[This video is suitable for all
ages] [Run, BIGBANG Scout] [Episode 1. The establishment of
(feat. 10th anniversary)] [One fine day in front of the YG
Building] [BIGBANG, V.I.P is waiting for
you] Hi [Bow] [BIGBANG meets up in the front
yard] It took forever for us to
get together, with our busy
schedules [Oh!] Looks like you’ve been working
hard Look at these badges
[SEUNGRI, the man with badges] Wow, that’s insane [LOL] Over the top What’s this?
[What got Daesung’s attention?] [360-degree VR camera for
BIGBANG] This is amazing
[Daesung and Taeyang excited
about the VR camera] I wasn’t expecting a camera like
this This is what 10 years
of work gets you Where’s my camera? I haven’t been on anything like
BIGBANG’s Entertainment Show in
a long time I’ve been abroad for too long [The big brother completes
BIGBANG] What are we doing today? Do you have any idea? I do. [OK, OK] Let’s begin the show
[Gather together anyway] Let’s go One, two, three [Clap!] [*whistling] BIGBANG Scout, forward [He’s embarrassing us] [Giggle] [ Daesung and Taeyang tease the
youngest] Stop One, two Bow to the V.I.P fans [Why must you embarrass us…] [I can do this for you] [Firm] BIGBANG, do you know why we’re
here today?
[Why did BIGBANG get together?] Kid T.O.P
[Glance] Kid T.O.P
Do you know why we’re here
today? Kid?
[Punishment] I’m the captain
[Brother, I’m the captain!] [I see, I see] I don’t know. You asked me to
come here
[The big brother has no info] Kid Taeyang! What do you think? I think there’s something up
But I don’t know what it is Kid Daesung, what’s your
opinion? I heard we’re going camping I’ll tell you why we’re here
[Why all BIGBANG members are
here!] BIGBANG has been working a lot
[working overseas with no break] so we couldn’t plan
much for our fans
[Not enough events for fans] Today, we’re here just for our
fans to show our fans what
BIGBANG is really about
[A day for sincerity… and
mischief] in everyday life, naturally Let’s start the BIGBANG Scout’s
campfire celebrating the 10th anniversary
[Campfire for 10th
anniversary(?)] A campfire? Really?
[Super-curious] In the evening
[You’ll do that in the
evening…] What’s with the boy scout garb?
[Complaints from everywhere] Look at those hairy legs Grandma socks.
How could you be seen in those
[Grandma socks..?] [Grandma socks style]
– No, I’m…
– Your legs are seriously hairy Stop checking out my legs [Like the Amazon Jungle] – Is that a hair implant?
– No, it isn’t How is this possible? Everyone, did you join the Boy
Scouts? or something like that in
school? – Daesung, did you…
– I did not They do things on Sundays
[Young Daesung is busy on
Sundays] My mom doesn’t let me
out of the house on Sundays Church for me every Sunday Jiyong, what about you? No. I was studying
[Me too] You’ve been in the YG Building
all your lives None of you have any experience
[Young GD has been living in YG
all his life] Except for me. I was a member of
KOYA I know, I know I was a member of KOYA
[The only BIGBANG member
who was a Boy Scout] I camped out in a tent with
friends and ate ramen
[Memory of friends in a tent] This is the right uniform.
[BIGBANG’s costume theme: Boy
Scout Camping] Daesung looks more like the
sheriff I think he’s got a gun
[Let’s see] I feel safer already – Watch out!
– He’s a two gun sheriff Anyway, we’re here together
[All members together after a
long time] and with our fans watching… What’s today’s schedule? We’re going to a campground and talk about what we’ve been
up to
[BIGBANG’s picnic at a
campground] We’ll cook good food, have some
[Dinner party and quality time] OK, everyone We prepared something for you
[Just a second] [Something mysterious for
BIGBANG] [What’s that?] What’s that?
[Trying to uncover it] [Startled] [What startled Daesung?] It’s a monster bug! [I’m a monster bug!! You scared
Daesung!] Why are you giving us a monster
[Whining] Let’s see what the staff
prepared for us
[What did the staff prepare?
(no, it’s not an ugly bug)] Open it What’s this? Ah, this is “Hope you come
early” What’s this?
