The Hickery Brothers at the Yates Place Hang, NC

The Hickery Brothers at the Yates Place Hang, NC

we have the Shug here and Here I am in
the Linville Gorge and I’m at pine needle camp Jen is over in the tent over
there and I just got down here after driving eighteen hours
there’s Hickery’s hammock and I am setting up right down here with my Eldorado my
warbonnet diamondback top quilt Frankenquilt and I’m talking into the GoPro
camera here which I’m going to have to use this whole trip so I left town
Monday morning early ….EARLY!!! left about four drove through Chicago stopped and
visited with my daughter and Bean the dog who you might have seen in a few
videos and I haven’t seen my daughter since May. And I’d stopped to do
this great intro with my brand new sony DSC HX 80 because my first one is kind
of acting a little goofy and I got down here to the gorge and I’d done this
wonderful intro and I think I left it sitting on a picnic table there I was
going on making this big talk about picnic tables and how lucky we are in
this country to have Technic tables at every rest area picnic tables all over
the place fact is I left my camera somewhere in
Tennessee I’m gonna be a big person about it and not whine about it too much
I’m just going to take the hit it’s gone I’m a tripod and at least I had this and
so I’m gonna turn this camera off and I’m gonna weep a little bit but we’re
here in the Linville Gorge at pine needle camp and we’re gonna go to the
h-hang which is in turn orth Carolina it’s a big hammock hanging through
hammock forums gonna do that a couple of days but that’s the report it’s on now
we’re here the Hickery Brothers are back in town oops
we need to break this one now well we’re sitting here at pine needle
camp and it’s just been a rainy day and Hicks had brought out his huge Kelty
tarp and we just kind of sitting here high and dry and it has been raining
pine noodle camp it’s pretty short walk from the car got the place to ourselves
cuz of the weather and there are pretty colors out
it’s been fun just sitting here today kind of catching up with an old friend
and having a good chat and just talking about things and that’s just between us
so I didn’t really film a lot today and I’ll film what a can but we still got
several days to go and we’re hoping that the maple king will show himself when
King Tom but here he is sitting here in the rain
again get forward all night long gonna go to
famous Louise’s rock house restaurant eat gen for breakfast
whoo buddy and then we’re going to get the car and we are going to both of our
cars and head over to the Yates hang I am Yates you is Yates he is Yates we
just kind of kind of follow the wind as it blows now I got enjoyed a little
coffee and I am enjoying it I’m a Dahlia
daughter incident but as though hickory and I just sat around under the tarp in
the rain yesterday it just caught up and caught up on year and a half the lava
was fantastic excuse me yeah ban Chapman’s barbecue oh we stopped and got
us some slice sandwiches some chop sandwiches and banana pudding and some
hush puppies we’re gonna bring that down to the woods tonight at the h-hang Haim
I am fine with having some barbecue you know what you ready to do kid you got
the titanium poop shovel all right good luck oh man give it a jiggle yeah
I look so sad hanging there yellow man yellow man with the Sun line yellow man
dela man grabbing the titanium poop shovel yellow man my name’s Shawn my
name’s kid and we’re the Hickory well this morning woke up and it was about 38
degrees here at the 8 sang it’s Friday and so people are starting to come up
today a few of us so early last night early and we came up here and stand out
gabbing until about midnight went down there it was like 82 degrees yesterday
sweating when me and hickory are back there setting up Phantom grapplers the
guy in the red shirt and he got all this he got all this wood delivered big old
pile of firewood here they’re having Jones brothers barbecue on Saturday
night come out and I made some shortbread to bring and Hicks is gonna
make some liver mush in the pie irons and everybody’s bringing food or cooking
a pork butt or something so it’s pretty cool the hang is starting to get crowded
people are rolling in it’s Friday night hickory and I took a little break down
at camp we camp the furthest away we were way down and we sat down there and
caught up again took my cell phone there I got a signal here dialed in a little
WN CW listen a little Randall Bramblett for a while
had a cup of coffee just to get out of the fray and it looks like the hang is
gonna be big the weather’s cool beautiful whoa buddy have fine day down here at the h-hang
come down to my hammock it’s about ten o’clock so it’s kind of early for me
early yeah up there there’s probably 40 people and guy named Eric made chicken
and dumplings to big old dutch ovens full I shook here sitting here with sleepy
