Hey everyone! Oh my God,
today we are going to finally reveal the Jeffree Star Cosmetics
Chrome Summer Collection. There has been so many sneak
peeks all over the internet. I’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots
and its finally time to reveal the entire collection. Now, this has been a long
time in the making and I am really excited because
last summer, remember, everything was in hot y
ellow packaging? And last year, oh my God,
like when Summer hit, it was my biggest launch
to date as a brand. And now that we are another
year in, my brain is like, oh my God! Like you guys, this November
my brand turns three years old. I’m psyched! Now, for this Summer
I have turned everything chrome. Now this is actually my biggest
collection to date ever as a brand. And… drum roll please… we are
launching 8 Velour Liquid Lipsticks. 6 of them are matte and
2 of them are metallic. And I’m also releasing 5 Lip Ammunition
which, of course, are my stick lipstick formula. And we have 2 Skin Frost Highlighters. And 3 Velour Lip Scrubs. Oh my God, you guys,
I like took it there this Summer and I made them so yummy and delicious. Wait til you see the flavors later. I’m really excited to announce
that there are 2 Bundles. I have, of course,
sneak peeked them online. If you haven’t seen them,
you are about to right now. The first one is called the YOU BETTER WORK VELOUR LIQUID
LIPSTICK COLLECTION BUNDLE. So, with this bundle you get
all 8 Velour Liquid Lipsticks, of course, at a very discounted
price of $105. If you were to purchase all of these
individually they would be $144. So, you are getting
a really nice discount. And of course, this box and all
the colors are Limited Edition, as are everything in this collection. So, once they’re gone,
Baby, they are gone. So I’m really excited to offer
you guys this amazing deal. And then, if you want all 5 of the Lip Ammo
and all 8 of the Liquid Lips, so that would be the entire lip collection, this Summer I am introducing the first ever Jeffree Star Cosmetics LIPSTICK VAULT. And you guys get all
of the lipsticks in here. We gotta open her up.
I mean, look, she’s big. You can put it next to my head,
it’s like, Girl, she’s big! You guys, this is a lotta product. So, if you are a lipstick
addict or a lipstick hoarder, you are going to be in love with this. So, of course, it has my logo
repeated everywhere. And of course, all of the lipsticks
are enclosed in here. Alright, now I know a lot of you have
been dying to know the prices. So, this will retail for $195.
I know that is a lot of money. But if you are a lipstick collector I know
that these are probably going to go quickly. Now if you were to buy them all
individually, it would be over $230. I think it’s about like $234. So you of course get an extreme
discount with this one as well. And, oh my God, you guys, I’m really
happy with how the packaging turned out. Everything looks beautiful. And I’m really excited for you guys
to see what is inside of this. Now, besides the lip products, you know
I’m not playing games this Summer. So, besides that, you guys, I have two
brand new Skin Frost Highlighters. Now, I’ve never released
these shades before. Of course, everything in this
collection is brand new and I’m really excited
for you to see these. You guys wanna know the names right now?
You might as well know the names right now. So, there is one that is called,
Summer Snow cone, and the other one is called
Crystal Ball. I will swatch them, of course,
later in the video. And besides that, you guys, no,
we’re not done, we’re not done. I have 3 Velour Lip Scrubs. Now, I know so many
of you are a fan of them, and this Summer we have
these amazing flavors. I really wanted to like take it there
with the smell and the taste, and just get them really
fresh and amazing. So, with these guys, I will of course be showing them
all later in the video as well. And I wish you can taste them through
the screen because, they’re amazing. Everything in the entire collection
will be available individually. So, if you’re like, Girl, I only like,
like two lipsticks or three, you can definitely just buy those. Or if you want everything,
of course, you can get everything. We’re about to dive
into some swatches. So if you wanna see everything tried
out on my mouth and on my cheeks, then keep on watching. Alright you guys, I removed my lipstick,
now let’s get to swatching. I’m gonna start with
the Liquid Lipsticks first. And then I will be doing the Lip Ammo. And then of course the Skin Frost. And then we’ll be playing
with the Lip Scrubs. So if you wanna jump around
in the video, of course you can. But with the Velour Liquid Lipsticks
we have 8 shades this Summer. 6 of them are of course matte.
