The Best Travel Backpack? // Matador Review

The Best Travel Backpack? // Matador Review

Hello, let’s talk about this thing. About three months ago I made an unboxing video for this packable backpack from matador. So this is the 16 litre packable backpack from matador. They sent me this backpack so that I could take it with me to my trip to Cabo in Mexico and I didn’t really know what to expect so I decided to just make a an unboxing video which you can watch if you want I call it an unbagging video. If you don’t know what this is,
this is a packable backpack literally. There is a backpack in this little pouch which is like the size of my face. You can just throw this in your suitcase and when you get to your destination
you can take out your backpack and you have a daypack where you can put like your camera, your wallet
or whatever it is that you want to put in there. So i made a video in which i took out the backpack and then try to put it in for the very first time but if you want to see how that went down
then definitely check out that video I think it’s kind of funny Today’s video is going to be a proper review. We are going to talk about this thing and how it did in the real world. So as I mentioned earlier I took
this backpack with me to Cabo San Lucas which is a resort city in Baja California Sur in Mexico. So there is a lot of water,
a lot of sand and a lot of things to do. First I’m going to discuss the things
that I look for with my day pack so because I am documenting everything or trying to I carry a lot of equipment with me cameras, my microphone,
battery chargers, extra batteries I carry three cameras and on top of that
if I’m going to like a place where there’s going to be water activities
I’ll take my GoPro which is what happened here in Cabo. When I look for a backpack I need something
that can carry all this equipment that can keep it protected
from the elements such as water and on top of that able to carry
my personal items as well such as my wallet or tissue paper or souvenirs
that I buy along the way etcétera. Another thing that I look for in a backpack
is for it to be light weight I don’t want it to weigh a whole bunch my equipment already weighs so much I do travel a lot and most of my videos
are all travel videos and because of that I need something
that’s not going to weigh a lot so that is definitely like one of
the top three things that I look for when I am looking for a backpack. Another thing that is important to me
is having a little side slot for a bottle of water
walk al lot I hike a lot, I need to hydrate having the water inside of the backpack
with all of my equipment just makes me a little bit nervous. So those are all the things that I look for in a backpack and now we are going to see if the matador
holds up to all those requirements. First of all I am going to take it out of the pouch. When you take this out as you notice the pouch does not actually detach anything
which is awesome because that means
that you’re never going to lose this thing unless this breaks off or you cut it off
or I don’t know. When you open it up you’ve got your backpack right here
and the zippers here. The zippers are very sealed up these are water resistant now this isn’t waterproof
this water resistant so don’t go scuba diving with this thing. So we’ll just open it up here and your little pouch goes inside. When I first got it
I was a little bit skeptical I was like, I don’t know if all my stuff
is going to fit in here but let me tell you almost my whole arm fits in here so I am little ok but just settle down I mean more than I thought fit in here
so that is awesome for me on top of that,
that is the main compartment after that there is a secondary compartment which comes right in here in the front which I loved, I thought this secondary compartment honestly was like this big and was just going to be like, okay well
if I want to like stick a chapstick in there or something but no, this is, I open it up
and this thing is BAM look at that half of my forearm is in there,
that is crazy. I’m very cautious about
like pickpocketing and stuff like that so I never really have any valuables on my backpack but what I did do is I used it for like tissue paper also if I got a map or something like that I can just stick it in there easily accessible also I loved putting my sunglasses
in there as well, easy access. This right compartment also has that very durable zipper as you can tell. So you think that a backpack
that you could pack in a tiny little pouch wouldn’t have a lot of details or anything
but it does and let me tell you why
it’s got not only one side pocket for your water bottle but it’s got two,
so if you want to carry your water bottle and you want to carry another drink,
you can or if you want to carry a water bottle
and you want to carry a map or something you have it here
and you can easily just you know pull out your map and you can see
where you got to go which is awesome I cannot believe that they managed to fit
two sides, I mean, this is crazy but anyway another thing that’s super cool is that it has a adjustable straps
so if you are tiny like me you can pull it all the way to the end so that it’s nice and snug on your body and another thing that’s cool is that the straps are not a just solid fabric it’s like mesh, if you are walking a lot and doing a lot like me you get sweaty and then you don’t want like you don’t want to get your sweat on your backpack it’s just uncomfortable and it’s gross it’s a little bit more of a breathable material
