The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire in 2019 | You Might Not Need to Work

The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire in 2019 | You Might Not Need to Work

You often dream of quitting your job, ditching
it all and moving to paradise. In this video, International Living revealed
top 10 cheapest places to live & retire for 2019, and the reasons why we think these are
the best places to consider. The list isn’t just for retirees, it’s also
for people who want to live somewhere so cheap that they don’t have to work. 10. Spain. Spain is one of the most popular European
countries for those looking to live and retire overseas. Beaches, mountains, fabulous cities, colorful
festivals and sunshine almost everyplace. One of the biggest factors attracting people
here is Spain’s cost of living. A couple should be able to live comfortably
on about $2,000 a month or less. Many fruits and vegetables sell for €1 a
kilo or less and the quality is superb. Even in larger cities with more tourist traffic
such as Madrid or Barcelona, the cost of living is pennies on the dollar compared to other
major European and United States cities. If you are buying Spanish property, the average
property price per square metre in Barcelona is around €4,500–€6,000. 9. Thailand. This diverse country has it all. Some of the world’s most beautiful beaches
are located in the south of the country. From the bustling seaside resorts to the more
tranquil islands, there is something for everyone who dreams of retirement in the tropics. You can live here comfortably on around $500
a month. It all depends on which part of the country
you want to live in and what kind of lifestyle you prefer. There are many places where you can dine well
and still leave the table with change from $5. A full check-up by a Western-trained doctor
in a modern hospital will cost you less than $40. 8. Peru. Best known as the home of the mountaintop
Inca citadel, Machu Picchu, Peru still remains fairly undiscovered as a retirement destination. The cost of living is one of the cheapest
anywhere with rents starting as low as $150 per month and filling three-course lunches
starting at $2.5, including a drink. Compared to other Latin American countries,
Peru has an average cost of living. It’s cheaper than Brazil, Colombia or Chile,
but more expensive than Bolivia or Paraguay. In general services, food, transport, accommodation
and clothes are cheaper than in Europe or the US. But technical and electronic products, as
well as imported food and clothes are more expensive than in their countries of origin. 7. Portugal. With a sliver of coastline and an interior
that can take you back centuries in time, Portugal in many ways still belongs to an
earlier era. People are friendly and courteous. The low cost of living is a big draw for those
who choose to live in Portugal. Even in the capital, Lisbon—one of Europe’s
most charming cities—a couple can live comfortably from about $2,200 a month. A lunch for two at an inexpensive restaurant
runs $16; pay double that for a mid-range eatery. A one-bedroom rental in cities averages $690,
and outside the city center you’ll pay $450. Utilities average about $110, and internet
usage about $27 for one month. Romance, culture, and adventure awaits you
in your ideal spot in Portugal. 6. Colombia. Located at South America, Colombia is where
the Pacific and the Caribbean collide with the Andes and the Amazon. It’s a country that is more beautiful, dramatic,
and diverse than nearly any other. And Colombia boasts beautiful areas where
the cost of living is the lowest you’ll find anywhere in South America. You can live here comfortably on around $1,000
to $2,000 per month. Utility costs including water, electricity,
garbage service and broadband Internet service average about $110. The national average for an apartment in both
central city districts and suburbs is less than $270 per month. 5. Malaysia. Malaysia has everything that may want to make
someone relocate there. Besides, the rainforests, islands and beaches,
Malaysia is known for being a modern, robust and ever-evolving country to live in. The country’s diverse ethnic mix makes being
a stranger here easy. It is also a prefect destination for those
looking for an affordable retirement. A family of six, or six friends, can dine
out in a good local restaurant for less than $6 per person, including beer. The climate in Malaysia means that fruit and
vegetables are grown all year round. In general, food products in markets will
cost half what they do in the UK or the US. 4. Ecuador. Ecuador, one of the best retirement havens
for years, lies in the northwestern corner of South America, bordered by Colombia to
the north, Peru to the south and east, and the Pacific
Ocean to the west. Since the land produces excellent food, mostly
with year-round growing seasons, prices at local markets are so low,
it is difficult to carry more than $15 worth of fruits and vegetables. You can own a home on a Pacific Coast beach
for less than $150,000. Apartment rental prices depend on the location
in the city, but tend to cost about $80-$450 per month. Monthly budget comes in at less than $1,500
a month. 3. Mexico. Mexico always features among top retirement
havens. It’s home to more North American expats
than any other country in the world. Wherever you go in Mexico, the people will
charm you, the natural beauty will seduce you, and the remarkably affordable cost of
living will entice you to stay. Accommodation in Mexico is affordable, whether
you choose to live with flatmates or by yourself. The closer you are to the city centre or the
beach, the more costly it becomes. Many couples live a very comfortable life
for $1,500 to $2,000 a month. Although Mexico is affordable, but banks and
money exchange services are still wildly inconsistent. 2. Costa Rica. Costa Rica is one of the safest spots and
best places to live in Central America. It welcomes foreigners with open arms. Expats are attracted to Costa Rica for numerous
reasons, which include the low cost of living, excellent healthcare, beautiful beaches, rainforests,
and cool mountains… Many families also look to Costa Rica for
their education system. A couples can live well on $1,500 per month
in expenses, including housing, transportation, food, medical… The average local salary is about $750, so
that is usually the absolute lowest you could expect, but $1,000 is a better super-budget
baseline for foreigners. 1. Panama. Panama is an excellent spot for expats, retirees,
and even digital nomads. It’s modern, comfortable, safe, and friendly. The lush mountain towns of Panama rank among
the best retirement destinations in the world. And many people choose Panama because of the
weather and ease of living. It’s possible to live in Panama for as low
as $1,000 per month. Those looking to buy an apartment should expect
to pay around $200 per square foot in the city center. Healthcare in Panama is good and affordable
for minor problems. Most clinics charge a nominal fee of between
$20 and $60 for an office visit. Hospitals in larger cities are all of the
state-of-the-art equipment and specialists can be found in any field. But because “cheap” is a relative term, you
need to calculate your budget and then find a country,
where you can get the right balance between cost of living and standard of living so that
you can be happy and comfortable in your retirement abroad.

