The Great Wall of China: Hiking & Camping!

The Great Wall of China: Hiking & Camping!

We are on our way to the Great Wall of
China, but instead of fighting our way through hordes of tourists we’ll put on
snake repellent and explore awe inspiring unrestored portions of the wall with our
incredible guide Peter. The Jiankou section of the wall is one of the most dangerous portions to hike, but that just made us all the more excited to be there.
The great wall is over 2,300 years old and is visited by tens of thousands of
people every day but we were completely alone on the wall for the almost 5 hours we spent hiking. *Out of breath*
Literally straight up behind me. This hike is no joke. We took a little break to fly the drone so I’m a little bit more energized. This section of the wall has completely crumbled. Here’s the route we’re supposed to go, up the side. Alright, this isn’t so bad. I don’t even know how to begin to explain how worth it this is. I have to admit when I saw the price I was a little bit worried but to have the whole wall to ourselves for hours *Claire trips* see pieces of it that are left alone just to be dealt with by time *Claire’s brain explodes* Wow. So the hike down the mountain starts at
the beginning of the Heavenly Ladder so we are going to go up the Heavenly Ladder, up the flying eagle, back across the flying eagle back down the Heavenly Ladder and
then we will go get the car. The most terrifying portion of this hike is the Heavenly Ladder which features stairs that climb at an angle of 85 degrees. Yes, you heard me right. That’s five degrees less steep than going straight up. I’m really not ready to die. What is your fear level Justin?
Justin: None Justin: Yeah I’m holding on
Claire: Stay stable. Stay stable all the time. Ok. My whole body is shaking. Holy crap. This is fine.This is fine, I’m fine. This is fine. Justin’s fine. Oh my gosh I mean REALLY?! I’m using my arms and my legs. This is a thing that’s happening. What?! We’re going down the heavenly ladder. Hug the wall, hug the wall…. It doesn’t help that the rocks are slippery. They’ve got like, moss and mildew on them. so you have to have good footing or else you’re screwed. Oh man, the bad part is over. My nose is running, I am soaked in sweat
and that was the coolest thing I think I’ve ever done in my whole life. This is the
path down the mountain right here in front of us. We’re gonna go grab the car. So this hike is gonna be about 25 minutes and then we have a two hour car ride to where we’re gonna camp. It’s super slippery. It’s all slick. So I don’t know if it’s just because I’m coming down from the adrenaline high or what but I am completely overwhelmed with how incredible this has been. I’m just so happy. This huge monumental part of history underneath my feet with no one else there just me and Justin and our guide. It doesn’t get any more special than that. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Dang! Also check out how far in front of me they are. *laughter* They are so patient. Oh man I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a car my life! It’s time for dinner and the guys are so hungry. I’m not hungry I’m just tired I wanna go to bed! Kungpao chicken and rice! Yummy! Okay so we also have eggplant with
potatoes and green peppers. Justin: Cheers
Caire: NOM! Cabbage with pork belly in it. Claire: This has the flowers in it and tomatoes and eggs?
Peter: Yes Peter: How does the soup taste like?
Claire: It tastes exactly how I thought it would. Alright, I’m gonna be a baby I’m a child who is letting Justin carry my pack for me because he abandoned his pack for tonight. I put brand-new batteries in my headlamp before coming here and they’re already empty so I don’t know how the heck that happened. I’m using a cell phone like a millennial. Alright so this hike is supposedly 15 minutes? Oh man…there’s some other tourists that are in the easy campsite to get to, so we’re hiking to the next one I’m doing something, I don’t remember what I was doing. I was dealing with my shoes or whatever, and you hear Justin go
“Hey Claire, I’m peeing off the Great Wall of China!” and I’m like “That sounds magnificent,
I need to do that” and the thing is that I don’t want to pee on the Great Wall of
China like- I don’t- like- it’s the Great Wall of China, I don’t want to urinate on it. So I’m like okay, I have to pee off of it too but as a lady, haha, the logistics are a
little bit more complicated. I have to pull down my shorts and then I have to grab on to either edge of this window it’s basically this archway I have to grab either side of the archway and lean my butt over out as far as I can into the abyss so that I can assure that all of the pee goes into the ground and not onto the Great Wall of China. I like sitting here and thinking like, I kind of wish I was filming this. I kind of wish that there
was proof that this happened and yet I’m very happy that there’s not but I really could use a shower! We’re here. We’re going to be doing four
hours of hiking today. We’ve only been walking for about two minutes and we’re soaked in sweat. I’ve gotta take off this jacket. Today we are hiking the Huanghuacheng portion of the Great Wall of China and much of the hike is completely covered in dense brush. Peter, our guide, encouraged me to keep my jacket on to protect my arms from thorns and bugs but it was way too hot and too humid to be comfortable in my rain jacket. Thankfully I didn’t get too scratched up and was actually quite comfortable. Justin: It’s beautiful!
Claire: That’s quite the caterpillar. *Justin coughing*
Claire: I know, bug in your mouth! Oh no! This portion of the wall has been restored to a much better condition than the section that we hiked yesterday so we were able to move much more quickly. I’m so glad we got to experience both portions of the wall. They were so different from one
another. A fter spending two full days on the
Great Wall of China we weren’t left with enough time to go
see the more touristy sections of the wall, but I have no regrets about that
whatsoever. Just in case you were fooled into thinking we’re at the top, nope
forget it. That’s the top. Yes! Woo! It’s downhill from here.
Easy peasy breezy. Well this is adorable. Paw prints! Alright Justin tell me about your
experience on the Great Wall Justin: It wast awesome
Claire: I can’t wait for a shower! Justin: Me too.
Claire: We have the local rainbow trout right? And then pork, right? Oh my gosh look at this food! That about wraps that up.
We are going to drive 2 hours back to Beijing. we’re very full…and then we’re going to shower because that is the most necessary thing that could possibly happen right now. We are back! We made it!

