The-Dream Reacts To New Female R&B Singers (Summer Walker, DaniLeigh, Ann Marie) | The Cosign

The-Dream Reacts To New Female R&B Singers (Summer Walker, DaniLeigh, Ann Marie) | The Cosign

Yo what’s up? This is The-Dream, you know what it is. I’m right here at Genius and I’m about to get into The Cosign and I’m
gonna see if I rock with these new women singers for the next generation. First thing I do when I get a request from Beyoncé or somebody in that
likelihood which is kind of just her in her own world, I just kind of base it on the
message she’s trying to put out into the universe at whatever point of time it is
in her life. It just really depends on the read and the read from me is just
basically where that person is in their life at this point. I think with R&B, the
part that holds it together is human to human contact and relationships, ups and
downs, and the world…what what the world is going through. The times make
R&B what R&B is. There are a lot of great, great girls on the way in you know
that will probably be here for the next 15 years. So yeah I’m pretty excited about
it. Oh, this is dope. Yeah I love the vocals. The vocals remind me of Total. I like the little
kids in there dancing. You got the kids dancing! Yeah the vocal tone that kind of
reminds me of that space where Total was in which is what I loved about them,
is real simple and melodic. It’s just raw talent. It’s pretty dope. Nice clean video. Just out in the park, hanging out. This looks fun. I mean this space is a lot of spaces. It’s India. It’s Lauryn, of course. Definitely that early 2000s vibe. Beautiful. Beautiful. Very confident. She reminds me of the space where trees are. Where it’s just
like they just grow into that space. You can miss like the beauty of it if you’re
not paying any attention. Yeah that’s what that is. Yeah this is one of my favorite records. Love. I need to do like about nine albums with her. Yes! This is more of my life right here,
is this part of growing up. And of course it’s Atlanta. Of course. Got that 5.0
Mustang in there, shawty? Come on man! Nostalgia at its best. It’s not really
like she’s breaking the rules but she’s so hood elegant. She’s her own machine
easily I think she’s so much bigger than this video, that my mind is like imploding. Sounds like the song is hot and
then somebody said “okay let’s shoot something to this song.” But it’s bigger than that. You know the song is the song. It’s really
catchy. But I think she’s like way bigger than what what this video is. I saw that
in the first 20 seconds. It isn’t about improving. I’m quite sure
she loves it and I love it. If you love it I love it. It’s just more so me having
a bigger idea of somebody then than, not themselves, because I’m sure she’s like
“yo give me the world!” it’s just trying to make sure that your
team or who you’re operating with understands you know like your plight
and where you could really go. It sounds really good. There’s that breakbeat again. Got that SWV vibe going on. I feel like doing the wop and shit. I feel like doing my Puffy shit! Oh! Oh! Take that! I’m anxious to see where she goes from is from this space. What happens
with us writers is we have a lot of different lanes we can choose to go down,
and it’s whether we can compartmentalize them to stay in a certain place to
deliver you that thing that you need and fix in that space. Or
we go all the way over and we lose you know the thing we started out with. So hopefully she has another breakbeat coming after this one. I already like this. Look at that. Coming in slow on the palm trees right there. Damnnn B! She’s like downplaying her vocals like to the point where I’m mad. Like, sometimes it’s great to play in these melodies, these melodic spaces, but then
is there’s a time and place where you separate from you know from your
counterparts, if you can. If you have and possess the talent. Yeah I would have loved to
hear that B section and hook kind of go up and give me a lift and like let me
hear the next tone up. Versus it just staying like in that monotone stagnant
place so I could tell her tell ends of her vocals that she knows exactly how to
control it. I can’t place her tone towards anybody I definitely can tell
that she can probably sing her ass off. To be honest out of the
six, She probably has that bigger place you know to go to outside of just
R&B where it just becomes a phenomenon in a different spectrum. So today I’m here at The Cosign and I’m gonna cosign Summer Walker. Represent ATL,
Georgia. What grabbed my attention about Summer Walker, I guess more so, is the automatic future nostalgia of who she is. It’s almost like you could put
her five years out already and come back to this moment and you can see it you
know happening. She seems the most confident and comfortable in that space
and so that’s my cosign. I think they have bright futures if they want them
to be bright. I just need them all to push the envelope and I think we’re just
waiting on that next best thing.

100 thoughts on “The-Dream Reacts To New Female R&B Singers (Summer Walker, DaniLeigh, Ann Marie) | The Cosign

  1. I can’t really get into Dani. Like the video with CB , I thought they was gonna into some real moves but nah

  2. Am I the only one who doesn't see the appeal in Summer Walker. She's good but this song they played isnt good.

  3. Once they get rolling they have to catch up to Jhené Aiko, SZA, Kali Uchis, Doja Cat, Ari Lennox, and Syd, who have huuuge head starts in front of these girls. 1 or 2 songs, hell even an album or EP ain't gonna cut it. I have to see more.

  4. I really like the way he critique each artist. You can tell that he has experience in the entertainment industry.

  5. I have never ever heard of any of these girls or the songs and I’m 33. First off the dream tripping when he said the first girl have a TOTAL vibe…. everyone sounds the same basically …. I liked the girl KAIIT and the girl AMBER they were the best to me

  6. Fuck outta here man Kaiit better then all of them your wrong your cosign ain't shit compared to the queen of Australia dummy she signed by Jill Scott and Erykah Badu

  7. I wish women understood that you can like more than one at a time. The dream did good but the girls in these comments just 🙄 and other social platforms y’all act like only one female can be dope ……. do better

  8. I didn't think Ann Marie style was similar to the group Total in any way, Ann Marie similar to other artist whose names slip me at the moment but not Total

  9. I bout fell out my chair!! I had to try so hard to keep my composure sitting at this desk! -she reminds me of a space where tress are 🤣🤣 she reminds him of a forest

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  11. I definitely cosign Amber Mark and Kaiit!! The whisper singers kind of get old after a while. I didn't see some of these singers as R&b singers tho…

  12. Whomever doesnt know The Dream sleeping and stupid af. cus he wrote half them tracks yall bopping too 😑🤬. Hes also the Falsetto King!!!!!❤❤❤❤💕💕✌🏾

  13. I really like how the Dream positively talks about all of them. at least for me it was a tough choice, all of candidates were really great!

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