100 thoughts on “The 10 Cheapest Countries To Live or Retire in 2019 | You Might Not Need to Work

  1. These sound very tempting BUT – 21 years ago I made the move to Hungary. Turns out today it is the safest most beautiful and least expensive place to live. It is in the heart of Europe if you want to get in your car and travel – go to the countryside to buy from farmers – fruits, vegetables, raw milk and milk products and even meat. I had no choice – when I figured my style of living on my $1000 retirement budget – it would have been a sad fact anywhere. Cashed in my 401K and even with the penalty for early withdrawal – it bought me a 1000 sq ft downtown apartment with high ceilings and lots of windows. By now, I've become a dual citizen which means free domestic travel and medical insurance for under $40/month ALL INCLUSIVE. Can't tell you how relieved I am not having to worry about ending up on the streets for my old age. Now there is also a country house and a vineyard. Was a realtor in NC so if you have questions – please feel free to ask. I'm retired and would love to help anyone else who wants to enjoy their golden years.

  2. Americans should likely retire in America. There are many places in America with a very low cost of living, and dirt cheap housing. It would be easier to move to one of those places instead of another country. Beware or renting or buying any property in another country. Assume u will not see that money again. Government can take properties, areas easily collapse. Friends of mine lost a house in Mexico and it was really too dangerous to go to anyways they later realized they would get robbed regularly. Same thing happened to friends in Costa rica. In Belarus forget it. In Colombia forget it. Happens all over. Americans don’t realize most other places do not have a concrete system of law. It’s like living with no police, no Such thing as insurance, no functioning government etc. If someone just thinks u r guilty of something boom u can disappear. Arrested means u disappear in many countries, not just pay a fine like in the US.

  3. Never settle a retirement at these countries like Vietnam, China, Lao, Cambodia, because they have a lot of laws but when you need it, they will use jungle laws. If you don't know them, at first you think they are friendly, but who is friendly?? The people, common people but not people of Communist party, Communist party send out very polite persons to welcome you with a purpose is getting your dollars, nothing else. I had been in these countries for visiting and  business alike . They willing to get hurt to create an accident and make you pay. Communist officers will stop you on the road and excuse you for many things you never hear it before and make you pay. Be careful , they are nice but not nice at the end. By the way, food you eat, most the time it loads with chemical and toxics.

