Tent Camping A KOA

Tent Camping A KOA

What’s going on hikers what’s up with you Oh me I’m camping in a tree away So guys I’m here tent camping at a koa koa stands for Campgrounds of America and in the US. There’s one that pretty much every little town across the western half of the US I’m not sure about the eastern half. They are a discounted campsite. You can hook up RVs. There’s facilities I’m actually using a tent site. My wife hates it so this koa had availability at a tent site for 35 bucks I had water hookups power place to cook bathrooms and a shower So anyway, I’ll check it out show you around on the video a little bit and we’ll see what it looks like You know I got in at 11:30 last night What’s nice is they have the late-night registration? My reservation was already done online. So I had all my stuff right here in the bin I just had to pick it up when I got here gave me where my site was how to get into the restrooms What’s the Wi-Fi code? Let’s say you don’t have a spot Can you come to a can’twe after-hours You can come in here make a self payment. You can see what available swipe sites there So here some of their cabin sites We as a family that printed these many times not these exact ones but cabins from koa I’ve never seen him with a with air conditioners. That’s nice Think about these is there’s no bathroom. You still have to use the communal facilities Nice little pool area actually goes down to seven feet So here’s the here’s the actual site itself, I guess I paid thirty five bucks Then we called deluxe ID. It’s got power water firing for cooking Place to set up your tent There’s a few these are really well shaded – that’s nice If you look over here, there’s a communal camp kitchen for the tent sites that you can use Not really sure what’s in it? We can go check it out Then on this side some other sites that just aren’t as well shortened no grass She use that cute kitchen you can hear the remote movies we’re right by at the end highway She do have running water Two burner stove I tried to use it’s not working or at least it’s not turned on right now But hey, they give you a minute ease to use Just a really nice sight I got in late late last night set up very quickly Actually sat at the table here got connected to Wi-Fi My laptop did some work before I crashed and now I’ve got coffee going over there. In fact, let’s go check that a cooking setup So the only cooking setup I brought the old soda can stove Little alcohol stove said I’ve got coffee already heated and my make breakfast here in a second Couple notes about sleeping here if you can hear there’s road noise There’s a lot of road noise in fact, so that was an issue and all night. There’s things going on you can hear the city noise sometimes sirens and Camping in an environment like this is a lot different. I should have used earplugs or headphones. It probably would’ve slept better But at the same time it wasn’t too bad You can see how nice these sites really are for the price and what you get you do get Wi-Fi nice high-speed connection So the last thing I was going to show you but I’m not going to be able to are the bathrooms there are communal bathrooms over there hit like if communal bathrooms suck and There’s also hot showers. Now. The showers are private stalls. We have a changing room and the shower itself Like I said, I tried to walk in there and get a little video but there’s already people and it would have been awkward So I think I’m gonna load up take a shower get dressed head into El Paso then I’ll see you guys soon Have a good day

5 thoughts on “Tent Camping A KOA

  1. Oh wow this looks pretty nice, but I just don’t like people, noise and generators…but I can see how it works well for some people! I usually boondock in the middle of nowhere for free, but I realize that’s not for everyone ??✌?

  2. Nice KOA facility with lots to offer. I think I would have struggled with the noise you mentioned. But I do believe plugs would have helped as you mentioned.

  3. Dude, I'm ready to pack up the truck & Gooooooooooooo………………………..
    Fantastic travels, Friends!!
    Hugs all around!
    Godspeed, Anita

  4. Looks like fun! Nice amenities too… I loved tent camping until I became disabled, so I bought a van to camp in… now I can roll around to so many cool locations ? I subbed you, can’t wait to see more of your vids?happy trails

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