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing video, i am so touched and moved. As a Chinese i feel ashamed that i've never been to Great Wall. After watching your video, it is on my must go list, and i had better understanding about one of Chinese saying:"He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man."

  2. Fine then… here is a "like" even though I don't like the Great Wall. As you can see not a lot of maintenance. Get a chisel and hammer then feel free to take some stones away when no one is watching you. Keep them as a souvenir. Then incite and convince the Mongols or Russian to raid China from the North! Hey, the Americans or Canadians can help out as well.

  3. There are two roles for the Great Wall, the state of war and the state of peace.

    The state of war: The Great Wall can only serve as an early warning and prevent small-scale troops from attacking the border. It cannot stop a large-scale war because it is only a wall. But it can win valuable time for the central government. The delivery speed of China's most powerful period can only move 400KM a day.

    Peaceful state: 1. It can prevent the harassment of small-scale troops and form a certain deterrent around the border so that the small-scale looting of the nomads will not happen. 2. Economic role. After the Great Wall was built, a large number of gateways were formed. All border transactions were concentrated in the gate control, effectively controlling the arbitrary trading of war horses, grain and other strategic materials, and hitting the businessmen who made a living. 3. The transaction of currency and customs has minimized the exchange of goods so that the Chinese currency must be used in the transaction, which is equivalent to the current US dollar. Because the nomads themselves are outside the farming line, there is less precipitation and it is impossible to grow food on a large scale. Therefore, in peacetime, China uses the border trade to continuously obtain the nomadic currency, such as gold, silver, and fur. This has caused a long-term trade surplus for the nomadic people in the Central Plains dynasty. Coupled with the huge population advantage of the Central Plains dynasty, the powerful nomads cannot simply occupy and rule. This is that China has not been eliminated by the nomads, and Attila can make Europe a disability and cannot be unified.

    There are actually cultural differences. This is far from the topic of the Great Wall.

    (My English can only be communicated easily, and I can't explain the complicated problem I want to express. This is translated by GOOGLE)





  4. I'm definitely not going to hike on this section of great wall TT, my legs already weakens watching your video. Great video, excellent job!

  5. Because to climb wild part of the wall is so dangerous Chinese government actually banned people to do this.its illegal!there were lots of peoples injured and died on doing this .On the other hand people’s activity speed up wall’s collapse.So I don’t suggest anybody to do this except science purpose.

  6. 中国不是一个好战的国家 古人建立长城是为了防止侵虐和战争 现在的网络长城也是为了防止入侵

  7. This video brings me back to the long history. I can even imagine my ancient fathers guarding in the cold windy winter…
    Thank you so much.

  8. 5:25 I wouldn't climb that. I have wife and kids; they need me.
    6:35 I have to make it. I have wife and kids; they need me.

  9. As a Chinese, I have been to the Great Wall of Badaling but not as far as the Great Wall you have climbed. It is so spectacular and shocking. I admire you very much and thank you. I will also prepare to re-explore the Great Wall.

  10. 这是野长城吧 那边有很多风景真的很不错 不过最好还是不要去 因为真的有很多安全隐患 要为自己安全考虑

  11. Looks like that part of the wall is starting to get overrun by the surrounding habitat like what happened to the pyramids in Guatemala

  12. Thank-you this was incredible! The footage was so beautiful and mysterious. There are so many vlogs nowadays that nothing really looks new but I would say this video brought the mystery of the orient back to life! Amazing!

  13. Amazing. This is the first vlog that I’ve watched which sent chills up my spine. Even the BBC didn’t cover the Great Wall this well???

