The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 8 | Unfriended | The Zoom Studios

The Holiday | Original Series | Episode 8 | Unfriended | The Zoom Studios

-Hi Sir. You have exceeded your credit limit. Should we extend your credit
limit to another 150,000? What? No. This… I didn’t swipe anything. Sir you have made several purchases and… Where? Where?
Where did I make these purchases? At the Le Telfair Hotel, Mauritius. What? No no no… You… You…
You block the card. I’ll do something about it.
Just block the card right away. Okay. -Okay Sir.
-What the hell! Patrick? Dude listen to me. Patrick, listen to me.
Where are you? Armaan is also not answering up my call. Dude someone stole
my credit card last night. I don’t know how. He’s just…
He’s just swiping all over Mauritius man. He is somewhere in this hotel only.
I don’t know where. He bought a Zippo worth
10,000 bucks on my card. Can you believe that? I’ve got a plan…
I’m… I’m going to the shop from where he bought the Zippo. So just be near your phone.
I will need you, alright? I’m on my way to that shop to figure out who this guy is. Ka…Ka…
Kabir your voice is breaking. Hello? Hello Kabir? Hello? -Hi.
-Hi. I called you in the morning
to enquire about the Zippo. Can you tell me anything about it? Yes it’s a beautiful Mickey Mouse edition. It’s… It’s a vintage one for collectors. It’s stainless steel. Oh my God.
It’s… Listen. Listen. I’m not talking about the Zippo. I’m talking about the
person who purchased it. Do you have any CCTV footage
or do you remember the person? Yesterday… An Indian guy. -Indian guy? Okay.
-Yes. -Well shaved.
-Ahaa. With big hair… In a wheelchair. Wheelchair? This is the best way to pick
up chicks and get some free stuff. Everyone feels really
sad seeing me like this. Patrick, you devil! Damn! Please don’t tell me this was the guy. Yes that’s him. -He’s still got his legs.
-Damn! Mehek? Mehek! Meh… Mehek! Wait… Mehek, wait. Mehek! Meh…Mehek.
I need your help. I need your help. Mehek! Oh damn. Mehek. Mehek! He spent my entire credit limit. Patrick. Patrick. Mehek. Mehek. Mehek, listen.
Kabir’s going to kill me. Not now.
Not now Patrick. Just… Mehek please listen to me. Oh damn. Mehek. Mehek listen to me. Mehek. Mehek. Listen. Why are you behaving like this? Is this fair? -Mehek…
-Have you gone mad? What happened? You used my credit card and spent all my money!
What is this thing? Somebody fix this. Excuse me.
Just… Just open this. -Mehek…
-Please, not now. Leave me alone. Mehek please listen to me. Leave me alone. You are freaking dead dude. -But what happened?
-This isn’t a joke dude. It’s not a joke every time. You spent all my money.
It’s not your dad’s money. Why are you yelling at me? -Mehek.
-Why am I yelling? Couldn’t you have simply
asked me for money? Would I have had said no to you? What happened?
Your money, my money, it’s our money, man. It’s ours? Patrick that is my hard earned money. That is not your dad’s money, alright? I was just having fun, you know? You were…
You were doing it for fun? Mehek if you think anything
happened last night, nothing happened… I promise you. I swear to God nothing happened, okay? -Please listen to me.
-What? What happened? Nothing happened. Mehek? -Armaan…
-We kissed. -You…you what?
-Damn! Armaan. Yeah. We kissed. Are you serious? How could you kiss her dude? Oh my God! She is getting married man! You think I don’t know that. Then why did you do it? What are you saying?
Mehek… -You…you kissed?
-Mehek. Mehek! Just look at me. Mehek! Hey, it was nothing. It was nothing. -What?
-It was nothing. It was nothing? It was nothing. -It was…
-It was nothing. -Damn!
-Armaan. Mehek. Listen, you
can’t do this again and again, alright? Kabir you are not my dad.
Stop it please. Mehek… Mehek listen to me. This isn’t fair. I’m not running away
and so aren’t you. We are here.
