The eBike Cycle Tourists

The eBike Cycle Tourists

Basically when I met Garry,
or married Garry 6 years ago, he said “Stick with me baby and we’ll go places”, and that’s all we’ve ever done is moved
and travelled and had a very exciting time. Up to today we’ve cycled 24,350 km Just about spot on 75 km a day 13 countries Collectively we call ourselves the eBike Cycle Tourists We were in Bangkok Rachel had taken
a job at an international school but she got very sick Rachel came home one night not well
and pretty stressed with her work and I said come and sit on the balcony,
I’ve got something I want to put to you I said why don’t we throw everything in,
you quit your job we go home, sell our house and
we go and do cycle touring on eBikes the salmonella was from food poisoning originally,
but I got a secondary blood infection which created acute reactive arthritis which meant slowly every joint in my body
started to feel like nerve pain i felt like somebody had severed my arms and legs
and just left me there to die the pain was so excruciating I couldn’t even walk
I couldn’t put weight on my feet ..I honestly thought she would say
you’ve got to be joking, that’s not on! but she didn’t, she just said “Yep, let’s do it!” it’s just been life changing Initially when I said yes, I physically didn’t think
I would be be capable but I said yes anyway so then I had to start thinking
about my physical fitness I knew we could never do it on a normal
touring bike, like I’ve done in the past It’s just too physically demanding
but an eBike is perfect you know it allows you to go anywhere We both love cycling together, it’s something
we’ve done before on regular mountain bikes it was just amazing how I started to feel fitter
just from the bit of cycling I did and four months later during the trip
I was getting stronger every day just by cycling so there were no more painkillers,
there was just exercise so we genuinely believe that
eBike cycling is the elixir of life! Being a journalist I’m a keen researcher,
I’ve always prided myself on my research and I researched I think every eBike model and all roads in the end led to Haibike. We always start in “Eco” because we don’t know
how long the battery is going to last or what terrain is around the corner and then by lunchtime when we see
how far we’ve got then we look at the maps and decide where our goal might be
and if it’s a short distance we change batteries we take it a bit easier and put it
into “sport” or “turbo”, or “tour” our life has changed in a way
that we are a lot more free we don’t miss any of our possessions
that we put into the container we have a very simple life and it’s very easy going. Knowing where to charge the batteries
we thought would be an issue but it hasn’t been has it, not at all our biggest ongoing problem is getting lost! at times we say we spend our lives lost when you are lost, you stop and talk to people,
you meet people, they help you it’s all part of the experience we’ve met some amazing people
along the way, so generous the biggest surprise of the trip or the most
enjoyable has been the people we’ve met the biggest lesson we have learned
is when things go wrong, don’t panic every time without fail things worked out.
We’ve just learnt to go with the flow. Physically I feel the best I’ve ever felt,
I used to get out of bed with a sore back and now I just jump out of bed and get ready it’s sort of become a routine now and it’s very easy I look forward to bed, it’s so cosy in our little tent I like a firm bed anyway, and camping is a firm bed, we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go I’m quite glad we’ve got eBikes because
that way we need power, so we need civilisation too! our future plans are to keep cycling,
we just feel so fit and vital at the moment we are trying to look at a way
we can continue to do this we want to incorporate cycling in our life basically eBikes really are a vehicle for people to embrace life doesn’t matter what age you are,
as long as you can get on that seat and turn the pedals an eBike allows you to be mobile We don’t feel like we are doing anything
really amazing but it’s so nice when people tell us that we’ve inspired them, that we are an inspiration especially selling your house, that’s the biggest
thing a lot of people can’t imagine just selling your house and up and going somewhere the eBikes we are riding are pedal assist,
the Haibike Trekking XDURO so if you don’t pedal nothing happens. Many times we’ve had people who have been
interested in what we are doing We say: Have you ridden an eBike?
No! – You want a go? – Ah yea, ok! they get on the bike, they go 100m and they come back, and the smile on their face is just amazing,
you know that eBike smile is.. just infectious! If we hadn’t discovered eBikes there’s no way I would
have been interested in a long distance cycle tour you can go for a few days, a week, years, it is doable,
the technology is there and it’s
an amazing way to travel I think one other thing about travel at the moment
is so many people just watch the news and look at the doom and gloom and they are
too scared to go anywhere because they think there are terrorists and there is this
and that and it’s really very liberating to be in all these different countries
and there are so many nice people everywhere you get a different outlook on life
and like our parents might be watching the news over and over again and think where
we are is very unsafe but we are on cycle paths which are internationally
known and we haven’t seen anything nothing bad at all. We know it’s there
but there is more good than bad in the world you just meet amazing like minded people
who are also out there doing it so that’s really warming to think there are
so many good people on the planet and not dwell on all the bad things that are going on. We’ve said many times that we are two ordinary
Ozzies who refuse to live an ordinary life.

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  1. Great video–very inspiring! I'm a 62 year-old ex-roadie who discovered e-biking in 1999 when the hills got to be too much. I've now ridden a Tidalforce 750SX for ten years for sport and exercise–it never gets old!

  2. Really fabulous. I have cycled for years and bought an E -Bike back in 2011 the best purchasing decision i ever made

  3. Try looking into the Burley Travoy system. This may be lighter weight and work out for your carrying load better onto the bike.

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