The Dartmouth Organic Farm Gets a Picnic Pavilion

The Dartmouth Organic Farm Gets a Picnic Pavilion

So this has been probably about a year-and-a-half
in the works of planning (chuckles), for this structure, and it finally came together last month with the help of many students and with the help of Timber Homes, based in Vershire, Vermont. And they helped us
through the whole process of designing, siting it,
and kind of coming up with a structure that’s gonna
serve our purposes well. And so what we’re
looking at is a beautiful timber frame pavilion that we can use for a number of different
things out here- classes, for events,
for people who want to do pizza dinners or picnics, great outdoor classroom site, so hopefully we’ll throw
some tables under there and, for a party or a class, or whatever. It definitely was a learning experience for a lot of our students. They were really excited about learning the timber framing process, and I learned a ton too, it was great, because basically, Timber Homes came and they had cut all of the timbers, but we needed to assemble
everything on site basically. So we had students
helping with all of that, and they were learning how
to put pieces together, basic construction skills, how to assemble scaffolding, how to use a drill, how to, you know, a lot of these sort of basic things. About communication on a worksite, doing, just general site work. Like they did a lot of the grading and grass-seeding and everything, so I think it was a really good hands-on experience and I think we had maybe, fifteen students over the course of the weekend who came out to help and some were there
for the entire process, some just stopped in for a couple hours, but definitely drew in a lot of people and it’s a satisfying project, because you start with nothing and then at the end of the weekend, you’ve got a finished building. And it was really quite nice.

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