The Best Sunset in Agra | Mehtab Bagh (Moonlight Garden)

The Best Sunset in Agra | Mehtab Bagh (Moonlight Garden)

We made it back to the hotel, just in time
for maybe about ten minutes of breakfast so we better hustle and get downstairs I’m starving we woke up at 4:15 this morning have you got the keys yes you heard it here too late for that now oh, i forgot the keys So we are at the…… Methab dhab ?? park Methab Bagh park,
opposite the Taj Mahal across the Yamuna river. and we’re going to the Taj Mahal View point, this is directly across the river from the Taj Mahal, there is a viewpoint
here, it is actually a site that was made by the same founder of the Taj Mahal called
Shah Jahan and the story goes that he was going to build a second Taj Mahal that was black that was a reflection of the first Taj Mahal That’s the legend although they did some excavations here not too long ago and
they found out that there was no foundation to that myth there’s
literally no foundation when they dug down to see if they had started building
anything there was nothing but it’s interesting it would be cool to see if
they actually did that and they had like a black Taj Mahal to go with the
white Taj Mahal maybe that was his? I don’t know We were actually at the Taj Mahal this morning as guys know and now we’re across the river
from it to watch the sunset over the Taj Mahal we watched the Sun Rise we’re now
watching the sun set this is actually an amazing views it’s I
think even better than going to the Taj Mahal
but obviously you need to go to the Taj Mahal our friends recommend it it’s a different view
and it’s really nice yeah Wow it’s beautiful it’s golden
hour right now guys so we’re just walking around and right behind me as
you can see over here it looks like there’s some kind of foundation for some
building obviously it’s cordoned off over here as you can see like this I
mean obviously this most certainly not as big as the Taj Mahal but maybe like a
mini one I totally believed that ha I don’t know
maybe it was for him because you know how he was imprisoned in Agra fort and
his only request was that he had a viewpoint to review of the Taj Mahal
where he could see that for ever and ever but for the rest of his life it
makes sense that he would want to be and have his resting place to be literally
right smack in the middle right across from the Taj it makes sense that that
that he would want that so I do believe that because if you look into the Taj
Mahal we went inside the mausoleum and everything is so perfectly symmetrical
like the whole place is like almost mathematically done and so perfectly
done and the only thing that’s not symmetrical or off-center is his own
tomb so I don’t think that was actually planned I don’t think he planned that at
all sandy better after the fact so that was
never in the planning so where did he think he was going to rest in peace oh I
believe that that would make complete sense and also what we’ve heard stories
that charge on the mogul King before he dared was to the architectures and the
people who built this beautiful Monument that he blinded them and chop the hands
off there’s absolutely it’s based on no fact whatsoever it’s just the story huh
so they wouldn’t be able to build anything as beautiful as this ever again
different times they did they did they did some group Game of Thrones thing
right it was very game with her look at the
sunset guys we were at the Taj.. Daniel says I shouldn’t call it the Taj
we were at the Taj Mahal for sunrise and now we’re across the river with a view
of it for sunset how beautiful what an awesome and amazing day this has
been it’s has it been something that’s on your bucket list no I’m asking you if
it’s been on your bucket it yeah that would be a cool place to visit
what did you read about it in history yeah if you go to India and you visit
the Taj Mahal pretty much I know I said that so many times but
I’ll get over it the Sun has set the whistle is slowly
the park is closing Daniel got his shot okay so we just noticed something what
did you notice kids asking for money we already knew this happening yeah right
there we just thought we have adult handlers yeah I tell them what you did
and he’s sitting like that you see that guy right there he’s directing him
yeah he’s telling him what to do yeah anyway not the nicest side of India it
happens it’s a lot of positive reality so we got into nuber and headed back to
our hotel I can’t believe Daniel convinced me to
go the free puppet show at the hotel hey free is a very good price and they were
promoting it as the night’s entertainment and you’ll see why in the
end so downstairs we went for the puppet show oh okay namaste
it’s not started yet yeah I was feeling a little uncomfortable being the only
ones that and the entire performance just being put on it just for us what
are your name hey it’s like we were VIP yes did you
know it was gonna be like that so we decided to stay till the end of the
performance and politely take our leave and besides that we were really hungry we didn’t know where that end of the
performance was and every time we thought that it was over
there was a but wait there’s more do not fear none did security sukira
yes yes the performance someone else comes down
into the basement and they’ve decided to stop Mitchell and start over from the
beginning so we got actually one and a half shows for free yeah it wasn’t
really for free thanks so much for moving us into the puppet show who
wanted to see the puppet show that was your up until you turn against wind
turbine that kind of looked a little
uncomfortable and really tight yeah my head was popping out of that thing it
was super tight I can’t even get my glasses on no charge huh
you have been baby okay my Hendrix okay as always in India there was the sales
pitch at the end of my family Mickey okay this India would like the gold
Ganesh yes good morning and then we had to sit through the entire sales
presentation from him that rivaled a timeshare presentation it was a little
bit of a soft sell but my head was wrapped so tight and you started to fall
asleep I didn’t even know that could happen here coming handy – want to go into sunlight good luck because the food here was really good
really good and the service is really good – no we’re gonna go grab something
to eat great he doesn’t want to talk he’s it
behind great

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  3. I've got to get me some puppets – I'll be sure to craft a special show for Daniel! Hahaha, love the sales pitch. That was our life in Cuba. Everyone wanted to sell you something – no matter what it was that you were doing. Very annoying.

  4. Oh man those awkward moments at the puppet show “much more…and more…” 😂😂

  5. Fantastic video today very interesting history behind the architect of the Taj Mahal wanting to build a second one a mirror image I love the park that you went through but I must say that puppet show I might have left during the middle of it or at the beginning LOL great video

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