The hottest tourist spot for young people in Tokyo 2014【新宿で1番アツぃスポットへ潜入!】

The hottest tourist spot for young people in Tokyo 2014【新宿で1番アツぃスポットへ潜入!】

hi [Applause] [Music] [Music] my friend Jake and Josh until we capture again there’s a big beak in here we have to wait [Music] question you home picture the three bridges who came here and met a foreigner right well there’s some Japanese everything I don’t know but if you see that whisper whisper whisper whisper it’s like that Bank you have enough places okay okay I just talked to the English guy cuz you cannot count on America like a robot rescued anyone oh yeah we don’t have anything like that well go that’s why circus away okay it’s like this but it’s got to be similar there’s a lot of ice now we’re going to be waiting a wait around absolutely a small entrance and we come here and what years our in sexy outfits what kind of robot are funny inside the movie going to roll over at all to say okay okay I show I know where the salmon to this oh okay well what is dance okay this is weird it’s so Rosario oh okay big Dicky the Kings and they created this is like bizarrely uncomfortable for what it is trust me this is others I’m in heaven now you think this is comfortable yeah I have this is my throne oh yeah this place is so good music okay we have to come at 5:00 first because you know the show is from 6:00 but we have to wait for 30 minutes I’m kind of in disgust way too so yes [Music] they have been bigger [Music] okay I’m going to go to bathroom from now okay let’s see it’s even hard to give the hand oh oh gosh it’s horrible why no way it’s like hippy world you know okay I’m sure yeah I don’t want a piece actually check the guys I don’t have very some white side because this even guys bathrooms at trees vigorous and it’s very good about body singing now we’re just singing to entertain ourselves now we’re all bored yeah you don’t know [Music] [Music] [Music] being afraid of by the west of acting from now maybe some lion or tiger [Music] [Music] [Music] something’s going on understand what’s happening [Music] time [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] we ha [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Music] one gun themselves [Music] now from now you either say like you can take a picture with the robotic you want time you called me so much fun so yeah loved it better than what I expected right Bryn surprise em now I can say I can tell 6000 watch it work it’s okay

52 thoughts on “The hottest tourist spot for young people in Tokyo 2014【新宿で1番アツぃスポットへ潜入!】

  1. What Tha Hell ……………did I just watch………?? This is in Japan……well I have seen stranger things in Los Angeles.

  2. コレか~ …(-_-;)
    日本を誤解される ※悪趣味※バー
    外国人観光客さんに こんなのしか
    日本人として 申し訳無く 恥ずかしい (T_T)
    フロとレオが 一生懸命 色々紹介してくれるのに
    やっぱり 日本は エンターテイメント 後れてる…

  3. イエ~イ 4人ともあっけに採られたりリズムに乗ったりと ヤッタネ
    テンション上がりっ放しだったろうに 見て取れたよこの後嵌るのかなあ 

  4. This place looks so random but awesome!!! I really want to go see it! Nice seeing Shane and Josh!! They are cool! Those chairs at 4:00 look comfy lol. It looks like so much fun! (:

  5. 凄い、けばい店でしたねw  フローリさんの絶叫と、レオさんのポカン顔で楽しめました!

  6. ふーむ、こういう店って日本よりもニューヨークやパリとかでやったほうがもっと受け良いんじゃないかな。

  7. こういう場所は穏やかじゃないですね。6000円有ったら、ディズニーランド入れたのに。Deepではないけど。

  8. ごめん。おっちゃん付いていかれへん。(笑)

  9. I don't know if Josh has been in many gay bars in England, but I'm sure there will be at least one thats like that (maybe without the robots and costumes)

  10. 俺も動画でなんどかこのロボットレストランはみたけど

  11. 時々、伝統とか無視して、関係無いモンを寄せ集めてきて、変わったもん作るからなぁ。 よさこい、とか昔の歌舞伎とかもそやろな。

  12. 奇抜で面白いんだけど、統一感を出して欲しかったなぁ

  13. 始まるまではテンション低かったけど、終わった後のあの笑顔いいなw

  14. 新宿なんだけどメッチャ大阪の雰囲気がするやん。笑

  15. 6000円はぼったくり。

  16. 半分は大喜びし、もう半分は繭をひそめる。そんな感じだよね。結局エンタメは万人にうけなくたっていいんだよ。ってか、批判されるくらいクレージーなもの作んないとな。

  17. 日本人でもこういうところに行く人は少ない。

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