The Assad Government’s Surreal “Summer in Syria” Campaign | Inside Assad’s Syria | FRONTLINE

The Assad Government’s Surreal “Summer in Syria” Campaign | Inside Assad’s Syria | FRONTLINE

working hard to put on a good face. To that end, this June, the government launched something they called the Summer in Syria campaign. It involved art fairs, film festivals, and fashion shows. They urged Syrians to share their experiences on Twitter. They got an unexpectedly heavy response. “Enjoying the summer in Syria.” “Greetings from Homs.” “Just having some tea and enjoying the view from my balcony.” “C’mon, it will be a different experience.” “Just a few more barrel bombs and this will all be white sand.” During my visit to Homs, I actually meet the man in charge of the campaign, Syria’s Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazigi.>>SMITH: How do you do?>>Nice to meet you here.>>SMITH: Nice to meet you, it’s good to be here.>>SMITH: The minister is still very upbeat about his mission.>>SMITH: The minister is here in Homs to see one other project. So we follow him and the governor through the bombed-out remains of central Homs to this place five miles east of the city. The resort isn’t fully open yet, just the pool and public areas. Everyone seems excited. The minister’s visit attracts ten local reporters, and the resort is already taking reservations.>>SMITH: The official opening is just a month away.>>SMITH: Just ten miles from rebel lines, the animals look as stunned as I am. We drive back to the reality of Homs. This city is going to need a lot more than a new resort. I talk to some high school students who make that clear. Syria has little to offer them. They face military conscription when they finish school or a car bomb tomorrow. What do you worry about?>>I worry about my friends. I worry about these explosions that happen in our neighborhood. There is so many.>>SMITH: Who is doing the explosions?>>Terrorists.>>SMITH: Terrorists. And where are they from? What group?>>The terrorists have destroyed my future. I don’t have any future now in Syria. They destroyed our life. We were happy people because we live in a safe place. Now we can’t. We’re afraid of every car could bomb in us.>>SMITH: Are we safe here?>>No place in Syria is safe. No place. Because the American government has given the rebels long-range rockets. They can destroy any place in Syria. We’re not safe in our homes.

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  1. US is dictator of the world, US with Israel and Saudi created terrorists named ( Muslim Brotherhood, Al qaida, ISIS, Al nusra, Let), Financing terror with Annual budget of USD 200 Billion. India must stand by Its long time friend and partner in need and deed to eliminate terror ,

    Syrian's go home, Foreign countries are not mean for you , You mother land is calling, Kick out ISIS, US, Saudi, Israelis' . You will be victorious. Russia a true world leader , It always stand by its friends and help them to solve issue with them itself , it just provide the ground and protects from enemies. President Assad will be victorious and is true statesmen, Many countries are victims of US policies, some fight and loose, but Assad resisted and remain victorious, Brave man. Bad Ass Putin the great.

  2. ignorant bastards dont know that there under control of a dictorial peice of shit who doesnt have their intrest in mind only his own

  3. The good thing and promising hope need to be displayed. But the disgraceful author only chose some old war pictures from the enemies of the Syria government. It is bias and shameful.

  4. Frontline sounds like it will show an unbiased report about Syria, but I think at the end it will just be a Anti Syrian government hit job.


  6. Thats right nowhere is safe for you little alawite rat.
    The syrian people Will remove the shitstain in Latakia governate

  7. the commenter keeps making mention that does any know the differnce bettween the groups but everyone considers them the same. the various names but tactics are the same ruthless foriegn backed terrorist who kill indiscriminately

  8. Gosh the FRONTLINE report seems disappointed by the advances towards normality that the peaceful Syrian's are trying to make. If the reporter does not like the progress in Homs he needs to drive his propaganda ass to Raqqa and see what the alternative form of 'progress' looks like.

  9. The Assad's regime is absolutely worse than ISIS. Because they invented ISIS…….
    And if anyone have watched the video more than once you can notice how scared the students were, because they were making sure to not criticize or mention the Assad's regime accidentally.

  10. This terrorism of ISIS is in fact a Yankee jihad! ISIS = Israel Secret Intelligence Service aka

  11. How can the American people let their Government go from country to country, murdering leaders, uprooting families, funding & backing rebels/ ISIS to overthrow sovereign Governments??? America have committed illegal wars in the middle east for 13 years all in the name of greed. What the USA has become is nothing less than a murdering corporation that will stop at nothing to maintain its currency & petrodollar. The American people are the only ones who can take down this evil institution. Take back your country…….

  12. lets take a look at these videos > parents cursing syrian president asaad and his goverment for killing their innocence babies with chemical gas….LIVE VIDEOS at you tube….take a look

  13. From looking at these comments, I don't think the average youtuber is civilized enough to appreciate or understand a FRONTLINE documentary. Maybe you should reconsider posting on youtube, and stick to the PBS website?

  14. they all blame america… time to think really whos to blame, yes america has a horrible forein policy and i believe we american should help in more positive way and stop the bombing because civilians are being hit. but you need to look at the islamoc extremeist and fight to take back your country. may god protect the syrians and may peace be upon all syraians.

  15. Frontline should do another two documentaries, one from Raqqa and second from "liberated" Idlib and Allepo parts under Al Nusra control, to see if he can spot any difference – and then let people of Syria decide in what kind of country they would like to live..

  16. The author of this documentary which I have seen in full seems to mock the Syrian peoples/governments will to try and live a normal life. Its a long war, people need to do things to feel normal including cultural events and other non war related activities. What do you expect people to do in this tragic circumstance? Huddle in their basement and wait to die? They try to live life. YOU would do the same here in America to. Just a thought. Thanks.


  18. oh ya,barrel bombs?why don't you west show your jihadis mercenaries crimes?you are the one along Turkey and Saudi Wahhabis are supporting ,arming, training, financing terrorists and send them to Syria and Iraq to slaughter their people. you certainly should like fashion show,don't you?you always accused Assad for shit,which yourselves are the one.

  19. Yes the pictures are flooded by American secret service , I'm not sure how the American nazis can say a word looking at the evil it's doing globally

  20. All fuiled by the west it's seems that the true people that want to live free are on the side of Assad and others only want sharia so beheadings lashings etc and I don't know wy the west support them. The jihadists that are being supported in Syria by the west will be on a terror watch list if they go in the west ?

  21. we made them eat dogg shit…and for the left overs that still dare we have bear shitt from Great Russia for you

  22. Stop pumping out anti-Assad propaganda liars. liars liars. you should be ashamed of yourself. PRESIDENT ASSAD protects Christian and Muslim citizenry in his country. The pictures of replies on twitter you are showing are from American backed terrorists. NURSA IS BACKED BY ISRAEL AND USA. NURSRA IS A TERRORIST.

  23. This is the reason why they are in the middle of a civil war!! Assad is an idiot. If I were him I would have given the people more rights and freedoms. There is only so much people can take before they rebel.

  24. Bashar al Assad filthy motherfucker war criminal has killed 5 million innocent civilians & children shame on world this motherfucker is killing humanity

  25. I found it a little funny how people on social media, in such a serious situation stand to present humorous sarcasm. It was very effective, amazing!

  26. Why are you painting the government trying to make life normal again for its citizens as a bad thing? Keeping culture alive is what will resurrect this country.

  27. You got to understand Syria’s tourism industry was decimated by the war, now majority of Syria is under government control they need money in order to restore their country, hence why they are pumping back their tourism, also to show the world Syrian people prefer their government over western and Arab state backed terrorists

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