You have to talk to me. I deserve better. Mehek will you listen to me please? Look at me. We met.
We hung out. We got drunk.
We had a great time. Whatever happened, or didn’t happen between us last night,
I don’t regret it. So you’ll just kiss me or what? Mehek I didn’t kiss you.
We kissed. What are you talking about?
It takes the two of us. Armaan, you were so drunk last night
you wouldn’t care you kissed Patrick or me. -I don’t wanna kiss him.
-Shut up. Shhh… Are you nuts Armaan?
Please stop it. -Shut up.
-Okay. Okay fine. Okay fine.
Listen to me Mehek. When we kissed, I saw that spark. I… I felt it and I… and I know that you did too. Armaan please.
You must have gone mad. Look… He can’t kiss you like that. Obviously you must have also reciprocated. That’s exactly what I’m saying Kabir. -Please help her understand…
-You shut up. Don’t you know she is getting married? Dude, I didn’t do it alone. Guys, you have been friends for 10 years. And you have to ruin this
before the wedding? Damn!
It takes two of us. It takes two of us.
I didn’t force her to kiss me. How is this my fault?
Why is it… Why are you making this about me? You are freaking delusional Armaan. This is not college.
And I’m not that girl anymore. But Mehek we spoke on the waterboard… You said that…
You said that thing about friends, right? That… That we go the extra mile. Friends have that relationship. We have a connect.
What was all that? Armaan.
Don’t mess with her. Don’t mess with her head man. One minute!
I didn’t say… On the waterboard… Whatever happened,
you said. I never said anything. I was just giving you another perspective. Ok… Okay fine. You were getting emotional.
What did you want me to say? What am I supposed to say? I can’t say bluntly tell you
that you’re talking nonsense. -So you kissed him?
-Have you gone mad? Okay forget what you said.
Forget what I said. But when we kissed, there was a moment. Didn’t you feel it? You guys are going back
and forth like this for 10 years. And this thing is still not resolved. Are you both kids? Mehek, listen to me. Listen. This is us. Armaan please.
Don’t mess… -Kabir one second.
-Don’t mess with her head. This is us and I can see it Mehek. Ah… Right now, everyone can see it. -Patrick.
-Patrick. -I swear to God.
-I will smack your face. Just shut up and stand there. He is threatening me guys! I will live up to my threats too! Keep quiet Patrick. -A*****e.
-Please, shut up. Why are you yelling at me?
I don’t understand. Just relax buddy. -What?
-Patrick keep… Keep quiet. You are blaming me for your problems! Of course I’m blaming you dude. This is because of you. My freaking life is on hold now. Just because of you! Oh, so you are…
you are blaming me? Alright guys.
So now… -Look what you have done.
-You are blaming me! -Mehek please listen to me.
-I brought you here to Mauritius. You are here because of me. You met Sara because of me.
You should be thanking me! Otherwise, what is your life? What are you?
What’s your life? Same old boring routine… Breakfast at 7. Get ready quickly…
Then go to office. Come back late at night. Watch reality television… And go back to sleep.
You met Sara because of me! -You should be thanking me.
-Patrick. Listen you have nothing
to do with Sara, alright? I met her in the club. That club doesn’t belong to your father. And you can’t buy it on my card because you have spent
everything! Hey what’s up with this money talk? You are freaking loaded.
You have so much money! And if you didn’t want to do it then why did you take your corporate
jersey and enter the rat race? Slogging away to race ahead. -Exactly.
-It’s a rat race, bro! It’s a rat race. I have to work like a rat to earn my bread, that you took away from me, man! But you are doing so well. And you just got promoted! I didn’t get the promotion. What? I didn’t get it. Kabir! Why didn’t you tell me? Tell you what?
Tell you what? -You didn’t tell me?
-Screw you. I couldn’t say it.
Because it is extremely embarrassing dude. -Embarrassing?
-Yes. Exactly. That I didn’t get the promotion. I have put my job on hold… and I’m freaking vacationing
here in this country, with you guys.
