The DEEPEST Street Food Tour of China – RARE Chinese Street Food Tour of Kaifeng, China!!!

The DEEPEST Street Food Tour of China – RARE Chinese Street Food Tour of Kaifeng, China!!!

100 thoughts on “The DEEPEST Street Food Tour of China – RARE Chinese Street Food Tour of Kaifeng, China!!!

  1. Make sure to click the bell button guys! It will help you get notified whenever we publish a new street food tour like this! I hope you enjoy the video! Please watch until the end, there are some INCREDIBLE street foods from Kaifeng in this video!

  2. i love hula tang as a kid. the best is to mix it together with soft tofu, so its not too peppery and its a great balance. i'm from Zhengzhou and usually the food stalls where we come from will sell the two together. Alot of people will ask for half doufuniao/soft tofu (direct translation: tofu brain) and half hulatang

  3. 中国人都很热情好客!他给你免费因为你从遥远的国家来品尝他的厨艺并认同他的厨艺。他把你当成朋友!

  4. In the world, where ever you go Muslim people are the best in hospitality. Cause in Islam being hospitable is one of the important things to whoever you are. Isn't that so great?

  5. So jealous and happy for you!! I would love nothing more to travel like this….sadly I don't even know where to start. None the less keep up the good work sir I watch pretty much every video you upload. Looks amazing to actually visit and see it first hand…the culture and food…..just amazing

  6. Mantou is kinda just like staple food. It's meant to go with other dishes. Northern Chinese people like those Mantou, noodles, while the southern people prefer rice.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this, all of these foods lookabsolutely delicious and the people are so friendly.. but then I guess it helps that you speak the language. Thank you.

  8. Really your carisma and the respect for this people get you free food, not to mention speaking the language people love you even more 👍

  9. I think you need to hold off on some of the UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM… But hey that's just me..¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I think even the new age locals see it as unnecessary and kind of childish.. I know that's one culture to say UMM/slurp a soup.. But you kinda go overboard and it seems a bit cringy tbh.. You literally make eye contact without doubt, in every mid UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and their like… "Yea.. Okayyy.." (¬_¬ )

  10. The Huoshao seem to be really similar to a semi-regional food called a Bierock here in Kansas. Brought over from Europe by the Mennonite community in the 1800's. The major difference is it isn't fried prior to baking and it has a mixture of beef, cabbage, and a few other ingredients depending on who makes it.

  11. Mantou has a special place in my heart because of its prominence in a game I played set in Ancient china called Age of Wushu/9 Yin. The game had a hunger system and, especially early on in its release, the method for fixing this was primarily Mantou. It's funny how a game helped kindle my interest in Chinese cuisine.

  12. When I feel the urge to eat something exotic and it's late at night and I'm thousands of miles away from my dream dish, I watch ANY of your shows while eating a bowl of salad and then I'm good.

  13. Man, Trevor got too many free deals in his tour of China. From the free pork in a market, to several free or cheaper food in China. Noodles and Dumplings are free.

  14. Whenever Trevor is comp'd with free meal, he should still insist on paying and pay, no other questions asked. Street food vendors do not make much money compared to the West. For them to comp, it is out of generosity. If vendor says meal is free, Trevor's response should be "thank you, but pls accept my money. I want to pay for this delicious meal and pay". Instead, Trevor's typical response is "really?" We do not say this in Chinese. Instead, he should say "bu hao yi si" and pay.

  15. I tell everyone WHY owner do not charge Trevor. Because Trevor keep saying 太好吃啦(too delicious). with a genuine big smile. The owner feels he owe Trevor's appreciation. Then the owner say 走走走…. means just leave.

  16. Food Ranger keeps saying how locals in X place (China, India, Iran, Mexico) are sooooo friendly. But to me, they all seem normal. I suppose this means the folks in his hometown or country are jerks.

  17. ' You don't have this in Cabada'… daidcthe vendor.
    ' No Canada doesn't have this ….' Trevor.

    I've seen such exchanges before.
    Trevor simply deepened the Chinese misconception.
    Big Chinese community in a North American community since 1849. Chinese immigrants overtime brought so much over.

  18. Foe sure Canada has (肉夹馍) now. And with variety and level of flavour depending on location. It's been a while since you have been back?

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