The 15 BIGGEST Travel Mistakes to NOT MAKE!

The 15 BIGGEST Travel Mistakes to NOT MAKE!

I think we all make mistakes when we
travel we’re out of our comfort zone we’re in a new place over the years I
have made some really dumb purchases and we’re just excited to go on vacation but
sometimes these mistakes could probably be prevented especially like spending a
lot of money on a plane ticket so in today’s video I’m talking about my top
15 travel mistakes that I made when I went to Japan
you could probably apply this to any future trip that you have coming up
really hope you don’t repeat them be sure to grab your tea or coffee today I
am drinking jasmine tea it’s nice and laurel and fruity so I really hope to
create more of these like chatty style videos so you can get to know me a
little bit better and we can just kind of hang out and talk so if you guys
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without further ado let’s hop into this video go if you were to ask me what my first
mistake was is probably not purchasing Wi-Fi so Wi-Fi or even getting a SIM
card in Japan is actually really cheap it only costs about $10 a day you could
probably download your Google Maps or rely on hotel Wi-Fi but sometimes it’s a
little bit spotty you kind of have to make decisions on the go sometimes I
found myself kind of lost walking around Shinjuku and Harajuku and I’m like where
should I go to eat you can pick up a portable Wi-Fi card at the airport or
even at the hotel and it’s really cheap it’s about ten dollars a day mistake number two was not doing enough
research on all of the different modes of transportation in Japan there are so
many different types of transportation options
there’s the jr train you can ever take a taxi you could ride the bus like the
options are endless so there are certain ways you could save money if you do your
research beforehand I’ll link one of my favorite blog post down below she did a
great job talking about whether or not you should buy the jr pass so yeah be
sure to go check it out mistake number three was probably
packing for the wrong season when I went around the end of March I seriously
thought it would be like screwing at summer whether it be nice and hot where
could wear dresses it was a brutal awakening because it was freezing there
I was so cold and I really wish I had just done a quick like five-second
weather research and see that yes it is really cold you should layer up will
definitely benefit you in the long run another thing I noticed was I probably
wore clothing that was kind of inappropriate for people in Japan so in
Japan people don’t typically like flip-flops leggings or like ultra
revealing clothing like off shoulder items I seriously did not see a lot of
when you’re traveling you want to feel like you’re blending in and not standing
out like a sore thumb I really want to make a full video on this topic let me
know if you’d be interested on what you should and should not wear in Japan
comment down below take number five not buy your souvenirs
early enough in Japan there are so many duty-free shopping options which
literally means you don’t have to pay tax on the things that you buy no joke I
probably went to five duty-free stores looking for strawberry KitKat’s and they
were completely sold out so if you see something you like just get it you’re
planning your next travel destination and you can’t decide whether you want to
stay out of the top or an air B&B sometimes the air B&B can give you a
more local and more authentic experience than staying at a hotel but each one’s
has its pros and cons so which one’s better hi friends welcome to my pan when
you walk through the front door you get this little hallway and immediately to
your right you have a sink a stove have the microwave water kettle fridge with
freezer and refrigerator the bathroom you have your traditional todo toilet
and then a huge bathtub the walls were not insulated I could hear someone
eating breakfast in the morning and their chopsticks tapping on the bowl and
it was just so frustrating for me because I really missed the quietness of
staying at the hotel and yes you do get more space if you’re checked out really
early in the morning and you’re heading out for a flight that day you want a
place to store your bags and staking out a hotel is great because you could put
your bags in the back and they’ll store it for you for free my main reason for
going to Japan was to see the cherry blossoms that was all I wanted to see so
I booked my trip for the end of March not knowing that the cherry blossoms
actually blew about April so a really cool tip for you guys is to look up the
location tag on Instagram of popular cherry blossom spots and see if they’re
actually in full bloom I noticed that some people will post
pictures from like years ago so I thought oh my gosh they’re in full bloom
but in actuality the trees were pretty bare when I went location tags are super
helpful with looking up the weather seeing if a restaurant is busy finding
local cafes that you might not have discovered on your own on Google and
maybe places that only locals go to so I will link a few of my favorite hashtags
over here and down below tip number seven is to get cash you want to avoid
really expensive transaction fees that can go up to ten percent can also avoid
transaction fees by using a travel credit card
Bank of America and chase makes a really good one and they don’t charge any fees