children now their hammock wannabes and have slept in one daddy’s left them
there made them get in the back of the car like firewood now we’re over here
waking them up and they don’t want to be up those are fake smiles right now
yellow man yellow man in the pretty Bowl contest LM an element and the pretty
Bowl contest somebody sent that stove to me they may want to said sugar and one
who said chicory and send send that to your friend Hickory because we really
like the maple king so much more than you rewrap did spit in a little bit last gun
to lure everybody I thought he was gonna be just a sad old man so what they’re
doing right now that you’re ready to have the party ball Carney yes sir
that’s a pretty boil so they’re gonna have a stove race and I’m not gonna
enter I just want to sit here and watch it hey there you ain’t gonna be in the
contest you gonna do a why are you why your water what’s so good what’s so fun
is this I don’t I’d went to Cooper do it the hot water in the sink you don’t have
to all soaked into here alcohol in that pot pot in the pot fightin apart alcohol start birdie ball contest is begun that
might want to call an ambulance there Hurst his barman this is the these are
lost people in the woods of you are looking for a place to bed down tonight
it’s just a lot of lost white people coming through the forest people looking
for a home and a place to lay down there’s one of the treats when you get
when you come to the walk you re area which is hard to say and hard to spell don’t use big words on this sir excuse me maple cane is is that a
can that you picked up they did a vessel for in my rainwater people leave fires is that acid rain sir I think I pretty much need to go up
there and warn those children that the Mesa King is in the area my house can’t
believe this forgive my excitement I’ve got to get up
here morning people you guys a man you might want to might
want to be careful the maple king this out he’s in a bad mood hey I’m sure sure
yeah the brothers right her brother father’s piece of maple King
right now we’re going up there to scare the children what chills means hey Chris
alright you hey Jon should sit here talking to Chris Chris is talking you
know he’s aerospace engineer he’s like Chuck Yeager he’s got it they got a
company right in apex our outside apex North Carolina you’ll see on our website
where we do that movie WWE song industries calm that’s some s u ng s ung
si okay industries calm down he’s my song but we’ve started a division within
the company to to introduce electronics that for our purposes our backpacking
passions our camping and I’ll you know wilderness outdoor passion you hear that
Jill so now he’s speaking our language yeah yeah we’d like to make electronics
like power banks and renewable energy that truly is of military or aerospace
great and reliability for five all security sector seven exactly I’d like
to take what’s currently available and make it better faster smarter that’s
what songs about we’re just talking about this primordial feel they’re out
here to go camping so we’re all drunk tests yeah we do testing in real life so
we’re all drawn to be out here by something and what’s better is to take
your hammock or your or your power banks or whatever them get them out in the
field and see if it does a job or that’s exactly that website again that would be
WWE song industries calm yeah and for you older people that’s on a
computer you have to go on a search and type that in song and this is su and G
like you doesn’t sum that song same here man thank you alright cool all right
children children children everybody the maple king might be coming this way
I don’t know if you know who he is but really don’t make a lot of sudden
movements don’t agitate late don’t agitate him he’s a cranky let don’t
agitate him if he starts tapping that stick in his hand you better hope that
you all have been good to trees do you think he knows your name
you don’t now again everybody please just stay smooth and be cool your name
is Jasper Lucas close enough Lucas would you like
to ask the maple king a question maple came please don’t give the
children’s snippy answers if you could really extrapolate on that I’m sorry
maple Kings do you have a website that we could hit maple king why is your hat
birch then I don’t mean to make sport of you sir really if there’s there’s any
place any of us can gather up and maybe pitch a few more dollars into to go to
your maple fund excuse me I’m sorry thank you for gracing us keep it down
really he doesn’t like he doesn’t like noise and he’s not in it for the
applause as you can tell by the performance if none of you there’s
always people coming I don’t know if you know it this maple keep thing and put it
in the videos and sometimes people come up you know I don’t get the maple king
and I’m going there is nothing to get