  4. Bulgaria !!!!! The lowest tax in the European Union ! They have a flat income tax there ! We bought an apartment in city of Plovdiv for less then 100g – 100 square m . Downtown in a new Bulding ! Croatia is also very good but more expensive . Hungary is good too . Health care is ok . Lots of private clinics . Love Europa . You could be in a different Country in 2 hours . Love it !

  5. If you live in Canada it is Guatemala. Just 5 hours flight away. With all climates all year around; magnificent lakes., wonderful people and breathtaking landscape. Close to home and so affordable. The other country would be Cuba but there are socialist restrictions for foreigners who want to live in the Island (top 10 in education and health care in the world). God bless!

  6. Depends on what you are after, every country has it’s dangers, and has it’s pro’s and con’s, do you want to live in or near a major city or live out in the countryside. What are their medical services like, what is the language(s) they use in the country. This video brushed over these types of topics so maybe can be used as a starting basis but is otherwise useless

  7. This is lie video i ever seen
    you better travel far first and then make right video don't make people become foolish because your sucks video don't trust this

  8. Morons, you missed the 3rd largest English speaking, safe, inexpensive country that loves Americans and Europeans and Aussies…

    Philippines, type BGC road tour into YouTube and be shocked

  9. Its all very well to say these places are cheap and great to live in…
    but what about the Visa situation?

    This is the very FIRST thing you need to consider, but few of these pretty videos ever address that topic.
    Many Asian countries used to be very relaxed..once…but now things are definately tightening up.
    Maybe due to xenophobia, or some countries worry about possible infrastructure issues.
    Im not sure, but through international political channels, Western countries are also pressing policies on other countries and trying as hard as possible to not loose wage slaves and tax payers.

    What they also dont tell you, is a big part of it depends on YOUR nationality.
    Nearly every country has different rules for different nationalities.
    If you are from Nigeria for example, you would be used to copping a lot of grief as a potential "long stay tourist" in many destinations.

  10. Where are you needing to eat in order to pay that little? I assure you that Spain is not cheap, especially in Barcelona! Why would it be when they are flooded with tourists from all over the world? SA Asia is still cheaper than Western Europe, but if you want high-end places you'll pay a lot. 

    If you really want to relocate to a relatively cheap place I recommend Eastern Europe – Poland, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia. These are still European countries with decent regulatory systems but waaay cheaper than Western Europe or North America. Salaries are quite low and with 2,3k USD a month you'll live a pretty good life (since most locals make way less than that). Real estate rental is still quite affordable, especially in Serbia, Bulgaria and Bosnia.

  11. This video sounds like it's made in the 70s — Spain is by no way cheap, sure everything is relative. And it is not well researched – Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia are cheap and I would love to know which part of Thailand you can get a full body check-up by a western doctor for less than USD40. It's misleading and misguided.

  12. I can live well in Sweden where I live now on $2,000 a month. Heating and water are included in my rent of $750 a month and my electricity bill is hardly anything. I get a free bus card worth $60 a month to travel locally. The only downside is the climate but I can still manage to travel to other places in Southern Europe or Asia because airfares can be had very cheaply. I can fly to Malaga or Nice, for example, for $100 or less one way. Very nice!

  13. Really poorly researched list. Do yourselves a favour, look into the cost of living in Nepal. It’s half of most of the places on this list

  14. Come to Sydney Australia. $100 per month including 5 stars accommodation, food, transport and more. Cheaper than some of the countries mention in this video. Why go to those countries when you can enjoy everything you need here in Sydney Australia

  15. Ella Stern… Help! I am looking to move somewhere from a suberb in N.Y. I heard so many wonderful things about Hungary. The pictures are spectacular. I am in the midst of exploring every possibility. All the countries in this video, staying in the states and purchasing a tiny home to grow my own vegetables, I have looked into tiny houseboats, and converting a camper van and living a nomadic life of adventure. I am an organic vegetarian/vegan chef/baker by trade. I owned my own gf/vegan/vegetarian bakery for almost 5 years. Would I find employment, or rather what are leases like to open a retail shop. Is there a need? Any of your pearls of wisdom would be so appreciated! Thank you for posting, Pam

  16. Guatemala is cheaper country but you got to eat Rice and beans and need only $ 300 us dollar a month

  17. Great. Send retirees to some of the most lawless and dangerous places in the world and shrink the population.
    Check with your own country's list of places to avoid and find most of these.
    You Tube should take this trash down immediately.

