The Alaska You Come to See – Take Action for the Tongass

– There are about 70,000
people that live here in South East Alaska. We’re gonna have 1.3 million
visitors this year alone. (crowd murmuring) – Granddad did you get that? – Coolest thing I’ve ever
seen in my entire life. – Is wilderness important? – I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it’d be beautiful, that’s why I’d hoped we’d
see a lot of wildlife. But I just didn’t realize
it would be so unspoiled. – Alaska is just nature. – Can you imagine the day is gonna come where I’m gonna have to tell my guests that you’re the last ones. You’re the last ones to
experience South East Alaska. With the Roadless Rule. (upbeat music) Over the years, we really
didn’t give industrial logging a lot of thought, because
most of that had ended by the early ’90s. So when we found out that
they wanted to clear cut an extremely large portion of North Kuiu, we were just dumbfounded. (upbeat music) (birds squawking) I think as our world has gotten smaller, or maybe a better way to say it is wilderness has gotten
smaller in our world, there’s more of a yearn for wild places. Alaska is one of just a handful that really exist that’s untouched. Is wilderness important? That’s why they’re here. – Until you get here and
you experience it up close, you can’t fully understand what it’s like. – You get that awe-inspiring
feeling that you really only got when you were a kid. – We had a really fun trip. Bears, ginormous wales. (crowd yelling) – [Man] Will you guys come
with us on every trip? – My business needs wildness. Americans and foreigners
from all around the world come to Alaska, not to see a clear cut, not to see roads, but to see
the beauty of a natural setting that is wild and free. (upbeat music)

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