The Holidays in Dance

The Holidays in Dance

[MUSIC PLAYING] And now, in honor
of the holidays, I’ve added dancing to
classic holiday movies– whether it should
be there or not. Please enjoy This
ROCK ANTHEM] Party rock is in
the house tonight. Shake that. [CLAPPING] [LAUGHING] I’m running through
these hoes like Draino. I’ve got that devilish
flow, rock and roll no halo. We party rock. Yeah that’s the crew that
I’m reppin’, on our rise to the top. [LAUGHTER] No lead in our zeppelin. Hey. Party rock is in
the house tonight. [LAUGHTER] Everybody just have a good time. [LAUGHTER] Everybody just have a good time. Let’s go. Party rock is in
the house tonight. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

46 thoughts on “The Holidays in Dance

  1. i love how TV shows always make it to "trending" (the magic of creation -YouTubeTeam)
    Also nice use of copyright music. (how tf do you get away with that)

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