  18. Your assessment on the cost of a place to live in Peru is miss leading. Sure a place can be found for $150 or S/.500 per month, it extremely unlikely you would want to live there. A more reasonable safe location to live will set you back S/.1000 per month (on the very low end). When I lived in the La Molina section of Lima my rent was $3300 per month. I lived across the street from Rosevelt school (tuition is $14,000 per year). And yes you can for a three dish meal for $2.50 or S/.7 you must be careful where. It is safe to say food cost 1/3. Two weeks ago I took my family to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. There were 10 of us and I paid S/.224($68). A week later 14 of us went to a more upscale Chinese restaurant. I paid S/.773 ($234). Now keep in mind why there is the appearance of cheap living in Peru. 1. Most people in Peru do not have heat or air condition in their homes. I don't care how much money a Peruvian earns they will not have heat and very few have A/C. Imagine how low your electric bill would be if you did not have an A/C. 2. Labor is still very cheap. So getting things done by someone else is cheap. There are more but I will save it for another time.

  19. Im looking for a place to rent for 6months with a cat x)
    Somwhere warm, healthy food, close to a beach or a gym.

  20. Lol if you have enough money and retire I suggest you come west African especially in Guinea or Liberia you can get whatsoever u need especially sea and forest fresh food just live in Liberia. 👍🙏

  21. Last Dec 29, 2018, President duterte of the Philippines boasted and made the revelation before a large crowd at the provincial gymnasium in Kidapawan City, Cotabato, Philippines that he sexually molested his helpers frequently while asleep by finger-fucking them (inserting his fingers in the vagina), smelled it, and masturbated afterward, adding “It's just a little sin. Maid lang naman, masarap ang donsilya", (It's just a little sin, they are just maid, it's good to break a virgin). And this is coming from a sitting president's mouth! Y A Y! And Reptilian Salvador panelo, the Presidential spokesman justified duterte's action and claimed there was nothing obscene or lewd about President Rodrigo Duterte’s sexual molestation of his maids since he gives them jobs in his household and he has the right to do whatever he pleases on them, the spokesman for Pervert duterte said with his smirking reptilian smile. Freaking PERVERT!

  22. Malaysia is too Islamic to my liking. Majority are Muslims and there could be some obstacles because of that if you're Christian

  23. A good place to live is Ukraine. Very cheap living, and exchange rate is VERY favorable for American dollars. People are friendly, and the food is great and very inexpensive. Even in Kiev the living is reasonable. I live in the south, in Kherson, and the living is easy. I am surprised Ukraine did not make this list. Also, Hungry and Turkey are good places as well. Ukraine IS safe, despite the war in the east. It is a HUGE country, and don't let the war scare you. Housing, Transportation, Food, everything is reasonable …. especially with American dollars …..

  24. Great video.Wish you the best.Jesus bless. Please read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9

  25. I haven't been to Peru Portugal Malaysia or Ecuador. But of the six countries on this list that I've been to the only one that I feel is safe enough to live in is Panama.

  26. Research more about your review mam. Philippines is much cheaper to live in among the countries budget you have mentioned. The budget you've mentioned per month in some countries, is already luxurious life here.

  27. Your research is typical of Americans who have no clue about minimalism. You keep citing 2000 dollars as being such a fantastically low amount. As other viewers have pointed out, you can live on 500 to 750 dollars in many areas of the world. The one main point with Americans is that you have to pay about 900 a month to get the totally free and highest quality healthcare we get here in Europe and NO, we don't pay for it via higher taxes! The US has 7 tax bands and if you compare it to the UK and apply the fact that we don't pay taxes on the first £12,500 and then 20% of the remainder up to £50,000 then compare it to an american earning the same you'll find that an American will have 700 dollars less after tax savings per month and YET has to pay another 700 to 900 a month to have the same healthcare coverage, and I won't even get into deductibles and co pay requirements in addition to that which we don't have in Europe. You see…this is the thing….you've all been so brainwashed that Europe is socialistic and that that is pure evil that its laughable and then go on to making these ludicrous videos about the cost of living outside the US.

