Tennessee’s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

Tennessee’s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

You’re looking at
Tennessee. Home of the latest of
the anti-gay bills being pushed through
state governments. Ours is sitting on
Governor Haslam’s desk, but if he signs, soon you
could cross the bridge to un-enlightenment. Ride a horse without
worrying a gay guy is looking at your butt. Tip toe across humanity
to relive a time when people
were unequal. Sing a sad country song
about your gay friends being refused
counseling services. Enjoy live music, if we can convince
anyone to perform here. Gaze at the beautiful
rolling hills where the fog is as
thick as our ignorance. Laugh at an
effeminate child. Dive head first
into discrimination. Let the fireflies illuminate
your extremism while your children
begin to think of you as an old dead fossil. Stare at the circus that has
become our government. The slowing of progress
is made in Tennessee.

100 thoughts on “Tennessee’s Anti-Gay Tourism Commercial

  1. This is untrue, Tennessee has nice people in there not just homophobias or racist. It just someones opinion, I’d say Alabama’s worse, but every state has homophobes not just us. Stop brainwashing people, you’re giving a bad name.

  2. Lol guys just in case you're wondering thi is SATIRE! It's comedy! The gay is just as prominent here as it is in the rest of the US! Our mama Dolly is a huge supporter of us! If you want to go somewhere where you can fit in with all the other gay haters Tennessee is not your place

  3. I’m 11 excuse me if I’m wrong

    Gay is alright. Christians hate gays okokok?? God would want people to be happy right?

    And no I don’t belive in god. Just saying..

  4. "…where the fog is as think as our ignorance."
    "Stare at the circus that has become our government."
    Literally my two favorite lines.

  5. I’m a lesbian, and I live in Tennessee, and I think refusing counseling to the LGBT+ is bullshit. Who’s with me?

    This ad is funny af though. XD

  6. Apparently it impossible to solve murder cases in Tennessee. Because of all the inbreeding. Everyone there has the same dna and no teeth for dental records

  7. "ride a horse without worrying that a gay guy is looking at your butt"


  8. As a trans in tennessee, this shit is accurate asf and I can't say this enough I LOVE THE SCENERY BUT I HATE THE LAWS UGHSHS

  9. I sure am glad that I'm a Tennesseean 👌👌👌

    But this is testing my "pride" goddammit (haha gay joke). Soon the only thing I'll be glad about is getting out of here. Which sucks, it's a nice place with nice culture. (Apparently we don't have enough culture tho, and have to appropriate things from the middle east)

  10. Not all gay people will stare at your behind.Don’t make it out like it’s the most horrifying thing in the world just because a man/women thinks another man/woman is attractive.

  11. Sodom and Gomorrah, the Yankees and western are going to be punished but unfortunately I think this whole country is damned and I'm glad to say I live in Tennessee and I'm all red and anti gay

  12. Tennessee is one of the few sane places where delusion and perversion isn’t normal. Thank you, Tennessee, and thank you to other states for fighting the LGBTQ agenda.

  13. and so many people don’t understand this video is a joke! The people who made this aren’t saying everyone from Tennessee is like this! It’s a joke!

  14. If this is how somebody wants to live their life by this lifestyle than that is their business. As long as somebody chooses to live like that fine but don't try to force me or say I have to except, because that will never happen.

  15. At first I thought this was gonna be serious, the I relised this was just a joke.

    And I died laughing at it XD XD XD

  16. hell, they dont even walk within 2 feet of you for threat of confrontation of manhood in Tennessee. straight or gay. not too bad in clarksville from my experiences though

  17. I am proud of TN for being anti gay! LGBT is NOT progress it is a sick sin. How can you call it progress when it produces no offspring?

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