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  1. Very, VERY cool~~first i've seen #2~~i remember "66 and the first one~~i was 14 and into snow, but caught this and yearned to surf also~~never did the board thing, but body surfin ended up to be my summer thang~~just one fin and some good surf is all it took~~thx for the post, ehya

  2. My dad started surfing after watching the first Endless Summer movie in 1973. When the second one came out in 1993, he brought my brother and I to the theater. We both started surfing the very next day. Couldn't thank you enough Bruce Brown! Rest in peace, Sir.

  3. don’t watch this unless you’ve watched endless summer 1. Together they r the best surfing movies ever

  4. A pure masterpiece, It had me smiling during the whole film and such great vibes, thanks to all that produced and made this great film…..Cheers and keep on surfing 🙂

  5. Too bad I never pursued surfing when I was young. No beaches where I live. But I sure like watching it done right!

  6. Does anybody know what the story is behind the "guy with the seaplane" at 25:00. He totally destroys his plane. I'm assuming it was a gag, but curious if there is a story behind it.

  7. This film helps make sense of why the original is so timeless and why this one isn't. You have two films with the exact same idea and one captures the imagination and is truly inspiring, while the other is your typical surf flick. The original film is a surf adventure from a bygone age and it shows an unpopulated world to be explored as well as an inviting world where two young boys can head out to exotic and tropical lands to find perfect waves. It also portrays a time when tourism and the population in general hadn't reached the epic proportions it does today, hence the (manufactured) scene where Hyson, August and Tarance of Arabia pass the scorching desert and reach over the bluff to find the perfect wave has been edited to show the boys standing on the bluff looking at "luxury" houses. Both scenes are manufactured, although one is inspiring and the other ……..isn't. In a lot of his comments the newer film seems to reveal Bruce Brown's own frustration with the loss of the world he experienced during the first film. The original film is still inspiring because the idea still exists.

  8. When I’m feeling down and depressed, like right now, this seems to be the only thing that helps me smile a little bit more. Thank you, Bruce, and Sur Fox for posting.

  9. I remember when this movie came out when i was a grom. I come from a small coastal town in Northern NSW Australia (they actually visit it in this film). The local town hall played it on a large projector screen for all the groms and surfers to watch. Simple times but full of stoke!

  10. Great movie
    Living in PuertoRico we would watch this and hit the beach!!? UP!!
    Watch LA BRUJA good surf movie!!

  11. I remember when I was in school (1960's), we had been surfing a few years and all these surfing movies started coming out. We saw every one of them. Then The Endless Summer was published and everybody went crazy over this movie and the part about Cape St. Francis. They still charge to see it. ES II is very good, but nothing will ever match The Endless Summer. Bruce Brown was a genius.

  12. Most people don’t know the “pilot of the plane” is actually Bruce Brown doing a cameo and the crash was actually real lol but not by Bruce. The real pilot actually over corrected and just missed some power lines and crashed. It took them a year to get it off that creek lol but theeeeey got it

  13. Something about this film I’ve seen for years that makes you feel pretty good to be living next to the ocean, SD California!

  14. I’m one of those crazy people who (slightly) prefer The Endless Summer II to the classic original. It feels like we go more places in this one, and you get a better sense of the personalities of our two surfers, Pat and Wingnut, compared to Mike and Robert in the first. More humor, more incredible sights and I think it was smart to follow a longboarder and a shortboarder, so get a mix of the classic way and the modern.

  15. Good, but not like the first. I remember going to a movie theatre in about 1966 and seeing it. Incredible. Especially Cape St. Francis.

  16. 3:00 am experiencing some horrible PAIN! Endless summer take my brain away from pain!!! Awwww relaxing now…. Thanks…

  17. I pled for Endless Summer 3 in the year of 2024. That is 30 years after Endless Summer 2 and 60 years after Endless Summer 1.

  18. Excellent feel good movie! I remember seeing it in the theatre. I purposely sat in the front row to 'take it all in"! Just love it. thank you

  19. endless summer 2 has 1 mil views and the first one only has 47k. how do you watch the second one but not the first!?

  20. Please help me! Does anyone know what's the name of the delightful Latin played on guitar at 26.00 mn ??? I'm dying with envy.

  21. Im not a fighting man but those guys on that beginning big wave segment that are dropping in on each other need to be punched in the head

  22. What is the name of the song when Tom Curren is surfing? It should be his song but I am not sure. Anyone who knows the name?

    It is awesome.

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