The Making Of The Embroidered Banners From The Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2020 Show Set

The Making Of The Embroidered Banners From The Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2020 Show Set

Traditionally in India,
craft is taught only from father to son. Women haven’t had a chance
to be able to have equal opportunity and an independent future. So, this school started
because we wanted to find ways and take responsibility
to preserve craftmanship and to reinvent it. My sister said that rather than
staying at home, doing nothing, I should seize this opportunity
to work and learn a craft. So, this idea
actually came from Maria Grazia, whom we’ve known all these years and who’s been a mentor
for craftmanship throughout. It was her who suggested
that we have this school for women, because it was time for women
to contribute to craftmanship. This is not an upscale thing. This is women
who are on the marginal side. Some of them are staying in the slums, some are just housewives
and here they come, and they are paid an honorarium. I come to learn new things, I love to do stitching
and embroidery and all of that. We teach them the history
of basic stitches. We have a one-year program.
They learn about, I think 700 stitches. And then, they are graded
and then, they do an internship. Hello, everybody!
Come, I want to show you the book. And then,
the internship is the live project. This time, we’ve had
the Judy Chicago project. They learned typography,
which otherwise they don’t do. Everything, how to do
colour combinations which we’re given. It was the first time that they worked
on this expense of panels. They’re huge, right? They’d never worked
on this size before. So, it’s interesting because Maria Grazia
helped us with some books and introduced me to Judy Chicago. And this whole idea
of equality and feminism is something that we first introduced
to the women. And through all these challenges,
they’ve been so excited to find expression. It only helps them grow
to finally be free. What if Women Ruled the World? If women ruled the world,
the world would be a more caring, compassionate place for everyone. With their families,
women are loving and caring. So they would probably be loving
and caring towards the world.

8 thoughts on “The Making Of The Embroidered Banners From The Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2020 Show Set

  1. Historically, fashion is based on cultures, stories, dreams. But today the word fashion is taking another turn. Dior, with the entry of Maria Grazia, is giving name to women, already tall and discriminated against by the beautiful being that gives and produces life. If there is something I will always say, to see a parade of Dior de MarΓ­a is an ancestral story, it is to see how each fragment of a book is formed and how much it does and says what it is. Maria, as I would like to see you more than kiss you, you are giving voice to the women of the world, from the crafts of Morocco that pass through India now where femicide is horrible, Dior, now is your moment better than ever. The bases of those of the architects were what today and now a woman will lead the ship, which carries it in waters of peace, Maria great work, Dior, great source of inspiration, voice and joy. CONGRATULATIONS…. @evelismag

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