In my normal amazing formula. Yes, I just called my own formula amazing.
Don’t clock me. Now this Summer, the metallic
shades smell like strawberries. Oh my God, they’re so yummy.
But the mattes don’t have any fragrance. I noticed that sometimes
when you add fragrances to lipsticks it can kind of manipulate
or change them, and I’m not really into
compromising the formula. I have perfected adding Root Beer
in some of mine, and of Creamsicle in my Lip Ammo,
but this Summer, we’re gonna relax. So, let’s get started. The first shade is the lightest in the collection
and it looks something like this. It is called Butt Naked. It is a gorgeous peachy nude, it is really light but also really
stunning and it just looks like, ah. Let me show you guys
what she looks like. Alright, here is what
Butt Naked looks like. It is really light, so if you are of course,
medium or dark skin tone, I would definitely recommend ombréing
them or using a lip liner, or i mean, if you wanna be bold
and do it by itself, i think that would also look kinda stunning,
a little high fashion, and I’m obsessed with that look.
Let’s see the next one. Alright, the next shade I actually wore
in a video about a month or two ago. It was my Full Face First Impression,
and I used this shade in the video. It is called Calabasas, which of course,
is the city where I live in California. This color just really reminded me
of home when it was on. I don’t know why I got that feeling
but it just came over me. So, I named it after that.
And it is a really gorgeous color. I know a lot of you kept asking me like,
oh my God, what is that? And when I finally wore it I know
a lot of you were excited about it. So, I can’t wait to see
this on all of you. But I am, of course, going to swatch it
again for anyone that didn’t see it. Here is it all swatched on my lips. I think this might be one of my favorite
Liquid Lips from the 8, I am just like, I’ve been wearing
this morning and night. And the third shade is this beautiful,
warm toned, camel nude called Hunty. Oh my God, you guys,
I am obsessed with this shade. When I making in the lab I wanted
something that was very like, like really warm and rich looking
and I think this is going to be one of you guys’ favorites.
Let’s swatch her. Here is shade Hunty, dry. Mwah! The next shade is the darkest
shade in the collection. It is called Family Jewels and it is a beautiful,
warm toned like, chocolatey brown. It’s like a milk chocolate,
it is so stunning. And let’s give her a whirl. And here is Family Jewels,
dried down. Mwah! Alright, the next shade is
a really cool funky color. You guys know I have to have
some weird colors in my brand. I am all down for being a weirdo
and this one is very daring. It is a matte chartreuse color
and it is called Venus Flytrap. It is very daring,
it’s very bold, obviously. And the cool thing about my brand
and the formula is that all of my Velour Liquid Lips are eye safe,
so you can put them in your waterline, you can use them as eyeliner,
you can do them as a wing. So they’re of course
very multi-use. A lot of people love doing lip art,
they love ombréing and the love being creative,
so this is for all my artists out there. And here is Venus Flytrap, dried down. Now you know what’s crazy,
when you make cosmetics, you guys weird colors like yellow and
weird purples and greens, are really difficult to make.
But I think this one is really amazing. It doesn’t look crazy. Well,
the color looks a little crazy. But I tried to make this like
matte as hell. And I love it. So the next person that invites me
to a wedding, I’m wearing this. Let’s swatch a few metallics
before we do the final matte lip. Now, this is a gorgeous, I’m gonna
call it, like a coral, pinky, crazy metallic, and this shade
is called Candy Ass. This one is blinging.
It is full of like sparkle. Lemme show you guys
what this looks like. Alright, here is Candy Ass, dry. Now if you see how I move my head
in the light, it is very reflective. It is really pretty. And has a lot
of metallic pearls in there to give it such a beautiful finish. And of course, when I say pearls,
I mean pearl pigments that are man-made, and not pearls from the oceans. Some people are like, wait a minute.
