The Battle of Tours 732 AD

The Battle of Tours 732 AD

It’s late summer of the year 732 in the midst of Islamic Conquests, and the great Arab army crosses the Pyrenees in order to conquer lands of the Frankish Kingdom. They burn and pillage everything on their way, threatening the whole of Christian Europe. Suddenly, between the cities of Poitiers and Tours, Arab invading forces encounter the army led by the battle-hardened commander Duke Charles. He knows that he is the only one who is able to suppress the invasion, saving his kingdom, and Europe. It’s beginning of the eighth century. The Umayyad Caliphate spreads its influence across Asia Minor and North Africa, fulfilling the will of the Holy Prophet. The next natural step was to propagate the new religion in the Europe. There were two land routes to enter: the Turkish straits in the East, and the Gibraltar strait in the West. Unluckily for Arab expansion plans, Asia Minor was occupied by the Byzantine Empire, still strong despite internal and external problems. Both sides fought each other for centuries, with many epic battles, but in this episode we will focus on the western entrance to Europe. It’s year 711, a Umayyad warparty crosses the Gibraltar and defeats the Visigothic forces led by king Roderic in the Battle of Guadalete year later. The Visigothic Kingdom was heavily centralised and not prepared for a war. The death of Roderic caused a rapid decline of his Kingdom, and invading Muslims conquered most of Iberian Peninsula in less than seven years. That was the easier part of the plan. On the north, behind the peaks of the Pyrenees mountains lies the land of the Frankish Kingdom, yet to achieve its greatest power, but already firm enough to face the new Arab threat. But Muslim conquerors were not aware of the true strength of the Franks, and soon they started attacking southern Gaul, overruning Septimania by 719. In 721 Duke Odo of Aquitane temporarily halted the Saracen’s expansion by ambushing them near Toulouse, which had been sieged for a few months already. Despite this setback, Muslim forces still ravaged the lands of Aquitaine and reached even as far as Burgundy. It is worth mentioning that Arabs had seen European kingdoms as rather easy prey busy with fighting each other. In 732 the new governor of Al-Andalus, Abdul ar-Rahman Al Ghafiqi, organised large forces and invaded Gaul once again. His first target was the city of Bordeaux, which was ransacked. Odo again tried to fend off the invaders, but this time he failed miserably. The Saracen’s forces were now better prepared for the battle, consisting mostly of cavalry, and they wiped out Odo’s forces in the battle of Garonne river. Feeling that the Arab threat was very serious, Odo reorganised his scattered troops and fled north in search for help. This is the perfect moment to introduce our main character – Charles Martel, Mayor of the Palace and de facto ruler of the Frankish Kingdom. He was also an experienced battle commander. He spent a good part of his career fighting various tribes on the eastern border, so the core of his army was rock solid. Charles was aware that his kingdom was in danger, so despite political animosities, he decided to form an ally with Odo and defend their lands. Ar-Rahman’s troops advanced slowly, as his army was split into many ravaging parties, already carrying a huge amount of booty. Also, they had to wait for crops to grow, as they lived off the land they invaded. His main goal was most likely the prosperous city of Tours, known for its rich abbeys and churches, which were excellent targets to loot. In October of 732, the main body of the Arab forces encountered a large Christian army sitting directly in their path to Tours. Ar-Rahman was a decent commander, and realised that Charles Martel outmanouvered him, choosing the place of the battle. Muslim forces were mainly horsemen, a mix of light and heavy cavalry, many of them properly armored or even mailed, perfectly suited to fight in the open. In contrast Christian forces consisted mostly of heavy infantry units, battle-hardened through the years of minor fighting on the Frankish border, with the support of few light levy infantry and light cavalry units. Charles deployed his army between the Vienne and Clain rivers, in the slightly elevated forest, in order to screen his true numbers, and minimise the impact of the expected Arab cavalry charges. For seven days minor skirmishes took place. Charles Martel was holding good defensive positions, and knew that this was his only hope for victory. On the other side, ar-Rahman waited for the rest of his troops to join him, and was quite reluctant to attack Christians from the front, as he didn’t see many of their forces. His hesitations were also caused by subpar Muslim intelligence. He didn’t know much about the Franks, presumably he didn’t even recognize Charles himself, and Martel was fully aware of the Arabs’ strengths and weaknesses. The battle finally began on seventh day, as the Muslims couldn’t wait any longer with winter approaching, and their light clothing wasn’t enough for the cold European winters. Ar-Rahman trusted the tactical superiority of his cavalry and had them charge repeatedly in order to break Martel’s line, but the Frank’s tightly packed infantry stood firmly, fending off one Muslim charge after another. It was one of the rare instances where medieval infantry withstood the cavalry assaults, but Charles’ soldiers were well motivated and disciplined, and simply trusted Charles as a capable commander. As one medieval source described it: “And in the shock of battle the men of the North seemed like a sea that cannot be moved. “Firmly they stood, one close to another, forming as it were a bulwark of ice; and with great blows of their swords they hewed down the Arabs.” Despite the Frankish brave attitude, after numerous charges, some of ar-Rahman’s units managed to break into Frankish line here and there, aiming to reach Charles’ position, but the Franks were able to push them back again, utilising forces from the second line. Battle was still underway when Duke Odo got behind enemy lines with small cavalry unit to ravage the Muslim camp, free slaves, retrieve booty, and more importantly draw off part of his foe. This action heavily impacted subsequent events. Some Arab units still fought the battle, while many of them surprisingly rushed back to save their loot. Ar-Rahman tried to stop his units from uncoordinated retreat, with little to no effect. It was exactly what Charles had waited for, and he then commanded his forces to pursue and attack the disorganised Arab troops. Many were surrounded and killed, including Ar-Rahman, who still strived to control his army. The Franks didn’t pursue their enemies for too long, fearing an ambush. They got back to the forest to treat their wounds and prepare for another day of Umayyad charges, but next morning the Arabs didn’t renew the battle. Scouts reported that their camp was abandoned. The battle was over. While modern historians argue whether the Franks stopped the Arab conquest in Europe or just fended off another Islamic waraparty, in 732 word was spreading across the Christian Europe that Charles, from now on nicknamed Martel, hammered a great Arab invasion and saved Europe from Islamic conquest, gaining eternal fame and respect, which immensely helped him to lay foundations of the Carolingian Empire.