[Confused] I knew it What’s this? The order in which you arrived
at the hair salon today [3 hours before shooting, “M”
Hair Shop] [The appointment was at 8 this
morning] [Who’s the earliest bird?] [“BIGBANG, Please Come Early”
START] [A car appears immediately after
the prank begins] [Who’s the earliest bird?] [Cool dude in black, ripped
jeans on his way in] [Can you guess who he is?] [Don’t you just want to
give him a big hug] [Today’s No. 1 model student
Kang, Daesung] – Good morning
– Good morning [Always the epitome of
diligence] [08:01 AM, Daesung arrived] Let me know if you’re cold I’m cold! [“Please Come Early” No. 1
Daesung] [LOL] My father was always
strict when I was a kid I was taught to always be
punctual so, when I stick to
my morning schedule I feel so good To be honest, was the last one to appear
for 7 years [No one showed up for the next
20 minutes] [The second member is?] [His aura turns an ordinary
into a fashion show runway] [The member who’s
always last shows up second] I never expected him to come
early Unbelievable that he was the
second to arrive The rising star is Seungri Their competition to be last
[What time did Seungri show up
today?] [AM 08:24 T.O.P arrived] [I’m here~] [This is unreal] [Another car in the parking lot] [G-Dragon, Seungri, and
Taeyang are still not here] [Cool guy in shorts] [So, who’s this guy?] [Who can it be?] [It’s Taeyang] [ Taeyang was third, not bad] [08:33 Taeyang arrived] – Good morning
– Good morning
[Say hello to the staff] [Is T.O.P here?] [Time goes on] [30 minutes since the
BIGBANG Hidden Camera Prank
began] [No one shows up…] [Time passes The staff is
getting anxious] [Finally!] [The youngest Seungri
arrived in double denim style] [The morning cowboy!!!] [08:46 and Seungri is here] [Right after Seungri, G-Dragon
comes in last] [After No 1., who was prepared] I’m not late. The managers gave me to the last appointment
[Excuses] If I came any earlier, there wouldn’t be enough room
for all of us I was being efficient [The surprising result
of the Hidden Camera Prank] This is actually… Why did I come so early today?
[Surprised at himself] You tell me. You’re full of
[I was shocked] When we make a bet, we come early
[Too bad, the result would
have been different if it were a
bet] I thought T.O.P would be the
last, as always This dude is a real problem The youngest was late Actually, you know, I’m always
first – Really?
– Since when?
[Untruthful] Don’t know why, but today was
the exception
[My way] It’s been 10 years since we
started BIGBANG so the youngest comes the latest We always wait for him for hours
[They start their day waiting
for the youngest] No way. Hours?
[Don’t get me wrong, please] G-Dragon was an inch behind A minute behind Jiyong and I are always together We take similar routes
[What?] You two live in different places
You can’t take similar routes You live miles apart What’s this for? Anything for
the first?
[What is this Hidden Camera
Prank for?] It’s me It’s a grocery shopping mission
[Grocery Shopping Mission] Pick one member to go
with you to the supermarket and get stuff for dinner Lunch is provided by the staff So it’s for dinner Are we using our own credit
cards? I have a Black Card. Buy
anything with it!
[Swag Swag] When do we go shopping? Pick someone now He picks anyone now? It means everything is on
[Shopping, payment, everything
on his own] The financier We choose the menu, you pay [I choose you!] [It’s you] Who else? I choose you
[Cool] – Then I’ll prepare dinner
– Nyongtory? Nyongtory Nyongtory cross! I have a Black Card,
so get what you want with it.
[Swagger, Swagger] What’s that?
[The youngest’s cuteness makes
members let’s go to the campground and
have fun
[BIGBANG Scout leaves for the
campground] How do we get there? We just do the jump thing
[The usual place-changing move,
jump] – It’s time to teleport
– Best way to travel
[Excited] We just jump and we’ll
be at the campground
[Entertainment Show experts] but they don’t film us in the
car – Jump here and…
– We should jump
[We’ll film you anyway…] Otherwise, we’ll never get rid
of them Jump here and then the closing! Jump to tomorrow! Closing now! Let’s go to the next place
[What’s wrong with you] We get to the next place with a
[BIGBANG insists on doing
teleportation] OK, BIGBANG Scout. It’s messed up One more time. It takes two
[What a mess] Whistle, whistle, jump?
[Show us your 10 years of
harmony!] My ears hurt. Not so loud
[Chaotic] [Can we finish this today?] Let’s move to the next place
[Finally, to the next place] BIGBANG Scout! Nice
[Let’s just say they teleported] [To the grocery and the
campground] [Asasasasa] Long time no see, van
[ Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P to the
campground] It’s been a while [How do I look?] [They’re as excited as kids
going to the campground] [V] [Excitement] [Nyongtory, let’s go, Rock and
Roll!] [Run, BIGBANG Scout! Here, we
begin] [On the way to camping] [What’s waiting for BIGBANG?] We don’t have much
time to relax and hang out We don’t have a lot of time to
enjoy a place with clear air
and beautiful scenery I’m glad we’re getting together
here [BIGBANG Scout is getting
excited] [On a winding mountain road] [Welcome] [Arrival at the campground
for the 10th anniversary] [Next episode] Have we ever shopped
together like this before? The market is here G-Dragon is on the main screen Did you get the right groceries? Green onions? What’s this sauce? Did you get corn? This is It’s been long time
since I ate home cooking I can’t remember what it’s like This chicken is incredible My mom doesn’t know
how to cook this kind of food This would be fermented stingray
if it were Daesung’s mother’s

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