The Maroons | Jamaica’s Forgotten Nation

The Maroons | Jamaica’s Forgotten Nation

This is the Maroon way of peeling coconut in the jungle Let’s see it. Right now we are in the John Crow Hills deep in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and things are about to get super interesting. We’re here at the Scotts Hall Maroon Town. The Maroons were originally escaped slaves who carved out autonomous regions within the hills of Jamaica. We’re meeting up with Colonel Pink who is the leader of this community. He’s going to share more about Maroon culture and what makes them unique in Jamaica. The Maroons are descended from West African slaves brought to Jamaica by the Spanish. They escaped slavery and fled to the mountains to live off the land with the Taino Indians. But their numbers surged in 1655. When the British invaded Jamaica, the Spanish abandoned their plantations, and more slaves escaped to join the Maroons in Jamaica’s isolated central mountains. When the British tried to take control, the Maroons fought two guerilla wars, eventually forcing the British to recognize their autonomy and establish their freedom in late 1700s, more than 50 years before the British abolished the slave trade, and over 200 years before Jamaica’s independence. My name is Marko, and I’m one of the Vagabrothers. I’m Alex, and I’m also one of the Vagabrothers. Nice to meet you guys. Just to explain some more about Maroon Town…. Is that a warning for the farmer up there saying it’s you guys; it’s ok? When we were coming up the valley, you guys were blowing that. That’s so cool. Yeah. It’s so cool. It’s just a really fascinating story. This culture has been here for hundreds of years. The first freed people here in Jamaica and they did it through perseverance and will power. Colonel Pink and the captain just explained to us that this village is now turning itself into a tourist destination with a bed and breakfast and cultural experiences open to visitors. We’re in the back of this flatbed truck going down this dirt road heading down to the river. It’s pretty awesome. The entire group is here with their drums with their horns, making a racket. This is wild right now, honestly. I had no idea we’d be doing this, but I’m so happy that we did. I have to say that as a traveler, it’s such a privilege to be able to see this, to be able to partake in this. You can see from these mountains here that this is really rugged terrain If you can’t tell, we are bouncing around. It’s this impassible terrain that first allowed the Maroons to escape here from British rule and that has since allowed them to preserve their culture. One of the squad has just climbed the fruit tree. He’s twenty feet in the air, and he’s just chucking ripe apples down. As you can see, very nice. It’s not easy to get in; it’s not easy to get out, but we’re finding that if you make it here, it’s very much worth the trip. We have taken the truck down to this village in the middle of this valley. It’s down by the river, and now we are heading into the jungle. We’re cruising with the Maroon, and we’re going in. We’re standing next to what’s literally called the Irie River. Jamaica is full of rivers; that’s where the name comes from. The Taino people were the original inhabitants in Jamaica. In Arawak, their language, this means the land of wood and water. Jamaica still is one of the biggest producers of potable water in the world. That’s why cruise ships stop here to restock, and they still export their water as far as Singapore and other countries. What’s that mean? Maroon picnic. He’s picking fruit. Yeah, he’s picking fruit. Mmmm. It’s kind of like a plum. One of the things that is fascinating it just seems like every couple of feet, we’re being stopped and told that this plant is used for that or this fruit is edible; you can make a spice or a marinade. I think that’s one of the coolest things about being here. We’re getting some serious knowledge on the usage of all the different plants. Want some? The Maroons only survived because they knew how to live off the land. I think it’s really interesting how the structure of the society has military names like Colonel, Captain. It’s almost like you can see how this was a culture that was formed during wartime and that cohesion of being a unit walking through these valleys, you can still see where it came from. it’s very cool. But it’s all peace and love now. All peace and love now. No more war. Right behind us is a water fall and back in the day, this was the only entrance into the Maroon’s village, which would have been way up there. We always use a river as our road. We just arrived at the river, and we had a really interesting surprise. Some more of the Maroon community just came up the river with some spear guns, fishing. It’s the way the Maroons have traditionally fished for food to eat, but it looks like the freshest way to catch a fish. Well, that was one of the coolest experiences we’ve had in a very, very long time. Big up for the Scotts Hall Maroon Community for welcoming us into their lands and sharing their cultures with us so that we can share it with you guys. Definitely, if you come to Jamaica, make sure you check out the Maroons. We’ll leave some contact information in the info box because the door’s open. Alright guys, if you enjoyed that video, you know what to do: thumbs-up, share it with your friends. Drop a comment and subscribe if you haven’t already. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace. This is insane.

