The Guys Go Camping

The Guys Go Camping

Ryan: We are here, in the wilderness. Matt & Ryan: *Groaning* ♬ R: We need to start going or else the –
M: Sun is gonna set so yeah. R: Yeah, we should probably– M: Are there alligators out here? Tucker: Yeah, yeah, yeah! R: Now, to Matt! *Both Giggle* R: Tucker p- threw me into a fucking bush. M: If we wanted to we could kill Tucker while we’re out here… T: *Screaming in pain and snapping sounds* M: Let’s get this bad boy set up. Really cold! I’m freezing, freezing cold. R: We also made mac and cheese. I was trying to keep it warm put it inside my jacket and hugged it as Tucker … Instructed me to do… It exploded onto my shirt, and now I had to change and so the Bears don’t eat me while I’m sleeping. M: This is not a two-person tent. Can you give me like five minutes of jerk off real quick? R: No. M: Please. :,( R: No. M: Five minutes to crank it dude
R: No, no, no. M: Woah dude. R: What? M: I don’t know about you, but I can look straight up and just see all the stars. R: Your hood’s on my face. M: Haha, what are you gay? M: The last thing to make me fully comfortable is for my toes to not be numb. R: Well, let me suck them for you~ *Matt giggles, Ryan sucks toes* M: Wow dude, this is incredible. Tucker thanks for bringing us out here. R: What if he’s masturbating and then he’s gonna show us to this later R: And then he’s like, I was masturbating the whole time?
M: What if Tucker has a weird fet- R: My neck hurts and my back hurts. M: A couple of mountain boys! He! It’s hot! HE! Wow if I fall off this I’m gonna die. Well, this is about as far as we’re gonna get on this hiking trip. Uh, we wanted to go farther, but Tucker got tired and didn’t want to hike anymore. R: Thanks Tucker! M: Thanks for ruining our trip. ‘Bout as pretty as a set of titties. He! Are you filming that? T: I hate you. R: (Crushed) Why would you say that? T: How you boys feel? M: Tired.

100 thoughts on “The Guys Go Camping

  1. kill a man, take his shoes. kill a man, take his shoes. kill a man, take his shoes, so I can be more comfortable!

  2. We almost got it, we know they live in San Antonio and drive a Ford Fiesta it only a matter of time before there cover is blown

  3. Wats with the packs? Like, when I go camping, I find a remote area and set up my tent the day before… it’s always accessible by car… except when I’m in Alaska or Canada…
    I dunno, just seems weird

  4. 3 bros, chilling in the wilderness, complaining about how it's cold but that the stars are nice bc they're not gay 🙂

  5. Wairlt Ryan's actually not short. In fact he's only about 1 inch shorter than Matt. Yet his artistic rendition has him must smaller…

  6. Its important to be respectful on the internet and to understand that what you say is going into a public forum. That said, I want Matt inside me.

  7. That Mac and cheese bag that they have has a background of Smith rock. On it, and that exact place is super close to where I live

  8. Has anyone found the name of the song yet?

    Be warned

    If you make that overused joke I will fuck your urethra guy or girl I will fuck you so hard that you can’t walk or piss again.

    If you tell me the correct name of the song I will give you a killer mother fucking deep throat blowjob that I will make your toes curl and make you cum buckets.

  9. Can we get a sequel to this? With the Tucker bros included maybe? And the video could be a bit longer? I'd love to see them do this again.

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