The Grand Tour: Porsche 918 vs. Nissan Patrol

The Grand Tour: Porsche 918 vs. Nissan Patrol

I was gonna call it a day
at that, obviously, but there’s a bloke here
wants to race his Nissan. It’s a bit
embarrassing, really, but you don’t want
to upset the locals. So, OK, race is on.
Here we go. Let’s get this over with. Do race, apologise, move on. (REVVING) What? He’s pulling away
in a Nissan Patrol!

100 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Porsche 918 vs. Nissan Patrol

  1. That Patrol has double the HP than the 918 .. it’s got stroked 4.1L GTR motor with turbos size of a volleyball

  2. Надеюсь все , теперь поймут что некоторые машины лучше делать по своему вкусу ? .

  3. Japanese machines r the best in the world. German and American r the worthless. Just matter of expensive and presents as iconic. But in reality nothing against Japanese vehicles

  4. To those who want to watch if u have android play iptv or mag 250 u can watch by going on tv series all seasons are there no clikbait

  5. Sleeper car vs a super car. which is faster? If Hammond is at the wheel of the super car it is obverse that the sleeper car will win.

  6. Funny how Hammond acts surprised, as if he didn't notice the slicks at all four corners… might be hint at what's to come.

  7. ولكم في الامارات اخوكم من السعوديه المفروض اسم المقطع كذا

  8. Well we own 2 nissan patrols one 2004 just like that one and other one is 2018 they are totaly monsters

  9. I absolutely fucking hate it when vehicles like that are made THAT powerful it really is very FUCKING ANNOYING, that 918 just beat the Bugatti in a drag and the Nissan beats the 918 THIS IS ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLSHIT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK CAN A SLEEPER CAR BE ANY FASTER THAN A MOTHERFUCKING SUPERCAR THAT WAS FASTER THAN A GODDAMN HYPERCAR

  10. I know Hammond tried a jet car and that went totally wrong, but I'd love to see him in an NHRA Top Fuel car. 0 to 330 mph in just over 3 seconds.

  11. Rule 1 of Drag Racing Hammond: If his car looks real shit compared to yours, he’s either really confident or he’s got a lot under his hood

  12. Потому что в Nissan Patrol стоял рядный 6 цилиндровый двигатель с огромной турбиной, мощностью от 1000-2000 лошадиных сил. Так что будь там хоть Bugatti шансов у нее не было.

  13. I've been to Dubai a couple of years ago and you'll be surprised to see a lot of their cop vehicles look "slow" when in reality they're MUCH faster than a supercar, like a Ferrari or Koenigsegg.

  14. You guys need to find the answer of this question, why 918 spyder has defeated by Nissan patrol ( 918 spyder Killer)?

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