what kind of knife it is but shield Brand new. Score! Annie and Newman are putting up the tent Is Newman a big help? Once the tent is set up, they just run inside to get away from the bugs we’ve been going with it hasn’t been any
rain in the forecast for the last two nights so we decided to keep the fly off
it it’s a lot cooler with two people and two dogs in there without the fly we
also keep the door open just keep the screen closed so this is their setup
inside we each stay on either side of the tent
in the middle of the dogs usually stay there not inflated right now but there
will be obviously Our canoe is taking quite the bashing on this trip with all the rugged portaging. All the put ins are rocks and boulders so it’s been a bit of
scraping and dragging this trip but the canoe ends up well it’s just mostly
paint coming on so very happy with it it’s a composite creation this canoe
expedition . ASMR [Wind sound] Pretty cool looking bug Just going to bring Annie this beautiful bouquet of flowers that I made yeah it’s awesome Tonight’s camping meal, we’re having pasta. noodles boiled up then we have
dehydrated sauce and some Parmesan cheese also added some summer sausage in there
for some protein it’s very good fine tasting dish It looks like it might rain. Newman bring your stick back Newman. Come. ASMR [nature sounds] yeah go get a new stick [fire crackling] the last morning here 1,000 meter
portage and a 5 kilometer paddle we just did the first run of the 1,000
meter portage what lake are we going into Madame Agassi Madiga Massey from
dune Lake bugs are horrendous dogs cooled off
we’re going back to me with the proper apparel this time one third the way to it yeah We’re out of the park dogs are happy licking their wounds

5 thoughts on “Temagami Canoe Camping Trip: Sights And Sounds of a Six Day Canoe Trip 🌲 ASMR 🌲

  1. The Temagami seems beautiful, I have never been. The nearest wilderness area I've canoed in is the Adirondacks. Awesome trip and thanks for sharing.

  2. Traveling by water in a deserted area is the best vacation. I spend 1.5 months every summer in kayaking. Good luck on the water!

  3. How could anyone not fall in love with a trip like this my only desire would be to take it slower & not move a couple or 3 mornings. Thanks for bringing me along. Brian 79.

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