  14. I am nearly 60 yrs old now. When I was at your age, foreigners were not allowed to go on the Great Wall that was not opened for visit because of obvious reasons. Your video is short of breathtaking. Such a historic monument! And you camped on it! Wow! I can only say thank you for sharing this experience of yours. Thank you.

  15. 600,000 workers died ( men, women, teens and old men ) just within ten days. really sad. Can't believe that country still survive in 2019/2020.

  16. Great work Claire! This has actually inspired me to do the same in the near future, are you able to share the contact of your guide? Thanks!!

  17. Hi Claire, I really hope you see and reply. This Great Wall adventure is exactly what I want to do next year. As well as the Huashan plank climb from your other video. How did you find this guided tour/guide? I would love to use the same guide for my trip. Thank you and hope to hear back from you

  18. although this is breath taking, I would strongly suggest anyone who wants to do this not to do it. These sections of the Great Wall has been damaged and rotten by the mother nature for thousands of years. Many places are very loose and weak. Climbing on them can be life-threatening

  19. 从古代到现代 中国一般都是防御态势,修建长城也是为了防止别人侵略,但是一直到现在还是被人欺负。

  20. “朕统六国,天下归一,筑长城以镇九州龙脉,卫我大秦、护我社稷。朕以始皇之名在此立誓!朕在,当守土开疆,扫平四夷,定我大秦万世之基!朕亡,亦将身化龙魂,佑我华夏永世不衰!此誓,日月为证,天地共鉴,仙魔鬼神共听之!” —— 秦始皇

  21. Five thousand years ago, Chinese faced the same flood as the ancient Egyptians;
    Four thousand years ago, chinese played with bronzes like the babylonien;
    Three thousand years ago, chinese thought about philosophy as much as the ancient Greeks;
    Two thousand years ago, chinese fought like Romans;
    A thousand years ago, chinese was as rich as Arabs;
    Now, let's compete with America!
    Five thousand years ago, we have been playing mahjong on the world's table, while several other companies have changed many rounds.
    In this life, I have no regrets to be Chinese In the next life, I am still a successor of Dragon.

  22. Incredible work! Esepcially the ascending drone shots, those are amazing.
    I only went to the Great Wall once when I was in elementary school, and tbh the sheer number of tourists dilate the scenery and atmosphere so much(still a great experience tho).The views you captured in the video is actually very new even for me.

  23. What an unique way to see the Great Wall. You showed us a side of this magnificent structure that we rarely see, and the way you did it was EPIC!

  24. Wow, The view is so beautiful. I hope more people will take your route. Worth every breath you take. Chinese should set aside money, and slowly repair section by section of the wall. I would definitely visit this section. The view is breath taking.

  25. OMG, I am disappointed the restoration process is still so slow and should be hasten up to complete the restoration as quickly as possible. Further deterioration is not acceptable. The Great Wall was built with millions and millions of peasant labourers and according to myth or truth, when the peasant died, he is buried within the confine of the wall, hence it is known to be haunted. Of course it is a monumental feat and the wall acted as a highway to convey troops from one region to another as well as acted as a barrier against invasion from the Mongols and later Manchus from the north. Whilst the towers are used to send signals to the other towers of the impending invasion, it is more important that it acted as a barrier to the invaders. It looks like in present day China, it is still very highly inaccessible with all modern means. Thank you for the wonderful footage as you are on your way to being a very good photographer and videographer. Good luck.

  26. Kindly reminding: drone is dangrous because Jiankou Great Wall is on the way of the plane from west China landing to Beijing Capital Airport. Pay attention to UAV law of China.

  27. Note that, that's the UNPROTECTED, UNDEVELOPED, UNOPENED and NO STAFF area. If you guys are unprofessional and unprepared, plz don't go these places, it's really not safe and dangerous. I think the vloger should mentioned this warning at the video detail.
    One of my geography teacher was in the climbing & mountaineering association, he climbed a wild mountain alone in Beijing at 15 years ago and missed, we didn't find him dead or alive.

  28. Climbing undeveloped great wall is illegal and irresponsible. I'm sorry to see you admiring Chinese historical heritage in this uncivilized way.

  29. No wonder why Chinese people could build everything super fast. Could you believe it built by Chinese people in 2000 years ago?

  30. im surprised the chinese gov let tourists just climb around the remote sections of the wall
    ps. shouldnt you attach the gopro to your head or backpack so both hands are free?

    btw, how much did you guys pay the guide per day?

  31. This Great Wall unifies us as Chinese thousands of years ago and it will continue to serve the purpose. Thank you for sharing such magnificent view on the wall.

  32. I promised one day I will go to the Great Wall and take a very simple selfie there for the realization of my childhood dream.

  33. That's way too dangerous! You guys are true warriors. I'm from the south, and I don't even know about this wild part of the Great Wall.

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