100 thoughts on “The-Dream – Summer Body ft. Fabolous

  1. Don't even care that it's past summertime. I'll be blasting this in my warm sweaters and booties. ??? I like this song and I can't wait to see what else is coming!!!!

  2. The song is mediocre the radio killer thing is dead… Makes it sound dated AF he need to reinvent himself all the way

  3. He can do alot better..
    I have all his shit and even shit ppl never heard….but this shit sounds like sum party when your rich type shit

  4. I like the girl in the orange jacket ….she just having fun! I am proud of Dream for having black woman in his videos. Know that shit rare nowadays

  5. Ha, summer comes every year. Just like a hit from my boy. …… free ya mind in the summertime. Original music never gets old, just like gold. Shine it up and you'll never know.
    Good music is like a good woman, you can listen to her all day and never get a headache.

  6. He should have put the music he wrote for gugu. Beyond the lights movie on radio that to me was some of his best work…Masterpiece and private property songs..

  7. Girl your body's on tip right now
    Because you're no simp right now
    I won't let them take the temperature down (down).

    That was my Favorite verse line.

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