Don’t get it twisted. I am obsessed with this color and I think it is gonna be
perfect for Summer. The second metallic shade in the collection
is called Flamboyant. It is a gorgeous, bright coral,
like on fire, in your face coral. And this metallic
is a little different than Candy Ass. It has less like metal feel but still has
like that glittery just amazingness. And remember that these metallics in the Summer
Collection smell like fresh strawberries. Ah, I’m hungry. And here is Flamboyant,
dry on the mouth. It has such a gorgeous sheen
to it and it is very bright. Alright, let’s swatch the last one. Last but not least, the last matte Liquid Lip
in the collection is a stunning, gorgeous, bright purple. So many of you have been requesting me
to make a purple like this in my collection and it’s finally here. It’s in fruitation. Now, this shade
is called You. Better. Work. which of course, the lipstick
bundle was named after. I mean, I think I’ve said that saying
since I was like 10 years old. We have RuPaul saying it.
We have Britney Spears saying it. And it’s kinda like a staple in the make-up
community, so You Better Get on My Mouth. And here’s the shade
dry on the lips. It is such a vibrant,
gorgeous purple. So, I hope you guys love all
of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks from the collection and now let’s
swatch some Lip Ammunition. Now the first shade from the Lip
Ammunition Chrome Collection is called Birkin Suede,
which if you know me, you know I am a fashion whore
and this was definitely inspired by one of my favorite colors
of suede inside of a handbag. It is probably the lightest
nude from this collection. She looks something like
this in the component. And let’s get her on the mouth. Here is Birkin Suede swatched. It is definitely the lightest
nude in the collection so, if you are a little darker
than this color, or way darker, of course
you can match it with any lip liner and
it will look flawless. Alright, now the next shade is this
beautiful warm toned brown. It is called Birthday Suit. And it is one of my favorites
from the collection. And let’s see how she looks on. Here is Birthday Suit. And the third shade is
this beautiful terracotta. I like to call her like an orange nude. And she is called Star Witness. Listen, this color is going
to look amazing and stunning and beautiful on everyone. So, let’s give her a swatch. Alright, here is Star Witness. Alright, and the next shade
is called Thick as Thieves which is one of my favorite
little sayings about people. And this is the darkest
shade of the collection. It looks something like this. Lemme
show you guys what she looks like. Here is Thick as Thieves. Alright, last but not least,
is one of my favorite shades. Now I actually wore this on
my channel in the previous video and everyone was like, Girl, what lipstick
are you wearing? And I’m over here like, I don’t know.
It was a color in my line. So, this shade is called Skin Tight. It is a beautiful, gorgeous, peachy nude
and it looks something like this. So let’s give her a spin. Now, I am launching two new Skin
Frost Highlighters in this collection. One of them is called Summer Snow
cone and she looks something like this. I have been keeping this a secret
from you guys for a while now. I think I’ve worn this on Instagram like
eight times and I’ve never tagged it. And everyone’s like, Girl, what’s
that highlighter, don’t be shady. I always was just kinda
like tip toeing around it. It is a gorgeous yellow, obviously
you guys see, it is YEL-LOW. I’m gonna take my finger real quickly
and show you guys the color. Whoo! It is a beautiful kind of like
medium to pale toned highlighter that just looks so gorgeous
on the cheeks. And there it is swatched. So let’s just put this right here
so you guys can see her in action. I’m gonna take it all
the way to the hairline and bring it right below
the blush and contour. And there is Summer Snow cone. Now of course, I will save this side
of my face for the second shade. This next one is called Crystal Ball.
It is a beautiful icy white, which kinda has like
a duo chrome effect to it, which is kind of like a hue
of like pink to purple. Let me show you.
