The MOST BEAUTIFUL place in Mexico

The MOST BEAUTIFUL place in Mexico

Hello Tangerineys, from the absolutely gorgeous
Pueblo Mágico, Bacalar. [Music] It sits right next to this beautiful Lagoon
with all these different colors of blue and green. Which is why it’s known as the Lagoon of Seven
Colors. You look out and literally just see shades of turquoise and aqua and blue. It’s so gorgeous and it’s crystal-clear waters
too! I am so freaking stoked to show you guys what
it is like here in Bacalar. Jordan goes, “if I accidentally fall in, I’m
going to throw the camera to you.” We really need our coffee, so let’s go find
some breakfast. [Laughter] [Music] For our stay in Bacalar, we got a
private room in a house right on the Lagoon. So we have an awesome location and we got
that for about 40 bucks a night but if you want to be on the lagoon in most places – Like
$100, $150, depending on the season. Ouch! But this property is really cool, it’s like
– we got a very tiny room but it’s a private room, the beds are super comfortable! And anytime we want we can go use her kayaks. We’re about 20 minutes outside of the center
of town, so for now we’ve just been walking and getting some exercise. [Music] Hello! Hello! Good morning! Welcome! [Music] Hello. Hello. Welcome! Thank you. Here you go! The house special is huaraches. Welcome and I’ll be with you shortly. Thank you. This is habanero chile, it’s very spicy. This is serrano (type of chile) And this is a delicious chipotle mayo. This one isn’t spicy. So this place is called
La Piña and they bring out these sauces with a pineapple leaf as the spoon. Here’s your silverware. And we’re ready (to order). Okay, tell me. I would like “huevos especiales” with avocado on the side and tortillas (instead of bread). And for me, the same thing as yesterday. Bacalareños, please. Without onion. Thank you. Thank you. My meal was 60 pesos and with that,
I got scrambled eggs, rice, beans, avocado. I can’t eat the avocado, so I always give it to
her. And handmade tortillas. And I got something called Huevos Bacalareños and I don’t know if this is actually Bacalarian food, if it’s a Bacalarian dish but it is
magical tasting and has so much flavor. I forget how much it is… 85. And it’s like
this huge bowl of scrambled eggs, Chaya, and the delicious… whatever the heck the red
sauce is. I don’t even know but it’s so good. I think it’s just a play on huevos moltuleños
minus the ham, minus the peas. So, a totally different dish but it is a play
on that word construct. But it’s the same type of sauce. Ah. Maybe. It is. I really like it back here though,
it’s like total quiet sanctuary. This is our second time here and they have
some live music going on right now. This does often happen in Mexico where a musician
will come in, play for the restaurant and then they just expect like some pocket change
tips and we always do that. If they’re trying, they’re playing music and
it doesn’t sound like a cat is being murdered, we give them… We were just at Tulum when a guy came up to
our table, he was rapping in Spanish about our food, about us. About our food, he was like talking about
my mandala tattoo, and I’ve never heard anyone talk that fast and make stuff up on the spot,
so we were like “hell yeah, you deserve this, here you go buddy”. [Laughter] Gracias. Thank you. Thanks a lot. Have a beautiful day. Bye. Have a good day. See you later. You as well. Thank you. The thing I loved about that place,
La Piña is, besides their food being amazing, they have all these smoothies borrachos, like
drunken smoothies, which is just freshly-blended goodness of fruit and whatever else, plus some type of liquor, so you know I’m on board with that [Laughter]. We got one today called a “Torito” which we’ve
had at a Veracruz restaurant in Puerto Morelos and it contains milk, peanuts, and tequila,
and a whole bunch of goodness. But it’s like dangerous because we’re going
there for breakfast and it’s hard to like say no to something that great for, what is
it? 80 pesos or something? Mm-hmm. 80 pesos each. But yeah, it’s like, it’s kind of early though. [Laughter] Never too early. [Laughter] When we booked our place, we saw that it was
supposed to be about 90 degrees and we didn’t have air conditioning, we were a little bit
nervous about that. In the Sun, walking down these streets,
it’s really really hot! But then you get in shade or you get by the lagoon and it’s much much
cooler. It honestly feels like AC here, I mean that’s
like how an evaporative cooler works, it’s blowing wind across water and it makes it
cooler so it feels so nice and refreshing being near or by the water. But yeah, in the
sun it just like soaks it right in. It’s not the most uncomfortable place staying
without AC in this these temps but I would definitely prefer it. I want to show you guys something really cool. If these things are what I think they are,
it is the earliest sign of life on earth. They’re called stromatolites and although
not very pretty looking, they are made up of millions of bacteria, it’s kind of like
a type of rock. There are only two places in Mexico where
