The Gear You Need for the Ultimate Car Camping Setup | Outside

The Gear You Need for the Ultimate Car Camping Setup | Outside

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  1. If the axe is so sharp, why don't you guys place the thing on flat surface and put it back in it's sheath. And not hide it a corner propped up ready to cut someones feet.

  2. sorry all the neg comments. to me ide like some of that stuff if I wasn't disabled and could afford it. like the awning the bumper hitch arm table what ever bike rack thing ide really love that but ide never afford it. the frig and gen. I'm out 2 to 3 days cause I run a non profit kids fishing group and we give rods reels baits I gather fix clean thru the school year and 12 weekends of summer we give to I'm praying 100 kids this summer if we get more stuff right now I'm hold way in baits and got about 20 kids set for rod and Reels. praying I sell my nascar collection to buy the rest. but I wrecked my truck the ball joint broke so have to find a way to fix that first. but that little pizza cooler that's cool. the hammock nice I can sleep on the ground 3 knee surgeries and my lower 4 of out 5 disc are deteriorated so I can't walk good or more then 20 to 30 ft before I need to set and to get in the ground and get up. yea no not me and that's sad. I'm 45 this year and Dr said got a year left to walk need to loose weight and pray the Artritis stopps spredding so fast and deterating my disc and the can't remember the name but eating at my legs and both feet making it hard to stand and walk. but good review yea been nice to get links for everything. if you could help with the names of the ideams I talked about and it would help. or let me get a good deal on the ones y'all ain't useing no more. god bless.

  3. With Thousands, and Thousand of Dollars of Gear, and supplies, is it still camping ? I take that back, A hundred thousand dollars worth of gear. Did you bring your mom, in case you have a boo boo ? This is a bunch of Bullshit. You appear to be a bunch of spoiled brats. What is camping ? This is not camping. You are a bunch of spoiled little brats. I bet your parents were worried that you were away from home for two hours. How many texts did you send mom, so she wouldn't worry ? Go get a real life. Stupid, maybe you should watch some camping videos, see what camping is.

  4. Some interesting gear here – the Stanley french press especially – but the best are the comments found below that are just dripping with infantile jealousy, narcissism and prejudice… truly delightful.

  5. I gotta admit, I have some of this stuff in my car camping rig… well cheaper/smaller/ more practical versions. Everyone is talking poorly about having all this gear, but it makes life more comfy. I guess it just depends on how long your "car camping" for and how uncomfortable your willing to be. Ive been car camping for about a year as I make my way through Central America and I wouldn't mind some more comforts 🙂

  6. Nice video! thanks for sharing all the cool gear. Yes some of it is a little much…(generator) but cool to see all the options out there.

  7. What is the make of the Bumper?He spoke so fast that it came out like gibberish. The Hair B Bumper? Huh?

  8. it seems like you guys went not for camping but for making a video about how much cool camping stuff you had.

  9. wtf is this, looks like mormons in skinny jeans or models from some crappy clothing store… they are definitely not hipsters, man makes you want to stay out of New Mexico

  10. If you are car camping why on earth would you bring a tent you can't even stand up in? With the new instant tents you can set up a huge tent in less than two minutes! And they are very reasonably priced at both walmart and amazon. This goes for those silly roof rack tents too.

  11. No wonder one cut oneself if you all handle an axe this way. Her body movement when splitting wood…Ha,ha,ha! Never done it before! And I bet she is the best of the lot!! Ha,ha,ha! So much equipment and still I would not feel safe taking them with me..

  12. i hate to stereotype………but this group of people in this vid. seem like the California liberal college types? lol. Barbie and Ken camping?? I'm wondering if any of them have actually ever served in the military? That's true camping……..sleeping with your M16 and putting your life on the line for your country.

  13. I don't think ay of these people camp. NO SHOES IN THE TENT. This is not a gear video. It looks like a commercial for a magazine.

  14. They arepretending so hard not to care, selling useless stoves that charge your phone, so EPIC bruh, CRINGEWORTHY

    You need this stuff, or else you are a tool like the rest of people who go into woods to get away from these fools

    Nothing matters

  15. This is like the shopping channel that is on TV, except this looks like '' A bunch of alfresco Jehovahs demonstrating and selling camping gear'' and .. where is all the black people ?

  16. 1:10 That girl with the ax is dangerous, obviously has no experience and doesn't know what she's doing wheeling an ax like that.

  17. Thank you Captain Moose Knuckle and the skinny jean army….. I’m definitely buying everything I saw here and storing it in my garage for my annual weekend camping trip next summer.

  18. It would be wonderful if you could either list or link the items that you cover. There were a couple of times when I could not understand what you all were saying or the person mumbled.

  19. I will never look at Outside magazine the same again. This was so cringe. Also, everyone who works there is a rich / posh white momma's boy? I mean, at least they didn't have the girl cooking them the food I guess.

  20. I used that same tent this weekend, I love it but there is just one thing that I see as a con ..since the fly and the tent are integrated, it is hard for the material to dry so u need to use a towel to dry the area, specifically towards the top center area.

  21. I was thinking that most of this gear was useless, until I saw the rooftop tent. That actually looks neat, and a time saver for camp setup.

  22. The editor of Outdoor Magazine cut himself taking off the cover of the ax? You can’t test gear car-camping. This looks like great fun and a great tax write off( work) for all these kids. The guy with the cool Tacoma went crazy talking about his set up. All fun aside , you guys had a dream car camping set-up. I really enjoyed watching and may have learned a thing or two.

  23. Nice cool awesomeness great we are all salesman pretending to be friends cool awesome Sweet I never get laid because women think I'm gay ????? ?

  24. Did you guys hold this"camping trip" to promote products you sell? I ask only because it came off a bit artificial.

  25. I like that they are testing equipment.  it lets you know where to spend your money and what not to waste it on

  26. Muy buena salida a acampar con los amigos y gracias por compartir esas experiencias a todo el mundo saludos desde Toluca city México ok.?✅

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