The Making Of Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” With Ivan Dixon & Justin Richburg | Framework

The Making Of Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” With Ivan Dixon & Justin Richburg | Framework

Ivan: The whole video is a celebration of
African-American culture. It’s all these really well-known people
doing quite normal family activities. There was a list of what Donald wanted to
see and in order. It was up to us to figure it out how to connect
all those things. Justin: I got the description of how people should look, but
he also gave me free range. But he know the type of artist that I am,
I like to do things to get under people’s skin. I was asking him, “Am I allowed to go all
the way?” He was like, “Nah don’t go too far.” So I kept it pretty tame. Ivan: Really wanted to suck the other hues
out of the palette. So it’s basically orange and pink and red
and really capture that hazy polluted feel which is something Donald wanted to see. Very early on, I decided I wanted this one-point
perspective where you got your vanishing point here, and everything originates from there. You’re not revealing what’s ahead of him to
the audience. So it’s revealed as Donald sees it. But yeah, Donald, he wanted to be kind of
expressionless. One of the notes from Donald was ‘Batman:
The Animated Series’, the 90s cartoon. He really liked that. Donald also wanted the theme to feel like
it was set at the magic hour, kind of sunset. So I told them what they should look up to
mimic that is a old cartoon movie by the name of ‘Bebe’s Kids’. Ivan: So this is Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott. Justin: With a lot of my designs, I try to
keep them up-to-date. What I noticed online, a lot of people was
confused about “Who is this?” “Who is that?” and it’s like you know,
my job is to keep it up to date. Like with Nicki, it’s kind of hard to do
that with women, ‘cause women are constantly changing up their look. So with the women in the video I tried my
best to go with their best looks. Ivan: This is Kanye West and being hugged
by Michelle Obama from behind. She kind of comes out of the shadows in this
unexpectedly creepy way. Justin: At first, the decision to make him
big like that, it wasn’t–didn’t really want to offend him or something, but I mean, if
he gonna do that, might as well put him at his worst. You know? Show them at their worst and show somebody
comforting them. ‘Cause he was obviously going through a
lot at that time, and the way I perceive it is you need love from the right people in
that home. This right here is Beyoncé. I chose this style of Beyoncé because like
I said it looked like a banging look. In the brief, it said to put Fredo on her
shirt. You know, a lot of people don’t know who
Fredo is. I was surprised but I thought a lot of people
knew who he was ‘cause you know he rolled with Chief Keef. So I think a lot of people, I’d seen a lot
of people online was saying, “Who is Fredo” “Santana on her shirt?” Ivan: It definitely seemed like a lot of people
through this section are particularly important to Donald. So, his idea to put a lesser known artist
on the biggest recording female musician in the world obviously means something. Justin: Yeah, and all this is basically, the
way he’s explaining is basically a daydream that he’s having. ‘Cause in the video, he closed his eyes during
the chorus and just daydream, basically reminiscing. Ivan: So, this is Shannon Sharpe. My theory is if you listen to the lyrics of
the song, it’s about climate change. And I don’t know it’s interpretations, but
people think Donald has created this world with all these celebrities doing things that
are pretty mundane, and that’s what everyone’s going to talk about. But the real song is about something different,
something much more arguably important for the planet. Justin: But if you look closely to it, right
here you look at the colors, we already assume who it is. XXX. He recently died and is melting. I see it as a symbol of somebody passing,
like when ice cream melts, time’s running out. Time ran out for him unfortunately. Justin: In the black community you have a
lot of drunk uncles. Older black guys that want to show off and
dance and the main line to use is, “You don’t” “know how to do this, young fella.” And then you have that one little cousin,
which is Wiz, he want to show that he can do the same thing too. Ivan: Yeah, so originally in the brief it
said that these guys were doing the Electric Slide. I was in the wrong state of mind when I read
that in the brief, ’cause there was all this people playing building blocks, people up
a tree, and I was like a slide in Australia is like a “slippery dip” we call it. Like, you know…like that. Justin: I said keep it to yourself but I just
exposed him by accident. Ivan: You better not tell anybody that. That makes you look so uncool. Justin: Knowing who’s who, like with JAY-Z,
it would’ve been just corny. You know what I’m saying? Just put him with the NY hat on or whatever. So this is one of your examples of keeping
up-to-date when you look at Wiz Khalifa’s up-to-date. Snoop, up-to-date. ‘Cause a lot of people didn’t know who this
was at first. ‘Cause they used to seeing Snoop in a certain
way. A lot of people not used to seeing him in
his dreadlocks and all that. Obviously, off the bat people knew who this
was, Diddy and Dre and Gucci. But these were the two that people were confused
about. Ivan: The way I see animation is it’s kind
of the purest form of film making because you’re starting with nothing. You can’t just point a camera at a building
and absorb that architectural information that somebody else has labored over. You have to make decisions and draw it. Justin: My interpretation of it, because you
know the video basically came out the end of summer, it’s just a cap off to the summer. That’s why it’s taking place during the sunset
and at the end of video he goes in the house and that’s the end of summer.

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    Great work BTW!!!

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    That's cool af.
    I need a show based off of that idea.

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