these exist, here in Bacalar and also in the state Coahuila. So I think that is pretty cool. In just outward appearances, you probably
wouldn’t think they’re that special. [Music] One of the many things you can do
in Bacalar is kayaking which I’m doing for some nice quiet time, alone time to think. It’s just incredible to be around all of this
sparkling, gorgeous, diamondy water. If you’re anything like me, I was like “why
the heck is it so clear where most lakes aren’t? Most lakes are murky and kind of gross looking”. Well, it is because this is the largest limestone
purified lagoon. Basically, the groundwater seeps through the
limestone and becomes crystal clear creating this gorgeous gorgeous colors. Dang, it is relaxing out here! There’s literally no one, there’s no one else
boating, no one kayaking. Do you here that? It’s nothing. I think I see something. Oh, it’s some Amigos! Oh, Laska is scared. Yeah, she is scared. Hi. Having fun Laska? She was scared at first but now she’s having
a lot of fun. I decided to put my legs around her and now
she’s fine. I used to take her paddleboarding with me. Just like this, she was scared at first but
then after she got used to it, she loved it. And she does know how to swim. We’ve been looking forward to going to Bacalar
for some time now and I have to say in no way did it disappoint! Bacalar is amazing! [Music] Okay, I know I look like a total ragamuffin
right now or at least that’s what my nana would say. What does that even mean? Discombobulated, I don’t even know. It’s like – do you ever have that, a word
that you know how to use it, like I know when I look like a ragamuffin. [Laughter] But anyway, um we’re
headed to dinner right now. To this place we went last night which is perhaps like top
three coolest restaurants I’ve ever been to which is why we’re going there again. I think we’ll probably go there for dinner
like every day until we leave. [Laughter] This is actually one we found online and I
couldn’t believe it, it had almost 3,000 reviews on Google. For such a small town. Yeah, for such a small town. But it’s called La Playita and they have like
this cool maze of wooden planks throughout and it goes right up next to the Lagoon. Oh it’s so pretty! And then there’s this big
tree, there’s like a canopy over the whole thing. It’s a very like rainforest cafe, but in real
life. The real deal. And the food, oh! And the drinks, ah! And the prices are pretty good too, like you
can get, I mean pretty good for on the lagoon. Yeah, I would expect it to be like double
the price of what they actually are. I mean you can get a plate of tacos for 100
pesos give or take, so yeah it’s not the – Get off the road. Its not the cheapest tacos ever but for being
on the lagoon, for the location and the ambience and everything that’s going on, it’s awesome! One super cool thing about this restaurant
is it’s literally attached to it, you have this dock going out to the lagoon. This is cool. God, I love Bacalar. See you later. See you later. So we basically ended up just eating
cheese for dinner. We had this delicious cheese plate. The cheese plate was one of the most expensive
things on the menu but we couldn’t pass it up. We always like to give prices for people like
curious about visiting an area so you know what it is, what you could – Flies everywhere
– What you can afford and how much things are. In our experience, small towns are some of
the most affordable but Bacalar really isn’t. Bacalar is probably one of the most expensive
small towns we’ve been to. What we’re paying $40 for and what we can
get in other places, it’s cool that it’s on the lagoon, but.. Yeah. It’s expensive for a tiny room. It’s a shared outdoor bathroom. You’re sharing it with, I don’t even know how many people in one house, and it’s a campground, so you’re
sharing it with like seven or eight tents of people. And then let’s talk about the outdoor
shower that you’re sharing with all of those people too. That you can see right into. You can just look right in! Oh hey? You do have a beautiful view of the Lagoon
from here though. And over here and over here. [Laughter] If you’re tall
enough. [Laughter] Okay, bye bye. All right, good morning. We are out on Laguna Bacalar paddle boarding. Yeah, we had to get up at – A little louder. We had to get up at the ass crack of dawn
[Laughter] so that we could see dawn and see the sunrise. Oh my gosh, it was so pretty! It is so gorgeous here in Bacalar especially
when you’re out on the water. Did you say that this is isla de pájaros? No. This is Island of Birds, and it’s protected
so we can’t get that close, they have buoys protecting it all around. We actually booked this experience through
Airbnb, it was about $30 a person, and it includes paddle boarding for like four hours, and some snacks, and water. Maddie is coming out of the Cenote. So we are in, right now, Cenote Esmarelda, and
it is a hundred and no – 70 meters deep. You can see so far down in this thing, it’s crazy
and it’s in the Lagoon. A Cenote within the Lagoon. [Music] Now we’re at Cenote Negro and this is shaped
