The Big Surprise ? Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

The Big Surprise ? Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– I need Jwoww to the main stage. All right Mike well, this
is your bachelor party, and we’re the best men, so
here’s the entertainment for tonight. – [Vinny] Mike, we got a surprise for you. – [Pauly] Yeah buddy. It’s a party right now, surprise. – Oh damn! Uh oh, we got a situation. – Happy bachelor party Mike! This the best day of my life. – [Deena] Oh my God. – [Vinny] You cheated. – [Pauly] Oh damn! – Oh hell no. Laurens would not like this. – [Deena] Oh my God. This isn’t us. I have never seen Mike this
nervous around strippers. He definitely looks petrified. (laughing) This isn’t us, we didn’t do this. – The strippers look amazing, but they’re literally twerking
their vaginas in Mikes face. Oh my God, we’re gonna ruin
this kids life right now. – Live your best life,
live your best life. – [Vinny] Slap it. – Help! Save me! – We didn’t do this, all the boys. – Oh my God Laurens is gonna kill me. – Are you kidding me? – She’s like gonna walk in any second. – [Vinny] Nah nah you’re safe. – I will not dishonor my queen. (cheering) – Oh you look scared Mike. – At this particular
point I’ve had enough. – [Deena] Don’t look. – I gotta pull the eject
button and I gotta get out. (gunshot) Save me! (laughing) – That was lit. The best part of this,
like Mike has no idea. – We didn’t plan that for you, We love Lauren. – We can have the strippers
make Mike all uncomfortable, and then be like hold up one more second, we got one more stripper for you. And then bring out Laurens. – [Jenni] Blindfold him, I’m getting her. – So I just say I got one more surprise? I put him on the chair?
Mike is so shook right now. One more surprise for you, hold up. – What now? No more surprises guys, and
definitely no more strippers. – [Vinny] You thought that was something? – I’m so nervous, he’s so sad in there. He wants to see you so bad. – Give it a second Mike, just wait. – [Angelina] She’s so
hot, it’s not even funny. (cheering) – You can take the blindfold off on three. One, sit on his lap sit
on his lap, two, three. Take it off. – Give it a second Mike, just wait. – [Angelina] She’s so
hot, it’s not even funny. (cheering) – You can take the blindfold off on three. One, sit on his lap sit
on his lap, two, three. (upbeat music) (cheering) – [Pauly] He’s crying, he’s crying. He’s crying. – [Mike] Tonight’s been a
rollercoaster of emotions. – Are you happy? – But this is the best surprise ever. I missed you. – [Lauren] I know I missed you too. – [Vinny] I’m not crying you’re crying. – [Pauly] I always cry
at bachelors parties. – When Laurens is around,
I feel like the universe is whole again. – You’re sweating. – Yeah ’cause I was had anxieties. (laughing) – Now I’m crying. – Oh my God, successful dude ranch.

100 thoughts on “The Big Surprise ? Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. It was still disrespectful that the strippers were touching mike and grinding on him…surprised mike let it happen

  2. Omg I'm so happy!!!! I love them!!!! Yes Mike that's your queen omg that's how you're supposed to be I love this so much

  3. You go Mike! Wish more men who were taken would act the same way you did when all these strippers were around. ?

  4. you can be 20 years old even 30 or 40 or 50. But only when a special woman is in your life you really start to ''grow up''.

  5. I have tears, how cool watching the situation all these years be every woman’s nightmare. Turns into a loyal respectful future hubby! Amazing it does happen!

  6. Ugh this reminds me of how good of a husband mine is when Mike broke down it reminded me of my husband and how he always shows genuine love for me and wouldn't like to be in a situation where I wouldn't really Approve of . Real men ! Show their real feelings !

  7. Why she arrive at the bachelor party! Is there no trust in that relationship?

  8. He changed so much like it crazy anything is possible u just got to put in the work and and it ain’t going to be easy but the for anything u want u could do it

  9. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ This episode was a rollercoaster ? ???? I filmed a recap on my channel please check it out ???????⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

  10. the support and love from Vinny for Mike is underrated. They had a history of being a rival, always competing and hating each other from Vinny always being a supportive brother to Mike.

  11. Aweeeeee u can tell situation really loves luaren ,? good for him hand over the strippers to me mike I will take care of em

  12. ? That ranch…..I’ve been going there since I was little!!! This is what they were doing there!?! Oh my gosh!! That ranch is supposed to be a place where people can get together and enjoy nature, not hire strippers and argue!!! I bet these people didn’t do anything at the resort!!! They didn’t ride the horses!! They didn’t go kayaking!!! They just insulted something everything the ranch stood for!!!
    (Sorry for this rant but that ranch kind of holds a special place in my heart)

  13. I'm glad that Mike isn't like those other guys thinking to hookup with these girls. Mike, I'm proud of you because you're loyalty to your fiance.

  14. what is the song that plays at 2:38 ? someone help cause I can't makeout more than five words and that doesn't even help me lol


  16. I just wanna say I am so proud of the man he has become! His Queen has definitely made a true man out of him!! Wish them two nothing but the best

  17. uh ohh hh we've got a situation. aww he cried Mike is such a boyfriend and you can tell he really loves her

  18. they are God-given soulmates. thank GOD he is so much better. a true blessing. idk why his friends brought those people.. not okay.

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