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  1. Oddly, Martel's forces seemed to play the role of an anvil rather than a hammer.
    Not only that, but in the lead-up battles to this one, the Um-Ayyid forces seemed to be playing the role of 'hammer' with their repeated cavalry attacks.

  2. probably shouldnt call them the "turkish straits" as the Turks would not invade and take over anatolia for another 300 years.

  3. If not for this man Charles "The hammer" ….We might well still be mired in an Islamic Dark Age. Far far worse than the Islam of today…. This battle saved the Western World ….and the Muslim world from a very very bad version of Islam. Imagine the whole world ruled by ISIS.

  4. its bloody noticable calling christians (armies) while calling muslims with same numbers ( war parties ) … you foes will never change

  5. Good grief, it’s CAVALRY, not CALVARY! Cav-al-ry! Cavalry is a term for mounted warriors, Calvary is the name of the mountain where Jesus was crucified.

  6. Let’s just remember that all this happened roughly 400 years before the 1st crusade.

    So the next time someone tries to tell you that the Christians just up and decided to attack the Muslims, just remind them that Muslims had been attacking and enslaving Christians for centuries before that.

  7. Too bad for the Franks that the Muslims are successful with their current invasion (10% + of the population) of France. C'est dommage que.

  8. So, what you are saying is that Shitslam has been harassing and spreading their filth to the civilized World since the 700's. People of Earth wake up to the filth of Shitslam.

  9. right off the bat it says the muslim armies ventured into france to conquer .. wrong they were raids to plunder and nothing else with no intent to conquer- great start to a historical video. maybe you guys should spend more of that vikings war of whateverthefuck clans money on research.

  10. The virus spreads into every unanticipated corner. Are the trans men who joined that group genuinely afflicted with the physiological issue it seeks to supports or are they seeking out every corner of the world that is unambiguously feminine to impose upon? I can only suggest that the woman cited in this vid starts her own support group that makes membership conditional on rationality. The callous woke-Nazis infiltrate everywhere. Also, my best wishes to her and I hope and trust she will find a resolution for her condition.

  11. Charles Martel wanted to loot acqutaine, not fight the muslims, the 2 armies met randomly, he is not the christian savior, he was juste like the arabs and loot acquitaine.

  12. People tend to give the Europeans alot of crap for the crusades, but they must not know that the muslims were invading europe hundreds of years before

  13. رحما الله البطل المحنك عبد الرحمن الغافيقي يومااا مااا سنغزوكم ونسترجع كل ارضينا راح نحتلكم بأذن الله والله اكبر في السماء تتعالى

  14. الله يغفر للشهداء في موقعة بلاط الشهداء ويعفو عنهم وقائدهم البطل عبدالرحمن الغافقي و ها نحن سوف نعاود بإذن الله ولا غالب إلا الله

  15. The Battle of Tours aka Battle of Poitiers was one of the most significant battles in history. Charles Martel was also one of greatest leaders in military history.