for using your card international not wearing comfortable shoes I probably
walked anywhere between 10 to 15 miles per day and Japan is just one of those
places where you want to get lost and explore
so definitely ditch those high heels because you’re not going to go very far
in them you’re going to deal with a lot of foot pain there’s also not that many
places to sit so be sure to find some like flat shoes sneakers really chunky
shoes because those are the ones that will last you all day long with no foot
pain or back pain who I’ve been talking a lot I probably should take more sips
of my tea before it gets cold you always kind of forget about my tea
and then it gets kind of lukewarm does that ever happen to you guys
number nine I regret not bringing a bigger suitcase Japan is definitely the
spot where you could find all of these little trinkets unique fashion items
accessories shoes and you don’t want to miss out everyone going there is
definitely doing it right with like a ton of duty-free items so pack a bigger
suitcase this is not a place where you bring just a carry-on trust me oh my
gosh the jet lag from traveling from San Francisco to Japan was brutal it took
guts a little tired he hasn’t had his coffee yet
I probably spent about four days just trying to recover from jet lag when I
landed so that’s a lot of time wasted so a great tip for you is to try to prep
yourself beforehand try pulling if you all-nighters maybe two days before your
trip and trust me it will help you so much better if you can’t pull the
all-nighters bring with you some melatonin this is a natural ingredient
that helps you fall asleep it will make your trip a lot more bearable and your
trip home a lot more comfortable konichiwa
arigato gozaimasu when you’re traveling to Japan you’ll notice that everyone
speaks Japanese and people are very polite they’re great tip is to download
Google Translate it’s completely free you could scan photos of menus if you
don’t understand what’s on there you could take pictures of things scan it
translate live this is so helpful so a few helpful words to learn is thank you
which is arigato gozaimasu stop be sure to learn a few simple key Japanese words
which will definitely take you a long way did you know that Japan will be
hosting the Olympics in 2020 well that just means that it’s going to get even
more crowded Japan is notoriously a very popular tourist destination during the
spring season especially for the Sakura flowers or the cherry blossom flowers
there are so so many people everywhere going to restaurants there will be lines
out the door going to popular temples and shrines if you’re planning on taking
pictures be sure to research ahead of time on Google and see what are some
times where there’s more people and there’s less people I find that the
least busy time of day is probably near sunset or like off-peak hours should you go eat at that really popular
restaurant that has over a thousand reviews on Google well it’s really up to
you but in my opinion I would rather not wait about an hour to just eat like a
really famous donut or ramen noodles I rather spend my time more wisely because
time is precious you don’t want to waste it just standing in line waiting time
for popular restaurants could be really long like boba shops deserts ramen or
even sushi the queue could be extra high during peak lunch or
dinner hours so go during off-peak hours do a quick google research on types of
days when there are less people my fourteenth regret is not meeting up with
a local I really enjoy getting to know the culture I really wanted to know what
does it really like to live in Japan because sometimes I find myself doing
all the touristy things you know even here in living in San Francisco I would
not go to Fisherman’s Wharf or walk across the Golden Gate Bridge but these
are very touristy things that people see on Instagram and they kind of get sucked
into doing because you think you want to do off the quick highlights first and
then do the normal more mundane everyday things we made it a point at least one
day do everyday normal things that we would do back at home just to get a
sense of what if you like to live as a local my last and final mistake is not
bringing with me a water bottle when you’re traveling you’re probably doing a
ton of walking and exploring currently in the designer fruit section where
everything costs more than seven dollars which me doesn’t achieve this one yeah
$20.00 watermelon $15 $20 strawberry and you probably don’t want to spend a lot
of money on plastic water bottles so bringing your own even to the airport is
super super helpful this one is super cute
it’s from beaker or bkr it also has a lip balm on the top to keep your lips
nice and moisturize so you don’t have chapped lips during your trip so I will
link this for you guys down below if you’re interested in purchasing this one
but yeah any reusable bottle is so helpful so those were my top 15 travel
mistakes that I made while I went to Japan looking back I realized I probably
could have planned a little bit better for this trip especially because it was
quite pricey and I went for about 16 days comment down below and share with
us what is your most silly travel mistake that you’ve ever made and what
was a lesson from it I’d love to know and read it be sure to follow me on
Instagram a username is fashioned by Ali I love to share silence creation and
outfit ideas over there I love you guys all so so much and I
will see you in my next video bye

