The Break-Up (2/10) Movie CLIP – Happy Holidays (2006) HD

The Break-Up (2/10) Movie CLIP – Happy Holidays (2006) HD

The artist was inspired
by the neoclassical movement. No, she doesn’t. But wanted to reflect it
with an abstract bent. Okay, bye-bye. And how much is it?
$35,000. Happy Holidays.
Marilyn Dean Gallery.
Hold, please. Will you excuse me
for a moment?
Sure. Go ahead. Christopher?
Yes, sweetie. Hi, honey.
Hi. Christmas was months ago.
Don’t remind me.
I miss it so much. Yeah, I know.
But today is not a holiday. I know for a fact
that people like
my spirit on the phone and they dig the energy
that I give them. Okay. I’m just saying,
I don’t think Marilyn Dean
will “dig” the energy. Oh, no.
She’s the one that told me
to be creative. So… I know. It’s just… Okay.
What is the next holiday
coming? The Fourth of July,
is that what’s next? Well, if you want
to get technical,
there’s Memorial Day, there’s Flag Day. Some people recognize
Father’s Day as a holiday.
I don’t. I get it. I get it.
Well, on those days
you can say, “Happy Holidays.’ ‘ Every other day,
“Good morning, good afternoon, “good evening,
Marilyn Dean Gallery.’ ‘
Okay? Okay. I’m so sorry about that.
Oh, no. So, now this is a new piece
by Zakrzewska. What do you think of this? Can I be honest with you?
Please. Other than taking
an art history class
in college, which I pretty much
slept through, I don’t have
the first clue about art or how to go about buying it.
I mean, like that painting. I mean, I don’t see the point
in buying something that
I could have done myself. Yeah. I completely agree
with you. You know, an art teacher
of mine once said, “Never buy a piece of art
that you don’t have to have.’ ‘ You know, don’t worry
about who the artist is
or how much it’s worth. I mean, you have to live
with it every day. You have
to walk by it every day. You know, you have to
really love it. You have
to really appreciate it. It’s kind of like picking a mate.

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  1. Favreau stole this scene from beginning to end but if you don't crack up hysterically when he leans and stares at Jennifer Aniston when Vaughn is passing her the mustard something is wrong with you and of course the absolute best line…"I'll smack him in his head"!!!!! Classic!!!!

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