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  1. The Maroons were already there NOT from West Africa as Caucasian people would like the aboriginal indigenous people who inhabit the Island of Jamaica to believe

  2. Big up and respect, I love learning and re-learning about my ancestry, its so important. Thenk yuh to the elders who continue to teach us. I’m sorry if this sounds hateful, mi nuh mean it like dat but the two Americans should have just kept quiet and done the filming, shame they had to be there at all. No need for such interference, this is our lineage not a Hollywood movie.


  4. Maroons aren't a forgotten nation. We still learn about them in our high school history books along with other enslaved people who freed themselves from slavery. This is not new. Thank you for trying to educate other people about the rich history of the Caribbean.

  5. Any maroons here? We don't have to worry about their trick in trying to colonize us because we can read their minds and know what they are up to. I want to reunite with my maroon families.

  6. Why whites sharing our story? This is not valid and I disapprove . You guys in Jamaica must stop from telling your formers slave master your secrets keep them out our ancestors disapprove.

    Wake up Jamaican, I stop watching this video in 1 minute

  7. Proud of you my fellow African brothers. Down here in Haiti one of the most beloved figures among our valiant forefathers who kicked the butt of the French invaders was known as "Nèg Marron" and he originally came from Jamaica. If only we could elect leaders who know their history and who would put the people first and not serve the interest of the imperialists, our people would prosper and cooper better. We are all the same after all, displaced Africans living in the Caribbean.

  8. Enjoy it long as you can. One of the Jamaican worker at the company told me he is sceptical about the Chinese influence in Jamaica.

  9. Jamaican heritage. Born in Britain. Maroons very strong. The Maroon Wars with the British until 1796. Please buy the DVD, Akwaaba, Maroons of Jamaica, and Queen Nanny.

    Maroons own their own land, and civilization.

  10. Something is happening where the rich white people, other people from overseas are buying up land. And the nerve of them are saying they dont like black people being there. I am afraid in the future the white people may push out the jamaicans and take over again. Jamaica is beautiful and jamaicans are beautiful. I hope that they can stop this before Jamaica is not Jamaica anymore.

  11. West African slaves huh? Lying ass European! I’m from Portland Iamayca. My family & ancestors are from Iamayca. I did a DNA test through 23&me. Results, 94.1% American(continent). I then sent my results to a geneticist.

    Conclusion, through genetic evidence my ancestors has been in Iamayca & the Americas for over fifty thousand years.

    This DNA evidence is on record with any corporation, government or otherwise who claim that I was a Slav from Africa. Game Over!!!

  12. All this talk about the "White Man" (fair point, LoL but I doubt it's the vagabrothers) being a threat, when Jamaica is now economically owned by the Chinese….Many Chinese do not hire Jamaicans, exclusionary restaurants et cetera…..Many Chinese are very anti-black/racist and view us as not equal to them. Try having dark skin in China…while not being famous….LoL…such is humanity.

  13. I was told I was of the Nanny of the Maroons by an Ancient who lives Sava la mar. I want to know more. He seen the Spirit in me

  14. Brothers and sisters we Jamaican is more than maroon we are God's holy treasure the children of Israel the real Hebrews of the bible

  15. Dear Maroons, you all better stop letting strangers in your business. More hiding, less show and tell. Show and tell will come back to bite you. Next thing you know they will be plotting your genocide and subsequent land theft.

