The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen – Official Trailer

The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen – Official Trailer

Welcome to the Grand Tour production
of Seamen. No. I don’t like boats. -I don’t do boats.
-Well, you’re about to. The challenge is to cross the Mekong Delta without any issues. Three, two, one, go. -Damn it! I’m enjoying it!
-The speed! Into the reeds. I can’t steer it. Oh, no! No! No! No! Sorry. Hi. We’re experienced travellers. Passing through. I’m not sure we can do this. It’s going to snap. Oh, my God! Please pull me along. This is no time for cocking about! Well, this is crap, isn’t it? I’m trying to catch up with people
I don’t even want to be with anyway. -Oh, shit!
-No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I fucking hate boats! It’s impossible to think
how this could be worse. We need sleep. That generator goes all the time? No. Why do we do this? -It’s a boating holiday.
-Yeah. The glamour. What could possibly go wrong? Hammond, the nav’s gone. Oh, well, it’s done us a lot of good
so far, hasn’t it? Oh, we’ve lost the thing
that’s got us lost.

100 thoughts on “The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen – Official Trailer

  1. As good as the trailers were for S2, and S3 this trailer is just as good as the Series first trailer. Great song choice, and funny clips.

  2. The grand tour sucks. I loved top gear. I was so excited to see it the first season, but after that no need to. I hope the new format is better.

  3. Really hated the pro-American war stories coming from Clarkson. Why you treat them as heroes? How many vietnamese these basterds killed for no reason? War criminals is the correct word for the americans..
    Fighting communism my ass, who does that 65000 miles from home?

  4. Having just watched the sea men, I don't think they will play with boats again for a long time!
    They were genuinely worried for their own safety.

  5. This was so good to watch very amusing. Loved it when they were trying to sleep and all that noise was going on and Clarkson in the morning was like the dogs were having a barking competition?

  6. Looks like what we’ve learned is absolutely nothing at all and on that terrible…….
    genius is the word for this show

  7. As a marine engineer, there were so many times I was cringing throughout this show… I absolutely loved it! These guys are the only reason I have prime. Well, them and the Expanse.

  8. This was just once again absolute heaven. Doesn't matter that they weren't driving. They still smashed it! I love these 3. Memories throughout and highly loved the history lesson. Hope you enjoy!!

  9. This was a really, really …..

    Bad, bad episode, Clarkson and Co going on about global warming, etc. Just made the show seem so scripted and plastered on, not their normal antics.
    Nothing of this episode felt natural, just bad

  10. @the grand tour… do a short on how Jeremy got his boat!! also lets see how you got their boats in the water I would love to see that. Great episode!!

  11. Grand tour only reason for amazon prime. Seamen episode total garbage. NO CARS!!! Just boats and them being stupid. Not even funny. Bring back Mongolia awesome episode!!

  12. Jeremy wearing that Che Guevara T-shirt shows how smart he really is?.
    I love this show and their friendship is something special to watch. I also love watching them compete and have fun doing it but leave politics out of it.
    I honestly lost respect for Jeremy when he started talking about climate change bullshit. Anyone with half brain can do research and find out that is nothing but bullshit and him wearing that Che Guevara shirt. The face of a mass murderer ? way to go Jeremy ??????? what's that phrase? BRILLIANT!!
    Stupid fuck!

  13. A really good episode! But unfortunately it looks like the three are no longer motivated about the grand tour. All 3 are now concentrating on their own shows on prime – which will have average success ( like on the BBC when they tried their own thing) meanwhile the show that we've all come to love – I believe will only show 2 specials a year. I can see this being the death of the trio and the show. It is still unclear as to who made the decision to cancel the studio format, was it them or was it Amazon citing better ratings without the tent. There's lots of different stories. But on this evidence I think the trio and wilman possibly made the decision based on future projects and scaling back (they're not spring chickens anymore). Very sad judging on how many will still view this great programme.

  14. @ 0:14 the boat looks like it says jizzle drizzle. And the name of the show is seamen. I know Razzle dazzle.. but just look at it

  15. I don't get it, why does the season 4 trailer only include episode 1? What about other episodes, what are we gonna see?

  16. watched it on Prime, WTF worth watching !!!………….could not stop laughing!! Envie these three dudes, well done. Also a good history lesson…LOL! 100m pounds on a boot?

  17. PBR"S made by Hatteras? Really? I suppose that is possible, a few other outfits did build some. But the PBR was made by UNIFLITE, in Bellingham Washington, and benefitted from the companie's fireproof fiberglass. Kind of important. And Basic.

    If you want a proper (not replica) PBR, there is one available in Napa although it is in need of a re-power. Not surprising as the Last US Navy base operating PBR's was Mare Island, Ca on the Napa River….

  18. What happened to The Grand Tour Season 4? Episode 1 was terrible no cars no English humor very boring the producer should be sacked. If this is the new format of The Grand Tour season 4 the show is done stick a fork in it. This show if you can call it that wasted 1 1/2 of my life. Bring back the cars and Jermeys not politically correct humor. Very sad

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