Because it’s her bachelorette and she is not even serious about! Kabir.
Listen, it’s just a promotion. It’s okay.
There are bigger things happening here. -So look at that.
-Yeah. What are the bigger things, Mehek? What are the bigger things?
Huh? That Mehek is not able
to get over Armaan? -Kabir, shut up man.
-You shut up. You damn…
She is crying! Don’t cry alright?! This is not going to get resolved
just because you’re crying again. Just… Just make up your mind. You are getting married to a guy who is waiting for you, dude! He is not stupid. Kabir will you stop yelling at her? Don’t teach me how to talk to her alright? She is my friend too! Mehek. Mehek please hear me out. I have been standing
in this stupid robe. Listen to me! Mehek listen to me. I love you.
Don’t you get it? Armaan don’t do this. -Ah Kabir.
-Don’t do this. -Do what?
-Don’t mess with her life. Dude will you let me talk to her? Mehek… Mehek! Armaan, but I don’t love you. I don’t. Please get me out of here.
Please. Get it. Mehek! Damn! You saw that? This is why I should come back? Is this what you were saying?
Come home. Come home. Come home Armaan.
Everyone is here for you. I’ve been trying to hold my feelings
for her for 10 years. I can’t do it anymore. One second man.
Stop yelling first of all. Alright? Then what should I do? This is… This is not
going to come to you on a platter, Armaan. You have to hold your pants. Especially in front of your best friend. You are not a kid anymore. I have been trying to
get my head around this girl. It’s not happening.
I’m done. It’s not Mehek.
You can’t have her. She is getting married dude. Just… Get that in your head. I can’t do that.
I can’t do that. I will go mad.
I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m done! Yes… Great Armaan. Run away, like always. Uh… I’m really sorry man. I swear I didn’t know that money
was so important to you. -I really didn’t know it.
-You know what Prateik Gupta? All this happened because of you. Alright? And you have no idea about this. You have no idea how to earn money. I swear I didn’t… You are not sorry man. You are never sorry. You are never sorry.
This is all a joke to you, isn’t it? You have no clue about what’s happening here. You know what? You don’t give a damn. You don’t give a damn about anyone. Alright? This… Whatever you are doing… This… Just stop it. Alright? And I don’t need that money now. I don’t want you to
ask your father for money, and give that money to me. I don’t want that money. You freaking live with that guilt trip. That when I needed something
in my life the most, you took it away. Alright? This was your idea right. Coming here… To Mauritius? Right?
After what you did to me, freaking enjoy this vacation in Mauritius. You know, there’s something about childhood friends that you… You can’t… Oops! You can’t get enough of them. What nonsense is going on? She knows Hindi. What nonsense is going on? No… Nothing. We were just talking about uh… Our… Prom dates. Prom dates? Shut up. Really? Why? Who did you go out with? Tell her. A girl I wanted to… But I ended up going with somebody else. Who? Mehek. The bride? Yeah. No. No way, okay. Then what happened? Nothing happened. What do you mean nothing happened? I mean… Nothing happened. What do you mean? So, you and her were a thing? Sorry I just have so many questions. No, we weren’t a thing.
We just… We’re just friends. Okay got it. You have feelings for her. I do. But not the way you think it is.
Not that. Stop lying to yourself Armaan.
Just admit it to her. Shut up Kabir. She is getting married.
Are you mad? Ah… I was talking about Sara. So basically we suggested that… you know, it wasn’t not a great idea. Because eventually he
was going out of the country for studies and she would stay here. So you know, it’s not a great idea. What do you mean? I mean you know…
I mean… distance is a b****. I mean…
I mean… Eventually he would
go and she would be here. And then they will break up and then our group would be over. You know? That’s so selfish of you guys. Yeah but he didn’t disagree. He was like… In fact he liked the idea. Didn’t you? Yeah I mean… Wow! Wow! Wow! Like that’s a lot of information for me… And I can tell you one thing. You guys are friendship goals. It’s fine. It really is…

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