  16. If the franks won a decisive battle they will follow muslims in spain but they did not because they suffered a huge casualties
    Main Reasons of muslim loss in this battles 1:Most of muslim troops love their spoils and their gold more than death fi sabil Allah
    2: the racism and the hatred between Arabs and berbers

  17. ﴿وَالَّذينَ جاءوا مِن بَعدِهِم يَقولونَ رَبَّنَا اغفِر لَنا وَلِإِخوانِنَا الَّذينَ سَبَقونا بِالإيمانِ وَلا تَجعَل في قُلوبِنا غِلًّا لِلَّذينَ آمَنوا رَبَّنا إِنَّكَ رَءوفٌ رَحيمٌ﴾ [الحشر: ١٠]

  18. It became possible for Charles bcoz of shifting of power from umayyad to abbasid as they were fighting each other then been crushed by abbasid in 744, Spain was then an easy task to throw the umayads out of the land conquered by Tariq bin ziyad, no support for them from khilafat central power with abbasid who were their enemies yet they ruled there for centuries at their own, but I will say that power in this universe never remained with one, it shifts as the natural law now its direction is towards China neither Muslims nor chiristians but then the turn of Jews and at last this universe be perished due to this power gaining cravings of nations/human beings.He will remain here Who was there when nothing was here, the almighty Creator of this grand, splendid, organised, systematic universe and everything in it The Allah. No nation remained in power for ever Jews, chiristians, Muslims, mangolians then ottoman, Christians now and…… They(Muslim rulers) never fought for the cause of Islam but for their own yearning, thirst of spreading the territories of their empire, listen & understand ummayad, abbasid or ottoman never fought for Islam yes Rashidoon fight for Islam & we own it and then Saladin the humble thereafter no one but can be said Muslim rulers who never remained just, kind , all were cruel that's why crashed to ashes by Mongols, Umer bin Abdul aziz of ummayad was the just, kind, humble, tolerant & had fear of God in his heart. I mean Rashidoon then Umer bin A Aziz, Salah ud Din we own.

  19. Muslims were never interested in occupying disease ridden land of gaul. They were looking for treasures. The only true battle muslim armies lost was battle of Vienna. By the way the american moderator is biased Christian propagandists.

  20. The lands of whats now the basque country in Spain hardly ever seem to be conquered by an empire and they remain independent through so many different eras…why though? this needs explaining!

  21. Fact: If Muslım commander not pillage villages and cities and treat people good Allah will manage we can win this war. So that arab commander act retard that same for soldiers at battle they care their looties from pillages.

    İslam banned rape and pillage people and ctities+village so Allah punished that commander with a shame defeat at battle.


  22. Glorious men they were… Tried to liberate Europe of ignorance and dark ages … May Allah bless you all Abderrahmane fellows …. Rest in peace brave men.

  23. The muslims have been trying to invade Europe many times. Even today they try. But despite we have always been outnumbered even by 10:1, we kicked them out. We will do it again.

  24. "Subpar Muslim intelligence"? Do you bother to make any nuanced difference between "Muslims", "Arabs", "Saracens"? This is ludicrous. You clearly have zero situational awareness of the modern world we live in and enormous effect that your words, as a seemingly reputable source of history, can have. You are singlehandedly contributing to so much of the animosity towards Muslims in our world. Never in your other videos do you conflate commonplace tactical and strategic methods with religion as you do with Muslims. There is no way to watch this video without becoming angry against the Umayyads, and it has everything to do with the way you narrated it. Why do you call their force a "war party" when literally any objective observer could call it a normal "army"? Because you want them to seem barbaric and "other". It's as though you're playing some sort of game where you try to mention words like "Muslim" in the same sentence as words like "ravage" as many times as possible. You have many videos where you describe brutal tactics by military forces – which is common – but only in your videos featuring Muslims do you conflate their actions with religion. I can only conclude that you are aware that you are using racism as a tool to acquire views and donations.

  25. Full of rubbish, the Turkish Straits??? The Turks were living in the eastern central asia, no were near the middle east, and they were not even Muslim back then. And no the Arab Muslims did not burn and ravage villages and cities, Liar, and Liar.

  26. He is the one who saved europe. That's Christian perspective.

    Muslims were tired and far from centre. Muslims instead focused their march from the Asia Minor

  27. In college I had a very learned history prof, Professor Landon. His take on the battle, derived from more contemporary sources than those used for this video, conclude that the Muslim force at Tours was little more than a recon. force of horsemen. Distance from their home base on the other side of the mountains coupled with what for the Muslims would have been climate and terrain they were not accustomed (Middle East–North Africa–Spain, all hot, dry, and in many places desert conditions) dissuaded them from advancing with any serious intention of further conquest into western Europe. So there was a battle, more like a skirmish. It does make for a great story, though.

