The Family Holiday – Foil Arms and Hog

The Family Holiday – Foil Arms and Hog

Finally, a nice relaxing family holiday It’s Au revoir Dublin, Bonjour Bordeaux Before we go
Darren have you been to the toilet? Yeah Well we all know what your bladder is like Now, I have a cassette for the journey. Ugh, not again Dad No don’t worry, this year we’ve a choice between Bon Jovi and Simply Red Now, we need to make a list of all the people we have to bring presents back for Your mother, the Neylands the girls in work, the woman who does my hair, the man who fix the boiler and all 274 members of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association Mary we don’t have to buy presents for all those people Well then how would they know we’ve been away We only have 5 days there and 2 of them are travelling so when we get there, we really need to hit the ground running Drop the bags and it’s straight to the heritage museum for an exhibition of medieval farming methods Then it’s over to St. Benedict’s church to see a beautiful stained-glass window of St. John the Baptist’s head I also have tickets to a play that evening in a Roman Amphitheatre We’ll need to read the play first though, because well the whole thing is in Greek When do we get to go to the pool? Oh yes, there we go
There’s your togs for the pool. What? I told you to get me shorts Mom, I’m not wearing these Ah now Darren, if you’re worried that you’ll stick out like a sore thumb you needn’t be because I’ve got the same pair, alright? Have you got a ticket to the Ferry? I thought we were flying? Your father wants to fill up the car with wine Last year I got 6 bottles under the chassis and one in the tailpipe But it’s an 18 hour drive Don’t worry, this Renault hasn’t let me down since 1982 Also I just remembered. I took out 7000 in cash for the holiday What? Now Darren you can’t be taking the money out over they’ll rob you blind with the bank charges But what if we get actually robbed, by a robber? Don’t worry, it’ll be safe in your father’s money belt. They’d have to get past the belly first, eh Yeah, BO Well, have you got the maps? I thought we’re using SatNav No This map hasn’t let me down since 1972 alright It still has Yugoslavia in it Vive La France
Here we come boys Hey we’re Foil, Arms & Hog Thanks a million for watching we got a new video every Thursday Ehh
DoomDah Don’t force it I’m not forcing the thing Mary Use the choke They know how to make a croissant, but they don’t know how to make a car, do they

100 thoughts on “The Family Holiday – Foil Arms and Hog

  1. You boys are gas! To anyone watching who hasn't seen them live, the lads are, if possible, even funnier. Longer and more complex sketches and getting the crowd involved, the lads make it look easy!

  2. Haha I'm actually French (from Paris) and i loooove watching your videos so Yes guys let's come in france, bonjour la frrrance! hahaha

  3. Do you guys know that your group has a huge following in India too btw? i think the Brexit video did it because everyone i know went crazy sharing it here. Maybe someday we see Foil Arms and Hog in India? 🙂

  4. I think my life would be made if yous did a sketch based on John and Mary from Father Ted 😀 A comedy tribute for the ages!! ❤

  5. It still has Yugoslavia in it. I loled on this one.
    I am from Montengero,in elementary school,we had old geography map books of Europe,and we would always say: Ahh how old is this one,it still has Yugoslavia in it. Awesome

  6. My dad once insisted on 'picking up a few bottles of wine' before heading back on the ferry from France..which turned out to be 100 bottles exactly, and causing us to be 2nd last in the boat!

  7. My parents have never been so exacting in their plans. This mother seems like she works for a travel agency.
    Come to Austin, TX! I don't think I'll be having a chance to come see you guys in Ireland or England. It's a little far away.

  8. 1: will Foil reply
    3 I skipped 2
    4:your checking
    6:great video
    7:I skipped 5
    8: your checking
    9:you hate me
    20: this is ment to be ten points check the number of this point.

  9. Moneybelt hahahaha. I can so relate to dat~~ My landlord recommended me to take one every time I went for a journey.

  10. ALWAYS the funniest videos on the web. Nice touch with the harmonies on dum-dah, too ? (of course I noticed!)

  11. As a child of Portuguese immigrants (in Switzerland), this was strangely super relatable to trips back to Portugal!!

  12. I came across you guys on Facebook and now I can't stop watching your videos! You guys are hysterical! Cheers from the USA ?

  13. You need to do a skit on your parent trying to help with Oral Exams e.g. French, German, Irish etc. They're always useless xD

  14. Can you guys come tour in Australia? If you start driving now, you'll be here by the end of the year and you can take some vegemite back in the chassis.

  15. Saw you guys at the Everyman a few weeks ago. May have fallen in love with one of you after the show. No lie. Can't wait for next week's skit! 🙂

  16. are all of your videos only a few minutes long? i could honestly watch a whole movie/tv show written by you guys!! your videos always cheer me up on a shitty day!! so thank you <3

  17. Just booked my tickets to see you guys in Edinburgh, so I'll see you guys on 24th August. I'm really looking forward to it. And this video is basically exactly how things went when I used to go on holiday with my grandparents, except instead of Bon Jovi and Simply Red, it was Foster and Allen and Jim Reeves. And most of the trip was spent with no one talking to each other after my grandma started back seat driving and someone ate the last cheese sandwich.

  18. the only problem we ever had was my father forgetting something or other and getting into the car 10 min later then the rest

  19. Still got Yugoslavia in it….LOL im from former Yugoslavia now Serbia ahhaha that shit was funny 🙂

  20. "It still has Yugoslavia on it!" – class! My Dad has an AA map-book c. 1982 – Karl Marx Stadt anyone?

  21. I went to one of your shows in Edinburgh The on the 8/8/18. And before that I had know idea who you where, but after the show you became my worlds favourite actors.

    Ps: I bought one of your T-Shirts

  22. "How would they know we've been away?"
    That's why you bring presents back from your vacation 😀

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