63 thoughts on “The 15 BIGGEST Travel Mistakes to NOT MAKE!

  1. Happy Tuesday! In the video I share my biggest 15 travel mistakes I made in Japan but you can apply the tips to any destination!

    What's on your travel bucket list?

  2. All very helpful!! I just have a question about the water bottle, what water do you refill it with? When traveling Ive always been told to only drink bottled water to prevent getting sick. Other countries filter their water differently and our bodies my not respond well. Wondering how you do it, I’d rather take a water bottle too, and maybe you know of a good way of preventing getting sick!

  3. Yes japan clothing video please! I'm going next month and i was planning on bringing off the shoulder tops….haha

  4. So helpful! Could you tell us how much cash you should bring? How much would you spend daily or weekly there?

  5. My recent completely mistake was travel to the lake while its still snowing!!! I expected the blue water but what I saw icy lake. But its actually nice to see the lake itself even if its frozen. Anyway, for the tip that hours of waiting, totally agreed that we shouldnt wait that long. However, I did q up abt 1.5 hrs waiting for the nice beef tonkatsu called Gyukatsu motomura ans it turned out the best. I wish I could travel to Japan again real soon.

  6. Oh yeah, most women in Japan dress very modestly! I lovedddd their outfits and color scheme!
    Also, for those wanting to use Airbnb, make sure you are booking a LEGAL one! If not, the owner/landlord can cancel your reservation right before your stay if they’re worried about being caught. A legal Airbnb in Japan will list their license number on the listing.

  7. My worse travels mistake is to take a to big suitcase, and I was sleeping in a dorm room and to get there I needed to walk on longstaircase, I won't make that mistake anny time soon. 😂

  8. Yesss! We always pick up a local SIM card. So much cheaper. We actually travel full time with our toddler (and document it all)!

  9. Every time I make a cup of tea I forget about it for like an hour- so I can totally relate to that! 😂 I love tea so much, my favorite kind is apple almond delight from my favorite tea shop!!!

  10. 16. Research customs!! Very important for travel anywhere, no one wants to offend locals or worse get an inside look at the local jail!

  11. I think women should travel a lot more — 1st class: to 3rd world countries. This is very empowering to women… because you're losing all your money and spending time in shitholes.

  12. "It's really cheap – about 10$ a day" I literally laughed out loud 😂 that's def not cheap for a lot of people (esp. broke students). But Japan is expensive country, so I understand why 10$ might be 'cheap'. Other than that, it's a great video.

  13. ONLY 50 K AWAY FROM ONE MILLION!!!!!!!!🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉😱😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. My silly mistakes were forgetting the electric converter plugs, and on my last trip I forgot my additional wider camera lens 🤦🏽‍♀️

  15. こんにちは Ally!
    I love your videos and your beautiful editing skills! I am from Tokyo and I am going to Osaka and Kyoto next month. I have never been to Kinji store so I will have to check out those stores! I also, started fashion/ beauty YouTube channel recently and I am learning editing skills every day from your videos!
    You are lovely and super creative!!
    You give me so much inspiration 🙂
    Thank you! Arigatooooo!
    Love Melody

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  17. My silliest travel mistake was when I straightened my naturally curly type 3c hair to visit Niagara Falls! It was very misty and humid and my hair was a fizzy mess. The entire trip I was trying to protect my hair instead of enjoying the day. But now, I am curly 24/7 so I can fully enjoy the trip when I go back again.

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  19. If you use one hand to give something it's offensive. If two hands then it's fine to do that. It is in there culture, just a tip for you guys.

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