  28. It’s good to see that most people are NOT buying what the creator of this video is peddling… mis-information and unresearched baloney! Having lived for months at a time in Mexico, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Thailand and for 2 1/2 years in the Philippines, I can say from first-hand experience that Cambodia is the cheapest of those places to live in. Vietnam is probably the next cheapest after Cambodia. Do your own research and when you go DO NOT buy any property for the first 6 months! 😎

  29. Not sure about any other countries but if you can live Thailand for 500 bucks you best bet on one has to live in stinky neighbor shared bathroom with studio bedroom without no window and eat like locals by eating food stalls where health is not your primary don’t even think about it and has to walk to get one place to another.LOL 500bucks a month what a crook a shit.well to think about it not totally false if you can live like under paid locals eat sleep that’s all you can do.

  30. 500 usd month for thailand and live a good life where did they get their information. A decent apartment will run around 200-300 a month public transportation unless walk everywhere expect about 70-100+ month thats if you dont go out that much. If do then if not rent a small bike expect monthly travel expenses to be around 6 a day in bangkok taking locak trains and more if not in bangkok . Food even eating local food you will soend around 100 a month or more if add in any western food that about 200 a month. So just at this you have om the cheap end 200 for rent water and electrix maybe about 70 so that's 270. Food local only 370. Transportation walking everywhere 0 so still 270. Phone service about 20 so 290. Now if add in other normal most peoples expenses mixed food now up to 370. Transportation 180 so thats 550 this is not taxi but strictly bangkok train transportation. If add in taxi then dailt be around 25 which will put you at 750 month for transportation. Yes i live here now. And food is around 1.50 per meal for local only food. Making that 5.50 per day or about 165 a month. Devent cheap apartments syart around 6,000-8,000 baht or about 200-300 a month. Electeic is about 16 cents per kilowatt in an apartment so easy to run up an electric bill of around 100 or more a month. Thailand you are realistically looking at around 1k month or more to live comfortably right now and not worry about food or anything. But if the baht vs usd keeps getrinf worse then by the end of the yr looking mire aroubd 1100 or more. And a weatern dr is not going to be 40 or less. It will be more then that at some sort if international hospital. That 40 is more for the local drs and local hospitals. Seriously you need to get your facys straight before tou make videos. There many expats here saying to live a decent life here you need at least 1,300-1,600 month. That was 2 years ago not now with invreaaed cost of living expenses either.

  31. Don't actually agree with some of this. Property in Europe to buy/rent is still pricey. You certainly can't do any of this on a single UK pension, especially for healthcare. South America you need to be careful of safety. Also UK pensions aren't increased in South America & many other countries.

  32. This movie is a lie, where you find these information? Spain or Portugal are cheaper than Poland or Turkey? I don't think so….

  33. If u compare this list with 10 safest countries, the list is entirely different. There is not even a single country makes the both list.

  34. Two of the best places to live is Philippines and Vietnam! Vietnam is cheaper than the Philippines and the food is the best. Also the medical and the safety is good too. I felt totally safe in Vietnam, even more so than the Philippines. Philippines has the beauty, but Vietnam has the charm and the great food! Thailand is expensive. I was surprised and I just came from there in January 2019.

  35. LOl you guys didnt mention any asian country. Cheapest places here and with, 500$ you can spend here a month like a king. Cheers

  36. would like to know from where you have your informations? fruits for 1 euro the kilogramm in spain? hahahaha keep on dreaming fake video

  37. Didn't bother to watch. All the comments from people who actually know say you are a big LYE YOUR. I wouldn't want your merchandise if you gave it away.

  38. you got to be Joking The philippine is one of the best places to live in the world. I am from Barbados and I am telling you, Barbados is a very beautiful country but quite expensive to the Philippines , Ill build my dream home in the Philippines I am always there

  39. How can retired person going to build new relationships in new places when he needs support from close relatives, or other neighbors who knew him.?

    4. PHILIPPINES if you don't believe just try one trip and you decide !😍😙

  41. I beg to disagree … I would argue on PHILIPPINES not on the spot …
    We are the cheapest country in the planet … boracay is the best beach … palawan is the tourist spot … Davao city is the #2 livable city in terms of security and cleanest in the WORLD… child friendly city as well …

  42. Im living comfortably in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I pay 3bedroom apartment at usd400 per month. School education is almost free, lot of delicious food in malaysia. It safe as well, compared to the list made in thus video – panama, peru, columbia? I doubt

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