The Loud House Holiday Party Guide ?+ BONUS Clip | Nick

The Loud House Holiday Party Guide ?+ BONUS Clip | Nick

It’s Christmas Eve at the Loud house and
the Louds are throwing a holiday party. Isn’t this the most wonderful thing
you’ve ever seen? And that means a lot of fun,
but it also means a lot of work. So to help them figure out
who’s doing what, we created The Loud House
Holiday Party Guide. Let’s get merry! First things first, a holiday party is nothing
without holiday spirit. So who’s bringing that? Lucy? Oh, spirit of Goldie,
our late family fish, who really flushed you? Wrong kind of spirit. How about Lisa? It’s scientifically impossible
for the so-called Chris Kringle to deliver gifts to the approximately
one billion qualifying children. As you can see, X equals
no stinkin’ way. Ho-ho-hold up! That is not what we had in mind. I know, Mr. Grouse? Louds, shut off all those horrible lights! Well, that is the exact opposite
of holiday spirit. Let’s start with something easier. Every good party needs music. Luna’s the resident rocker, so she’ll be
rockin’ around the Christmas tree. [music playing] Done.
Next up, we need food. So, who’s cooking? Leni? Dinner’s almost ready, guys! Well, if she’s cooking like that,
it won’t be ready until next Christmas. Let’s leave this to Lynn Sr. His lasagna’s amazing. Don’t believe us?
Just ask Mr. Grouse. Mm-mm! I’d like to be alone with my lasagna. What about dessert?
Should Lynn Sr. make that too? You’re just in time to try the crown jewel
of old Dad’s Christmas Eve feast, the figgy pudding! [coughing] Uh, let’s leave dessert to someone else. I know, Lola, she loves sweets. [screaming] Just go easy on the sugar
this time, Lola. OK next up, decorations. Leni can be in charge of those. If they look half as good as
her outfits, then we should be all set. Forget what I was wearing before. This is the perfect Christmas outfit. Awesome, we are dashing through this! Lori’s the oldest,
so she can be in charge of presents. The sound of the paper tearing,
the smell of the tape, that moment when you stick
the bow in your hair. And Lynn can be in charge of games. Tonight’s special, it’s my… 300th win in a row! I am unbeaten by you chumps. [cheering] As long as she doesn’t get too competitive. Oh no! Lori opened up
everyone’s presents early! [nervous laughing] You guys got some great stuff. Mom will re-wrap the presents
and hang the stockings. You know what I want for Christmas? A bigger fireplace. Lily, are you “stocking” me? Looks like Lily will help Mom
with the stockings too. And Lori can be in charge
of the appetizers? Anyone for a mushroom polenta
on toast points? Ah, maybe not. Then what should Lori be in charge of? Party props! There you go!
Party props it is. Now, we need to have
a holiday atmosphere, literally. And for that we need snow. Lisa, can you help us out here? I called some friends at NASA. They pulled a few strings,
and a little cloud seeding later, we have ourselves another snow day! Brilliant, that’s a winter wonder-plan. Has anyone seen all my tinsel? – Shh…
– Oh, I’m gonna tell. No, no, no! Just ribbon ya! Uh-oh, Leni used all the decorations
to make dresses. Let’s put Lucy and Lana
in charge of decorations. Dang it, I’m out of balloons. Oh, I know. My emergency stash of ABC gum! And we’re gonna turn
a negative into a positive and make Leni in charge of
everyone’s holiday outfits. And this is plaid. So, um, is there a difference
between plaid and checkers? Huge difference. But to really help you understand, I should go get some samples
from downstairs. Lincoln, you’ve got a lot to learn. Speaking of Lincoln, he did say he wanted
to be in charge of entertainment. Knee farts! Um, I don’t think knee farts
count as entertainment. Let’s leave that to Luan. He jokes really “sleigh”. You know, like sleigh bells, anyone? OK, I’ll just leave
the holiday puns to Luan. Look at Dad getting figgy with it. There’s no time like the “present”. I just “sleigh” myself. But what is Lincoln gonna do? I know, he can be
in charge of party favors. Clyde can help him make
chocolate pies to-go. ? Mama’s little baby loves
Shortnin’, shortnin’ ? ? Mama’s little baby loves shortnin’ ? ? Bread ? All that’s left is Mr. Grouse.
What’s he gonna bring? You’ve all given me so much tonight. Now I’d like to give something to you. Ah, all of our stuff! [yelling] Wow, Mr. Grouse brought all the stuff
he’s borrowed over the years. Very sweet of you, Mr. Grouse. Anyway, that’s everyone!
We did it! But we’re missing one thing. The holiday spirit. Who’s bringing the holiday spirit? ? It’s what you give
Not what you get ? ? We’ve got the hard part figured out ? ? This year will be the best one yet ? ? ‘Cause that’s what Christmas
Is all about ? ? Merry Christmas from the Louds ? Aw, looks like everyone brought
the holiday spirit this year. Happy holidays from the Louds. See you next year for
The Loud House Holiday Party Guide. Let us know which Loud
you’d wanna spend the holidays with in the comments below. Now here’s a gift from us,
a special bonus clip. Yeah! [laughing] There’s nothing like another
whole day of lobbing frozen projectiles. Woo-hoo! Snow day!

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  1. Well, every year on Christmas, I would spend Holidays with Lincoln, his 5 lucky sisters Lori, Leni, Luan, Lucy and Lily, and his best friend Clyde.

  2. Hi I am going to send you some pictures of the girls I wanna I have a birthday ? in your name for your anniversary dinner ?

  3. Leni's dresses ?
    Luna's song ?
    Luan's jokes ?
    Lynn's games ?
    Lincoln and Clyde's pie?
    Lola's treats?
    And holaday spirit?
    Are my favorite fings.

  4. christmas is my faviourite holliday thank's nickelodeon?????‍♂️?‍♀️??????⛪?❄️☃️⛄???????️?✝️

  5. I would love to hang out with Lynn loud because she is a very sports and hockey players at an Huber in sports

  6. I have best is Rocker star bass, keyboard, vocal, guitar and drums to Luna!!! Merry Christmas to Luna! I have best is Rocker star basketball, scooter ball, hockey and more sports to Lynn! Merry Christmas to Lynn!


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