Terry Crews’ First Priority When Traveling Is to Find a Gym

Terry Crews’ First Priority When Traveling Is to Find a Gym

-it is so great to see you,
as always. You look like a million
dollars as always. -Oh, thank you.
-What a fantastic jacket. -Oh, Thank you.
-I feel jealous that you can pull something like that off. If I wore that jacket home my wife would
just turn me right around. -My wife has done that.
-Oh, she has? -No, she’s turned me around, and
then I turn right back around. Come on back here.
-Yeah. -You make some very bold
fashion choices. -In general, do you guys
line up in your taste? -No, not at all.
-Okay. -There’s many times she’s like,
“What are you doing?” -I’m like, “Listen, the whole
point of fashion is to make a statement.” Now, it could be crazy,
wild statement. -Yes.
-But, why not? You know what I’m saying? I want to push the envelope,
baby. -Yeah.
-Push it! [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughs ] -Whereas I’m like, “I’m thinking
blue crew neck sweater.” -All day. -That’s pretty much me
every day. [ Laughter ] Very exciting.
How old are your children now? -Again, I have five kids,
32 years old, 29, 21, 16, 14 and a 9-year-old grand daughter. -Amazing.
-Oh, it’s hard. -Now, you went — for New Year’s Eve
you went to Shanghai. -I did.
-How many of them came? -Oh, my God. Two. the
14-year-old and 16-year-old came. And I just wanted
to show them the world. I wanted to show them
what’s possible, and I’ve been doing
bucket list items. You know what I mean?
-Uh-huh. -I went to Morocco
earlier last year. I went to Columbia. I decided I wanted to go
to China, and I went Shanghai, and it was incredible. It absolutely unbelievable. It was Chicago on top
of New York. It was one of the best things
I’ve ever done. -How many days did you go? -Well, we were there
for a whole week. -Okay.
Is that the minimum? Do you think it’s important
when you go that far away to spend that much time? -Actually, it’s good because,
you know, one thing, if any longer and it’s bad
you’re stuck. -Yeah.
-You know what I mean? -A week, you can take
a week of anything. -Yep.
And I knew, but it was one of those things where
I can’t wait to go back. It was unreal.
-You found your way, which I wondered, when you
go on vacation for a week, do you take a week off
from working out? -Oh, hell no.
-Hell no. -No. The first thing I do
is look for the gym. -Okay.
-Anywhere I’m going in the world, I find the gym
with the most weights. -And you took a photo
of yourself. [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughs ] I can’t — You know I have
to do that. You know I have to do that. -And you took a photo
of yourself at the gym, and I’m happy to that much like
me you do have a vacation body which is a little bit
less impressive. -There you go. -[ Laughs ] -I got to say this. That picture actually ended up
kind of controversial. People thought I was, you know, extolling the government
of China. -You think it’s the giant flag?
You think that what it was? -You know..
[ Laughter ] You know, if I did that in my
basement, yes. -Yeah, exactly. You were there.
-I was in Shanghai. The flag was there. I took my shirt off
like I would normally would do. -Right, exactly.
-You know what I mean? -Right, exactly. Nobody should think
that’s like you making a choice because
of where you are.

33 thoughts on “Terry Crews’ First Priority When Traveling Is to Find a Gym

  1. this man should win both a Nobel prize and be handed a Guinness world record for his endless energy. Like seriously it must be hard for him to act low energy characters since it is so unlike his personality.

  2. Terry is the man. Big respect. That said, with the coronavirus ready to wipe out millions, and the most obviously rigged trial in history going on in the US Senate, I could not give two fucks what Crews is up to these days.

  3. woah… when I was 9, my grandfather looked VERY different… and I don't mean, that he was white.. but he was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much older in looks and behaviour!

  4. at 2:10 looks like two squirrels fighting under his shirt… 😂 Terry Crews is on of the nicest guys on the planet!

  5. Hot hot and gourgeous. Ohhh Terry every time i see your face I get sooo wet. The hottest man on earth.

  6. Nice to see a well balanced celeberty that's willing to be honest. As for the haters that focused on the flag. Stop being so simple

  7. 2:26
    No sir, you removed your shirt, and you chose to take a picture in front of that flag and then write the caption.
    "Power to the peoples"
    Alluding to the "peoples" republic of china.
    And then you added a PRC flag behind that.
    It wasn't a coincidence, and you shouldn't pretend and lie that it was that.

  8. Fashion is about freedom of expression. If everybody was pressured into wearing the same thing life would be boring. You don't have to like it.

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