which is awesome and another thing is it’s got this cool handle and then also this part here is super great it’s like a support for your neck and like back as well as once it’s full you can just you know,
grab the bag like this is just I like when you can like grip stuff like that. On to the stuff that I was not happy with. One of the things that I don’t like is that the material at the bottom of the bag is the same as the rest of the bag which is kind of,
I don’t know if you guys can tell but it’s not that steady
which I don’t mind for the rest of the bag and actually once you fill it up
the fabric somehow feels steadier but for the bottom part of the bag I would love it if there was some kind of padding maybe something that, I don’t know,
can come separate or you can roll up
I have no idea, I cannot engineer this thing I might create my own type of padding
made out of foam or something like that sometimes when I’m moving around
and I’m all active and like doing my whole adventuring things like I’m just carrying my bag and then like I’ll take it off my back and like place it somewhere and it’s like, my camera or something like if I have my battery chargers or something that’s a little bit more sensitive then it is susceptible to damage because I don’t like banging my my gadgets and my things, you know,
this is something that I think could use a little bit of improvement
just because of what I’m using it for maybe for somebody else
who’s just using it for like their wallet or like Bottles of water,
something for like going to the city that might be okay
but for what I’m using it for definitely a little bit of padding
at the bottom would come in handy you know to make me feel a little bit more secure
when I’m out and about with all my gadgets. Another suggestion is to add instructions
for how to put this thing back into the pouch. This thing doesn’t come with instructions so you have to be very observant
when you take it out the first time so please make sure that you take notes I mean, you can kind of figure it out
it’s not really that difficult to put back into the pouch actually
which I love I actually did it a couple times during my trip you kind of have to like figure out the best way to put it in there and I think it might be fun if there was some kind of like info card
like a little postcard or something that had fun little graphics telling you like tips on like
how to put it back into the bag because, you know, the first time
that was kind of a challenge. Again you should check out that first video. So my summary of this review
is that this backpack is awesome and you should definitely check it out because it was super handy for me while I was traveling and doing crazy things so if you’re just taking it on a road trip or maybe you’re going on a hike or a weekend trip then it will for sure work for you because this backpack
what’s really cool about it is that it’s water resistant
which really came in handy while I was in Cabo
I was on a boat nearly every single day and I was carrying expensive equipment
and tech gadgets so for sure it protected all of my equipment and I did not have any accidents
which is awesome and aside from that it does not weigh a lot so that is a plus as you already know. Just as a disclaimer
Matador did not pay for this video. This video is not sponsored. They did send me this bag for free so that I could take it with me to my trip to Cabo and I am absolutely happy with this product and I just wanted to share my experience with you and in case you’re thinking about buying this backpack this is my recommendation and I am saying yes you should definitely do it and matador did not tell me to say that. This is my personal opinion. I am happy with the product,
I’m sure that you will be too. That is at the end of this video
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  3. hey just a tip, this review could have been 2:30 minutes. if I was looking to buy this product, I wouldn't want to wait the whole 9 minutes of not important things. thanks

  4. Thanks for the review, I'm buying this bag now. Just some friendly constructive criticism, the cadence of this video was painfully slow, and lots of things were repeated several times or superfluous. A video review of a product like this should be a few minutes max.

  5. Thanks Romina, I enjoyed your video and get why most folks said it's a long video. You were cute to watch so I didn't mind lol. I just got the Beast 28. Not sure if you've seen/used that one. I'm excited to use it in the elements and see how it holds up. Keep being awesome!!!. πŸ™‚

  6. Would this work for a dslr camera and a couple of lenses? I do not want to be carrying my regular backpack all the time and i dont like camera bags

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  8. I use a cheap foam sleeping pad and cut it to create a u-shaped sleeve to fit the inside of packs like this. It gives it some structure and helps protect items inside.

  9. It's a daypack designed to be packable, and lightweight, so yes, youll have to be careful with more sensitive, fragile equipment. It won't have the padding of a regular backpack. I thought your "con" for this type of daypack was moot. Overall, okay and helpful vid.

  10. For me, correct me if I’m wrong but if you have a solo vacation you probably can fit everything you need in that backpack and when your unpacked fold that back, no need for any luggage space

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