  16. Where are the Taino Indians? Why only African Caribbean? and When did the colonial liberation happen and Why are they still telling this history?

  17. To my American brothers and sisters.Do you see what's possible when a people stick together for a common cause?

  18. One Love to all peoples many blessings , here right now is where we are at , let's make it beautiful in Love ,Light and Understandings ???

  19. Maroons ? Talk tell the words of the treaty to catch a slave running away from his so call white master and return him. Traitors to me don't care what anyone of you want to say MAROONS are TRAITORS to any other SLAVE that wasn't appart of there group.?????? Need to go live in the #@&. Culture of Jamaica sell out our own.??

  20. Im dropping these Gems because I'm tired of hearing the lies. I love the African people but im sorry to say we are not African. The false information is a part of the indoctrination of the Indigenous American from the West Indies. Whoever seeks knowledge and truth, please watch this video. Its long, but it has all the information to get you on the correct path…
    We are not African!!!

  21. 10:02 Nyankopon is the name for god of the Akan/Ashanti people of Ghana. Afrikanisms at its finest! Shout out to all the survivors of the Afrikan diaspora!


  23. I thought this was very informative. However "Vagabond" was very rude. Calling the music racket and saying other sly and offensive comments. Though I shouldn't be surprised. You are a white American afterall.

  24. Marloom tribe in Jamaica is my tribe in Ghana so I know that they're my tribe people so I understand the last word they used so Respect! I love the Video!

  25. I am a Ghanaian. And I have fallen in love with their culture. I feel this great connection with the Maroon people. One Love.

  26. 10:03 the lady mentions the Name of God, she says, "Nyangkingpong", this is identical with the Akan word (West African language), "Onyankupon" with exactly the same meaning.

  27. The UK owes the maroons in Jamaica Billions in Reparations. Our Jamaican Government is made up of some of the wickedest people on earth. They allowing the mining companies to deforest Jamaica and non of our Jamaican lawyers have the intelligence to start a class action suit against the Jamaican Government, England and the United States for interfering in Jamaica's economic domestic affairs and for the war they have waged against the Jamaicans in the U.S.. Plus the profiling and harassment we face while living here.

    Then too many Jamaicans are too backwards and dumb to think further than the next flaws of rum, or crotches and possessed with idiot the bad man songs and kill a niggauh music they listening to, to even come together and have a serious discussion about this.

    Yet wi rather kill each other over two pound a weed and live through the most disgrace and embarrassment and come on social media and further disgrace ourselves and those who know better have fi afraid fi talk because the idiot dem wi laugh wi to scorn and mock wi and jere wi or worst fight and kill wi. Mean while the real bad man dem a the Chinese, Arab and German dem a run Jamaica cause they making billions of Jamaicans a year and the murder rate sky high a Jamaica and the Chinii, Arab and German them a live good and a gwan like dem own yard and we dedde like pour ting as rich as we get wi still a suffer cause our Jamaican dollar nuh
    Whutt faught. And before we fight government and politics wi get up every day a sabotage each other, cutting each other throats and calling on the name of God. Sad! Very Sad!

    Wi head really Gone Fi true. The bauxite and aluminum dust gan to we brain!

    Watch "Fitzie Niceness – Topic" on YouTube

  28. i would like to ask these brothers why they are so interested in the Maroons who defeated the white people who looked on BLACKS as nothing I do not blame these 2 but do not give away too or all of your secrets in the end they will come back to bite you up the backside. Good knowledge for some blacks who do not try to know their background.

  29. The Maroons were bounty hunters for runaway slaves..which was part of the 1739 Treaty between the Maroons and the British Government…

  30. I guess they are demonstrating how they kept runaway slaves inline… they are showing the places the slaves would hide and where they had to climb to get them because the British soldiers weren't able to reach them…

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