Let me show you this finger. Alright you guys,
I’m just gonna dive in here. Ooh Girl, I’m like,
don’t play me. Now this one is, I’m just
gonna swatch it right here. It is really stunning. It has like this,
like shape-shifting effect. Alright, so I’m going to use this side of my face
and I’m going to swatch Crystal Ball. Alright cheek bones,
are we ready? I mean, good morning. Now it does have a really
nice pink hue to it and when it hits the light
I think it looks so stunning. Let’s also do a little bit on maybe
the tip of my nose. Whoo. And if you wanna be daring you could
always take another brush, dip in there, a clean brush, and add some highlighter
to your top lip, Girl. Yes. These are the two Skin Frosts. Of course, launching
with the entire collection. Now last but not least, let’s dive
into the Velour Lip Scrubs. This Summer I am launching
3 Velour Lip Scrubs. And they’re in brand new flavors
that I’ve never done before. Now if you are new to my channel or
have never used my Lip Scrubs before, they are infused with Aloe Vera,
they are also edible, they have Vitamin E in them,
and they leave your lips feeling just like soft pillows afterwards. And of course, like I said, you can
eat them, you can lick them. But please do not substitute
them for a meal. Let’s start off with introducing
the first flavor. This is Watermelon Gum. Now, in my current line, Strawberry Gum
is my number one top seller. So, I was like, you know what, how
do I make something as amazing? And I’m like, watermelon is like, oh, I mean,
last year the lipsticks smelled like watermelon. Now this Summer we have
the amazing Lip Scrub. Now of course, they come in these beautiful
chrome packages like everything else. And these ones, you guys, I’m just gonna be honest,
I’m gonna take a little out myself on my finger. Mmm, it is so good. If I didn’t have lipstick on I would
rub it all over my mouth right now. Now this literally, of course you
guys can’t smell or taste it yet, it literally is like bubble gum from
your childhood of just like, the ones that used to look
like little watermelons. If you don’t know
what that means, I don’t even know if they
make that anymore, it’s like very like 90’s,
early 2000’s. But this is so yummy. The second flavor is
Blue Raspberry Sucker. Now you guys know I am such
a sucker for candy and sweets and sugar and
I am obsessed with desserts. Now I love this sugar because
I made it a gorgeous like almost like it’s an icee
from a movie theater, blue. Oh my God, it’s like Sweet Tarts
in your mouth. It is so yummy.
I’m like, hmm, mmm, dessert is served.
And the third and last flavor is Orange Soda. I am such a lover of like orange soda
since I was a child. I love it. It definitely reminds me of Summer.
And of course, you guys know I had to do
the sugar all orange. Now I did use this a lot this week
so this one’s a little well used and, oh my God. So, in the lab I said, hey, I want this
to almost give you like that bubbly, fizzy feeling when you smell it, and it literally
feels like the bubbles of the soda are like hitting your nose when
you smell this one. Mmm. Thank you so much for watching
the Chrome Summer Collection Reveal. Now, let’s mark the calendars. Everything launches on June 24th
at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Of course, my offices and warehouses
are located in California so, if you do not know
your time zone, do a quick Google search and find out
when Pacific Standard Time is. But most of you by now know we
always launch at that exact time. Everything will be available individually. And of course, we have the LIPSTICK VAULT
with all 13 lipsticks. And then we have
a LIQUID LIP BUNDLE. That will all of course be discounted and if you forget any prices
or you want any info, everything will be in the description
box down below. I am so excited for you guys
to try this collection. To smell it, to taste it, to wear it. And I am just like, it’s just crazy because
I am on ear three of my brand and every time a launch happens
I just get so giddy like a little school girl. And this collection is
my biggest one to date. I am so proud of it and I hope you guys
love it just as much as I loved creating it. So of course, sound off
in the comment section below. What is your favorite shades? What’s your favorite
products from the line? And just let me know
your guys’ thoughts. Alright, thank you so much as always for
supporting me and being here on my channel. I will see you soon. Mwah! Bye guys.

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