The Hotel | Learn Travel English With Friends

The Hotel | Learn Travel English With Friends

Aww yeah! Today you are going to learn
travel English for staying at a hotel with the TV series friends. What’s up! So before we get into a today’s real life lesson, I have a big announcement to make. Here at learning English with TV series we’re celebrating and having just hit 700,000 subscribers, and we actually blew right past it at the beginning of this week and it’s all thanks to all of your support for our Channel and our lessons, and together with you we’re really excited to soon be reaching 1 million subscribers So, if you have not subscribed yet I want to invite you to because we help learners to understand natives at any speed just like Joyce, who has been studying English
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  1. What percentage of TV series do you usually understand? 40%? 50%? If you would like to get closer to 80 or 90%, I definitely recommend you check out our Fluent with Friends course to have fun getting confidence and fluency in English! ??

  2. Thank you very much for the video. I just hope that you one day make a video about Robert Downey JR in Iron man or avengers because the way he talks is very difficult to understand.

  3. This method of learning english is very interesting and helping people in such a simple way to understand . Highly recommend!

  4. I like Airbnb not normal hotel coz the owner always gives my instruction and travel plan, giving me a sense of home.

  5. Congrats on the video!
    Learning English?
    I recommend the book 'Irregular Verbs. The Ultimate Guide '/ Amazon.
    Simple in form but rich in content!

  6. Traveling mostly with friends, my favorite type of accomodation on vacations is the B and B. It's just almost as sharing a home with your friends, which gives you a lot of space and flexibility.

  7. Hi I'm one of your students since March 2019, and I would like to ask you, please make a lesson where Joey is bulding kind of a mail box. (that he puts in front of his and chandler's room door) and This is in the 3º season There are a LOT OF new vocabullary in this scene. Please read this comment 🙁

  8. Am a student,still on a tight budget. So i only go travelling when my parents have money.And usually we choose a hotel cuzz of its reasonable price and including services.

  9. Family Doesn't stay in hotel – here I am not able to hear the sound of 'N' in Doesn't, it should be sound like doesn but it sounds like does only

  10. Hey, bro. I'm from Brazil. I really want to do your course, but I don't have the credit card number and my account in PayPal doesn't work to foreign tinny, so help me, How can I to pay your course living in Brazil less credit card number? Thanks if you can help me.

  11. It's a great job! Thank you for this channel! Does anyone know a similar channel for Spanish or French learners? It would be awesome to learn some Spanish and French this way.

  12. Cool video! Which gears are you using to make videos like this? By the way, if you like traveling blogs, check out my newly made channel, I will appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  13. I'm wondering why we pronounce the word "suite" as "sweet" instead of "suit"? Have I been pronounced wrongly for years? (18:10)

  14. Tq very much brother that method was easy to understand and so useful, hope your channel going to 1M Subscriber ?

  15. In spanish to say block we literally say “manzana” which means “apple” i would make sense to call New York “the big apple” since it’s best known for manhattan

  16. I think that I would choose a motel because it is cheaper. However…I think that the accomodation depends on the aim of the trip.

  17. Thanks a lot. I really enjoy with this and i'm really sure that i'll improve my English.
    Good luck,you are doing really best thing ❤❤

  18. I really like travelling in all inclusive because I haven’t any worries about where eat and I meet different stranger people

  19. I'd like to try all-inclusive, but I bet it's extravagant and that will cost me a lot of money. I think Motel is more approachable to a normal person like me.

  20. I'm learning a lot here, thanks so much. I would like to know why the vast majority of titles of Friends episodes begin "The one with …." or what It mean

  21. 21:15
    Do you ever get the feeling that Phoebe is habitually out to sabotage Monica's relationship with Chandler?

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