  28. Welcome Bazbattles, I really appreciate your channel, which I have been watching for a few months now. However, if I allow myself to comment today, it is because as French, living in the city of Arles, I am deeply shocked by its location on your map! XD Yes I know, but good Arles has never been on the waterfront, but where the Rhone splits into two arms. That's otherwise everything else I enjoy, I like your videos.

  29. What would it take for you to give up on this racist, jingoistic garbage and cast games of Myth/Warcraft/Command & Conquer/Starcraft? Your graphics are laughably bad…

  30. This was when men cared about their countries. Descendants of Al Rahman are now pouring like roaches into every European country unopposed. Pathetic.

  31. Historians today are actually pretty sure that the battle of Poitiers wasnt as significant as its usually portrayed as. Our main source, the Continuatio Fredegarii, is so extremely onesided and profrankish, that it cant really be regarded as a real account of the events. After all, it was written on orders of Charles Martells brother Childebrand. Also, you didnt mention Odos role in this. He allied himself to a berberleader, Munnuz, to protect himself from Martell and also from the arab main forces. Munnuz was however defeated after leading a rebellion against Abd al-Rahman, and thus Odo stood alone. And Rahman of course wanted to go against him to protect his northern border, and get some nice loot. No source states that their goal was to conquer new lands for the arabs. They invaded Septimania because it was part of the visigothic kingdom. There is no evidence suggesting the arabs wanted to take a foothold in Francia. So it was most likely just a (very large) raiding party and revenge force against Odo, which was stopped by Martell. So please stop calling this the "Last Stand " of christian Europe, or (as historian Jakob Burkhard put it in 1840) that "the muslims would have reached Poland and the scottish highlands, had Martell not stopped them". Its not that big of a deal. And fun fact: there are no arabic accounts of the battle. The Kalif didnt care about what was going on in the west, which is also why the emirate of Cordoba was later formed. His primary target was Byzantium.

  32. Mohammed died in 632 in Arabia. Exactly a hundred years later, in the battle of Tours, they were deep in Europe about 150 km from Paris. In the east they were attacking but were held back by the Byzantines/Romans at the mountains of eastern Asia Minor having already taken the Byzantine provinces of Palestina and Syria. They didn't finish off the Byzantines until 1453 when they took Constantinople, now Istanbul, and turned the biggest Church (Hagia Sophia) in Christendom into a mosque.
    Now they are in the heart of Europe and they did it without having to fight. Brilliant.
    Our present conflicts with Islam are just another phase of a very, very long war.

  33. "in the shock of battle, the men of the north seemed like a sea that can not be moved, firmly they stood one close to another, forming as it were a bull-work of ice" OK this definitely sounds like something out of GoT.

  34. A brief history of Islam

    7 th century :
    Destruction of Jazima tribe by Khalid
    Khalid at the battle of Olayis , Iraq.
    Umar's Conquest of Jerusalem . Made Christians and Jews third class citizens or slaves

    8 th century :
    Attack on Sind – 26000 Hindus died
    Armania: Nobles burned
    Euphesus : 7000 Greeks enslaved

    9 th century:
    All new churches rebuilt destroyed.
    Amorium destroyed
    Egyptian Christians revolt over the Jizyah.

    10 th century :
    Thesalonica : 22000 enslaved
    Seville : Christians massacred
    Egypt, Syria :
    30,000 Churches destroyed

    11 th century :
    6000 Jews of Morocco was killed by jihad Islam
    Hundreds of Jews of Cordoba killed
    4000 Jews of Granada killed
    Armania invaded.
    Hindustan 15000 killed, 5,00,000 enslaved.

    12 th century :
    Yemen: Jews must covert or die
    Christians of Granada was deported to Morocco.
    India: Convert or die, many cities destroyed, 20 000 enslaved in one town. ancient Nalanda University was destroyed by the Muslim army led by the Turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193.

    13 th century :
    50 000 Hindus freed by by conversion.
    20 year campaign and forced conversions created 400000 new Muslims out of Hindus.
    Budhists monks butchered, nuns raped.
    Damascus and Safed: Christians mass murdered.
    Jews of Marrakesh massacred , Tabrish, forced conversions of Jews.

