Thailand Visa For Indians & Its Procedure ( Visa on Arrival & Tourist Visa in Hindi)

Thailand Visa For Indians & Its Procedure ( Visa on Arrival & Tourist Visa in Hindi)

Now Fees for Visa On Arrival is 2000 Baht / 4000 Rs , They have changed it from 1 September Now Fees for Visa On Arrival is 2000 Baht / 4000 Rs , They have changed it from 1 September Now Fees for Visa On Arrival is 2000 Baht / 4000 Rs , They have changed it from 1 September Now Fees for Visa On Arrival is 2000 Baht / 4000 Rs , They have changed it from 1 September

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  1. just now subcribed to you….i'm planing to go to thailand ..does 40k INR enough for 7N/8 days in bangkok and pattaya…i'm strictly on budget accomodation. No shopping but love to eat and travel a lot. With air India flights included …is this amount okay for my tour plan….I'm going on my own without any travel agency….Or should i go with travel agents like thomascook ?? You went to thailand …so i need your inputs for a first time traveller like me…plz guide. Thanks in advance….Reply me in English.

  2. Ham bangkok tour jana hi or hamar passport pe emigration check required likha hi to kyu ham ja saktiy hi bangkok tour pe koi porblam to nhe he na

  3. Hi Dipanshu I am kabeer… I m your subscriber… I have been thailand 7 times….my last visit was March 2017 now I booked my flight and hotel from 22 jan 18 to 05th Feb 18 now you recently visited so I wanted to ask you.. Is visa on arrival is now 2000 baht? And last time I filled online form for visa on arrival to save my time… That online application portal for visa on arrival is not working now. Please update me if you aware of it

  4. Bro agr koi aap ke sath jana chahta ho.. To jaa skta hai.. Yaa phir as a tourists guid aap help kr skte ho… Sath me bhi jaa skte ho

  5. Hi, i don't have the minimum sufficient balance of last 6 months in my bank account. I want to be in Thailand for atleast 20 days. Is there any alternative to showing proof of funds? I am planning on taking some money for a friend for the same.

  6. I wanted to know what type of power adapter needed in Thailand to connect my phone and laptop.
    Are the plug sockets different in Thailand compare to India ?
    Also suggest me hotels/hostels u stayed in Bangkok and Pattaya ?

  7. I have two bank accounts one is opened with hometown address long back and other one with my current address in Delhi. However I have sufficient amount in first one (gov bank) but not using this account most of the time. My query is to apply tourist visa by vfs for Thailand can I show this banks last six months statement ?

  8. I liked ur video sir..
    i have one question that if i have already one friend there in thailand so do i need any international credit card if i’m buying 20000baht from the bank and do i need to show them my bank statement also apart from this..
    this will be my first flight of international and i’m just confused about what to do or not because some of things i have and some of them not..?
    help me out


  10. Bangkok pattaya Ghumne jana hai or sath me jada se Jada kitna cash lekr ja sakte hai plz guide kre.. Perperson 50000/- Indian curancy ho to airport per koi problem

  11. Thanks for the information . Should we need to have bank statement must have 50k minimum balance. because my travel agency saying my account statement must have a strealined balace where for last 6 month i must have a good balance. can you please advise

  12. Sir do we need six months bank statement with bank stamp or we can submit computer generated statement without bank stamp. I want to apply for pre visa and my bank home branch is in different city.

  13. Hi! I want to apply for a tourist visa but the online form is asking for Thai guarantor. I want to stay more than 30 days. Can you help me with some information. I'm from West Bengal, India

  14. Hey guys,

    I am planning to travel Bangkok on 1-28 Feb. my return ticket is on 28th Feb. will I get 30 days visa on arrival?

    Some blog says you need return ticket in within 15 days.

    Answer appreciate.
    Thank you.

  15. Hi sir mere pass tahi ka 2 mothn ka visa ha sir or main 10000 bathh laa jao sath bhoat hai sir g koi panga to nhi plz

  16. I would like to ask u if i carry 10k baht hotel reservation and return flght ticket there is any chance for nonsense just like depot and all in bangkok because this is my first trip i am totally confused..

  17. भाई साहब मैं चार-पांच कंट्री में घूमने जाना चाहता हूं जैसे कि सिंगापुर मलेशिया थाईलैंड इंडोनेशिया Hong Kong इसके लिए बताना यार

  18. एक बात और ब्रदर मैं थोड़ा ship (cruise) पर भी घूमना चाहता हूं किसी भी देश से चलेगा उसके लिए भी बताना थोड़ा

  19. Dear Deepanshu, I'm a solo traveler from Kolkata. I intend to travel Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam in April, 2018. Please advise me as to where should I start and where to finish my tour. I want to spend 2 weeks in Vietnam, 1 week each in Laos & Cambodia. Can you provide me a short itinerary!

  20. Very intresting and informative video bro. Need some more information regarding thailand .cn we hv some words over phone . My number is 7015861406 rajiv

  21. Bro if we are going further to Cambodia from Thailand by Road, then how we can show them return flight?
    They will allow us to come back to Thailand from Cambodia or we have to book flight from Cambodia to India?
    Please help me

  22. What to fill in local gurantor???
    And it’s mandatory without it my visa application is not getting submitted
    What to do?
    I’m applying for tourist visa single entry.
    I’ve booked my flight from kolkata to Bangkok by thai air asia it doesn’t show how much we can carry in check in baggage??

  23. Agar Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia ek sath karna hai then tourist visa kaise lena hoga for all this. Matlab multiple country jana hai ek sath with 3 friends then ..

  24. mein apna passport hotel booking aie ticket leke direct thailand ja sakta hu family ke saath vaha koi priblem to nahi hogi

  25. Agar humare group main kisi aur ne hotel booking kiya hain, tho hum kya show karenge hotel booking pe (Swarno +4 persons)?Thank you soo much

  26. Sir maine pre visa ke liye apply kiya tha bt voh VOID ho gya hai toh
    On arrival visa mai prob aayegi kya …
    Pls let me knw kal mri flight hai .

  27. hi i have a question….im flying from hyderabad to phuket via kuala lumpur layover and planning to avail visa on arrival in phuket directly..i dont need malaysian transit visa(as its air asia flythru-single pnr ticket for both flights)..but my doubt is whether indian and malaysian immigration and air asia airline ppl would allow me to board d flight in hyd and malaysia as i dont hav thailand visa before hand..i knw if im flying directly to phuket i dont need thai visa before hand..but here im flying via kuala lumpur and i dont hv visa for malaysia and thailand too…been ur subscriber since 4k…pls help

  28. sir ye jruri to nhi ke hum apni hotel booking ki full payment Pele hi kre.. kya hum pay at hotel ka option use kr skte hai

  29. hi, Thanks for your informative video. I am going to South Korea from India and I have to change flight in Bangkok with 2 hours layover. In this case do I need to get Thai visa?
    Plz help.

  30. hello Deepanshu. I am going to thailand next month and i have got a question!!
    from thailand i will be going to cambodia …so do i need visa in advance for both of these countries? as i read somewhere that you need to show the return air tickets in order to get VOA in thailand..but in my case i will fly back to india from siem reap so .what should i do in this case?

  31. Thanks bro, ek question hai. Mai pehle Phuket jayunga for 2days, Krabi 2 day's, Pattaya 2 day's and Bangkok 2 day's, To mujhe Kiya in 4 hotels bookings show karna hoga.

  32. Visa k like confirmed exit ticket towards next country jaruri he but wat if I want to cross through rail or land ?
    Visa kaise milega muje
    I want to travel Thailand to Cambodia by rail

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