The Grand Tour: Explaining Germans

The Grand Tour: Explaining Germans

I once had a very interesting conversation
with two friends of mine. One is from California, one is from Germany. And we were talking about losing your driving
licence. And the Californian said ‘In Germany, what’d
happen if you lost your licence and you then you know drove your car?’ And the German said ‘No, you cannot do this.’ And he says ‘Yeah, I know, but what if, I
know you’re not supposed to but what if you what if you did?’ He says ‘No you cannot drive you have no licence.’ And the Californian ‘Yeah man, but you know
late one night you just hell you go for a drive.’ And the German went ‘IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DRIVE

31 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Explaining Germans

  1. I'm so German that I had a meeting with my supervisor and I got trouble because I didn't plan my vacations I still had 13 days to take and the years was ending.

  2. You mean to tell me I won't break the space time continuum if I drive without a license? O.o

    I have been lied to all my life! Danke, Merkel…

  3. this is true to some extent. We do not have many revolutions here, and the few we have often come to an halt because everybody obeys that sign that says Do not step on the lawn.

  4. I'm German and have to say: That IS quite accurate! The "Kraftfahrtbundesamt" sent me a "Stilllegungsbescheid" (yes, three Ls) because my Audi was refused an MOT "bekoss zee Lamps on zee dashboard for zee ABS and ESP do not light up, zeerfore zee "Kraftfahrzeug" ist "verkehrsuntauglich"! Try saying that quickly James! 😉

  5. But that's not because people are overly correct – it's just that police will fucking end you when they find out you've been driving without a license.
    German police and their laws are no joke.

  6. I love how most German people in the comments either completely agree with this or they don't understand why this is funny.

  7. This is like a Simpsons joke:
    Lisa: "You can't drive, Dad. He has your license."
    Homer: "Well, we'll try anyway. (Engine turns over) It works. It's a miracle."

  8. Germans are boring as fuck. Although, fucking is not boring at all, unlike the Germnbs, so…

  9. I‘ll have y‘all know that Germany is the cradle of all humour.
    From Germany, all humour went out into the world.
    And it never came back.

  10. So all German’s according to the Grand Tour: Up tight sticks in mud who are hell bent rule followers
    All Californians according to the Grand Tour: Coked up stoners who drive around without a license

    Seems about right to me 🤔

  11. This clip was from a show they did in Stuttgart Clarkson sucked up to the Germans so much during this show that he claimed the Germans were the only ones who know how to build a car. Really? The most reliable cars are built in Japan.

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