the healing well water \ Tourist places in Kerala

the healing well water  Tourist places in Kerala

Hello friends, welcome to Travel Kerala with GPS, Part 4 in this episode i’ll be talking about the well with magical healing powers it is believed that this well heal your dieases of mind and body so lets go St. George church is said to be the one of the biggest churches in Asia in 2001 the foundation stone was laided it measures upto 141 sq.ft in height with a total area of 68,000 sq.ft its east facing church is constructed in the shape of an octagon it is said You can stand anywhere, but it gives an illusion that you stand near altar in the ceilings, you can see how beautifully Bible’s stories have been displayed in the main chappel, approx 5000 people can worship at a time, but doubles up on sundays lets go to the Mother Mary church Mother Mary church was build around 1080 AD friends, this is well which i was talking about its said that the water has a magical healing power for diseases you can fill bottles with water for your family and friends their is one special thing about this well, it does not dries up people comes from different part of the globe to be blessed by this water and this last church on our list, but was the first church to be builded here people try up lockets, as their wishes on this tree some people say this church as museum, as its closed and has some antique things people still pray and burn candles here, though the church is not open anymore you have not subcribed yet, please subcribe and share the love need you love and support in fulling my small dream apt timing to visit this beauty would be after 7pm, for non-christian please consider the mass timings, which i will mention in my description below i hope you have liked my video, if so, please support by your like, subcribe and please do share with your friends will meet you in next episode, till then take care, bye-bye 🙂

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