    14 th century :
    Cairo : Churches burned
    Tabris : Jews forced conversions .
    Tamerlane( Timur) killed as many as 90,000 in a single day.
    India 30,000 massacred in cold blood.
    India: Tughlaq enslaved 180, 000

    15 th century:
    Tamerlane (Timur) : Devastated 700 Indian villages
    Tamerlane annihilated Nestrorian and Jacobite Christians.
    *After 700 years of Jihadi attacks, Islam captured and destroyed Constantinople*.

    16 th century:
    Tamerlane ( Timur)'s son destroyed temples, forced conversions.
    Generals built 2 towers of human heads after victories
    Noble women commit mass suicide to escape slavery and rapes .

    17 th century :
    Jews of Persia forced to convert.
    Forced conversions of Greek Christians to Islam
    Persia : persecution of Zoroastrians increased
    India: The 'wise' Mugal king Akbar killed 600,000

    18 th century :
    Zoroastrian, Jew, Hindu persecution continued
    Jews of Morocco massacred
    Jews of Jedda expelled.

    19 the century :
    Forced conversions of Jews in Iran
    Jews of Bagdad massacred
    About 2,50,000
    Armanian Christians slaughtered in Turkey.
    Zoroastrians annihilated in Iran.

    20 th century :
    Over one million Armanian Christians killed.

    21st century:
    77% of Christians living in the middle East were driven out since 2000. Thousands were killed by Jihadists .

    In the beginning of the 20 th century Middle East had 20 % Christians, by AD 2000 less than 5 % remains .

    Over 5000 killed by Islamic terror attacks in 2018 alone.

    The world didn't talk much about the dozens of Nigerian villages wiped out in 2019 in a 4 day killing spree by the Islamists nor about the tens of thousands of Nigeria’s Christians who have been killed in recent decades.

    Countless more have been ruthlessly raped, maimed, disfigured and disabled by Islamists . Nigerian massacre just one example of tears of Jihad in African continent .

    Boko Haram, the Islamic sect etc conducts countless kidnappings, torture and murders

    Over 30,000 Islamic Jihadi attacks since AD 2000.

    The Islamic terror attacks crossed thousand since January 2019 ( First quarter).

    Baffled as to why these followers of Allah perpetually commit heinous crimes ?

    This happens, the only reason

    Quran is 91 % violence, 9 % peace and the book gives very limited choice for it's followers to practice peace.

  35. Ar Rahman could have chosen not to fight this battle. His army comprised completely of cavalry whereas Charles' was almost completely infantry. He could have avoided them, pillaged the rest of the kingdom, create chaos and finally defeat the Franks. Or simply he could have waited and starved them out. Since he had cavalry, he could easily harass any foraging parties once their supplies ran out. He didn't use any of his options.

  36. Anyone else is rewatching all BazBattle videos? I remember back in 2016-17 this was the first channel to get me into this type of historical documentary stuff

  37. Whaa?? 350 years before the first crusades??? But but bu. They’re teaching in schools how the “peaceful” muslims were attacked by the “Invading” white people. I’m sure the teachers meant to say Europeans though ?.
    It’s almost as if there were hundreds of years of Muslim oppression slavery and attacks. Which finally caused a defense and some kind of counter attack.

  38. Charles Martell saved the western civilization but didn't save North Africa Egypt Levant Anatolia all the countries that destroyed by Islamic cancer

  39. A better explanation of what was the battle of Poitiers….Not Tours….Your ignorance shows….You are an idiot! No annals of that time talked about how many soldiers each side engaged. It was all speculation. You should not rewrite history….Very soon, the Yankees will believe that they won the battle of Stalingrad….

  40. Modern liberals in Europe and North America cry about how "evil" Europeans were. In fact, Europeans just got tired of being invaded by everyone and decided to invade everyone else instead.

  41. You're saying that Charles Martel organised the first proffessional army in Europe since the fall of Rome (476)…. but wasn't Rome still around with the Byzantine Empire, having a proffessional army?

  42. Thank goodness for Charles Martel, or all of Europe would have been Muslim. I'm especially proud of this event. Because Islam is the most repressive of all the world religions. It is a cult by every definition. It's brainwashed from the time that they are born. Very few Arabs escape it.

  43. And of course there is a battle between ''well if this and this happened then Europe would be XX''

    Yeah but if XX happened then Arab would be

    Well, nothing of that happened and there are most likely many reasons why, we lack way too much information about the state of nations/leaders that fought 1500 to 500 years ago lol.

  44. An excellent commander + disciplined troops protecting their homes and families. It's always a tough nut to crack. Generally goes the way of the defender or so it would seem.

  45. The only way the Muslims could prevent the battle of tours, was if they kill the remaining of Odo’s army, hence no one would alert Charles Martel

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