100 thoughts on “The Hickery Brothers at the Yates Place Hang, NC

  1. Amazing times in the woods shug thank you for your time once again. Iโ€™m going on my first winter hang of this year tonight and watching this video has filled me with excitement for it all over again. All the best to you and his grace the maple king

  2. gee wilikers! pork butt bbq short bread and liver mush?! you would think shug planned this whole thing!! I feel your pain about the camera, did i hear correctly that it was a new one? Atleast you wont do that again!! love them vids ya do. but i especially love when carl shows up!

  3. Glad to see you back. Getting ready to buy a Hammock later on for my adventures in 2020. probably a Dutchware. But not sure what make?
    Pine Grove Furnace State Park here in Pa. also have hammock hangs like this from my understanding. I hope you would make one some day?
    I hope the hound in the background didn't water Mapel Kings leg?

  4. I'll bet sometime in the future every one of those kids will be taking their kids out camping because of the experience they just had!

  5. Oh happy days, the hickory brothers are reunited. He doesnโ€™t do it for the applause, you can tell by the performance ๐Ÿคฃ

  6. Sorry about your camera, Shug. But, The Hickery Brothers in the Linville Gorge! The Maple King! Yella-man! Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso! Purdy boils! The entrancing pitter-patter of rain on the fly! WBs!!! For a moment, all is right in the world, or at least in Sector 7. Looks like you all had a good time. Thanks for taking us along.

  7. Trail Majik . . . that's what whomever will call the camera they find AAAND they will sure nuff appreciate it. Thanks for the tag along Mr. Emery

  8. Long live The Maple King! The only thing I didn't like about this video is that it ended to EARLY! Who is playing the oboe? AT least I think it's an oboe. Thanks for the video Shug!

  9. I miss this hang, live in Charlotte so it is a relatievely short drive for me. I am hoping to be there next year and not miss you and the maple king.

  10. Love me some โ€œYarrieโ€ as we say it. A few years back some folks were following a Sasquatch in that area. Maybe the Maple King can join forces and help locate it.

  11. Ha the maple king was holding up what looked like a Sassafras leaf. Looks like good times! Ok his second leaf is definitely a maple leaf ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Believe it or not there are a lot of honest people in the world. Perhaps someone turned the camera in at the place you lost it. Worth a check anyhow.

  13. Was that Cajun? And Phantom Grappler? Hi, buddies! I have to put Yates down for next fall & break out of SC. So many trees! … And then you find out Shug has family…. With a birch hat and a willow switch to discipline the unruly? I will be kind to my trees.

  14. Nothing like hanging out (pun intended ) with friends , to take the sting out of losing something cherished . Good see the Hickory Bros. together again .

  15. Maple King may not have collected any acid rain, but I I think he may have found some mushrooms. Nice to see the children in the woods. At 8:30, I thought maybe you got back into doing short films like the day of the wandering hangers.

  16. I am sure the moment anyone watches that video and sees it's you, they will make contact! please let us know when that happens!!!

  17. Ah! I was there last weekend! We left on Monday. Telling my friend I had heard about the gorge from one of your videos. And we probably missed you by one day.

  18. Oh…. that sunrise at 6:10. Just makes me wanna drive down there and see it myself. And the kids…… the children….. precious and PRICELESS !!

  19. It was so good to see the Hickory Brothers unite again. Great to see the Maple King still looking good after all this time. Thanks Shug!

  20. Is this get together open to any/everyone? 30 mins from my house and I wouldโ€™ve loved to come. Great to see a video. Thanks for the Entertianment!!

  21. Loved to hear what Chris from Sung Industries wants to do with current powerbanks and portable electronics! Very cool!

  22. Bean!!!? No Bean pictures or vid!? That ainโ€™t right, Shug. Maybe thanksgiving heโ€™ll show up. ๐Ÿ˜ข glad you had a great time thought. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  23. Dang! Hate I missed it. I'm literally 25 minutes away in Asheboro, NC. I'm a contractor for the US Special Forces. The SF Students parachute in and hike Uwharrie, than my Dad, Pineland Bob picks them up and brings them into the G Base. I instruct on Taking Down & Hacking into enemy Telco-Data & Cell Towers. This is the only place in the world that we do Pineland Robin Sage Phase IV Training. 11 Counties in NC become a Fictional Country for the SF Students to implement real life scenarios. Look us up. It's been done here for 50yrs. Hope you had a blast in our backyard.

  24. How to greatly increase the chances of getting lost cameras and memory cards back.
    Create a text file called "Reward!", offer anyone who finds the card a free replacement mem card and costs for returning.
    Include a couple of email or phone numbers. Drop it into the root folder of the memory card.
    Most people are honest, and will return lost items if they have a clue to the owner's contact info.

  25. Great video… Hickory Bros… That's not a microphone, it's a titanium poop trowel. The Maple King sitting on his murdered family. Awesome to see that many kids out there in the woods. Thanks for sharing, take care Shug.

  26. Been think'n . I think there should be a Anti- Maple King . An evil ,woods entity, that leaves trash in the woods and disrespects nature . Maybe something based off Cappy ๐Ÿ˜€ MK could lecture the evil entity in front of the kids about being kind to the forest ๐Ÿ˜€ You know , a forest baddie !! Staging would be more work though ): I guess I should say , a twist on Cappy .

  27. So glad you had your gopro backup camera! (broke my first hx80 and wanted to cry too.. hopefully yours will find it's way back to you). Thanks for the entertainment!!

  28. Well crap! I missed Shug and the Yates hang! This is my stomping grounds. Been hiking and camping here for 30 years. My music schedule had me very busy this weekend but I would have at least stopped for the day. I have to start paying more attention to the forums again.

  29. Clearly that "Maple King" dude has been exposed to MK ultra with this Ren & Stimpy log video for DAYS….

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