like it has a drop-off that goes down 170 meters deep. So we can see the edge of it
here and that’s it. And then it just goes down to darkness and scary stuff and the Loch Ness
monster probably. [Laughter] So we just got done with our paddleboarding
tour, that was really really really fun! I’m going to have this sorest arms of all time
tommorow. Oh yeah. If you guys want to do something like this,
a paddleboard tour in Bacalar, we’re gonna put Antonio’s information so you can book
it. It’s just $30 right now and he provided
like fruit and told us a whole bunch of history about Bacalar. Two thumbs up, five stars, highly recommend. It was a lot of fun. Yeah. And now we’re going to a breakfast place that
our guide recommended. So, this restaurant kind of has like a little
store where they sell organic products and things like that. And then you come back here
and there’s like this garden here that’s really cool and there’s live music. These guys, I believe they said they’re from
Argentina. And they’ve got like a guitar player, trombone, flutist, and like a guy on kind of
some type of drums. They are really good! [Music] There’s a big-ass turkey right here. I have this uncanny ability to communicate
with animals. Dogs, cats, and turkeys. [Maddie gobbling] [Turkey gobbling] [Laughter] [Maddie gobbling] [Turkey gobbling] [Laughter] [Maddie gobbling] [Turkey gobbling] [Laughter] [Maddie gobbling] [Turkey gobbling] [Laughter] I could do this all day! [Laughter] [Jordan gobbling] Jordan, I’m sorry. [Laska barking] You
want to go kayaking? [Laska barking] You aggressively want to. [Jordan imitating Laska] So, before we came here, we were looking at
Instagram, seeing what it look like and in so many pictures, people were on these swings
which looked like so much fun swinging out over the water. So right now Now we’re going in search of
said swings. Hola! Say hi Laska. Hi Laska [laughs]. We’ve been paddling for a while now and we’re
hoping it’s just around the riverbend or the Laguna bend [laughs]. The Laguna bend. But we’re not sure, so wish us luck. [Music] I don’t know how well you can see this guys,
but this teal water and shades of darker blue, absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous! Laska [Music] We found swings! The water keeps it from being a very swingy
swing. [laughs] It’s like you have to paddle and
then you can swing. [Laughter] Ahhh! Now this is a great vantage point! [laughter], but how
do you swing? [Laughter] Ok, I’m gonna pull you guys for a little
bit. No hands! Is it like having your head out of the car window Laska? Laska, you are adorable with your one paw up! Time of your life! [Laughter] We are exhausted after that long kayaking
stint. It seems like a good idea going there. And then going back, it was more windy,
your arms just get so tired. But now we have to go replenish and this road
is really bumpy. Replenish our calories – we’re going to the
fort, the fort of protecting Bacalar from pirates. So, behind me is the Fuerte de San Felipe
or the fort, this is where they would look out over the waters and see if pirates were
coming. If you are a foreigner, it’s – what was it
a hundred and? A little over a hundred pesos. A little over a hundred pesos, if you’re from
Mexico, it is going to be you fifty two. So we’re just gonna go ahead and pass because
I do believe recording isn’t allowed in there anyway. But this is a place where you can go
to get panoramic views of Bacalar. So, if you’re interested in seeing the waters from way up
high, then I recommend coming here. Alright guys, so we love Bacalar, we absolutely
love this place! And we would definitely vacation here. I think it would be a bit too expensive for
us to live here but – especially given the options that I saw available online for like
monthly rentals, it’s just kind of outrageous for what you’re actually getting. And speaking of online rentals, if you’re
booking an Airbnb, be careful and make sure you’re actually booking one in Bacalar because
there’s some nearby towns and some of those those listing, so those people are trying to
make you think you’re booking a place in Bacalar, and you’re not. And if you’re thinking, “oh my gosh, Bacalar
looks amazing and I want to go there!” First of all, I don’t blame you. But please hear this, if you want to come
to Bacalar, please hear this; we saw something that I think is so true and it sad. Bacalar is as fragile as it is beautiful and
it is beautiful! But there’s some stuff that we think is really
important for tourists to know when coming here. Like for instance, wear natural sunscreen,
don’t wear the like spray-on chemically stuff, it’s bad for your body, it’s super bad for
Bacalar lagoon! Don’t touch anything like the stromatolites that I told you about. Yeah, don’t stand on them, don’t touch them. It’ll kill them. And as our guide Antonio told
us, those are the lungs of the lagoons. So they like purify everything that’s coming
into the lagoon. One of the reasons why the water is so clear. Yeah, something else if you can, choose paddle
boards, choose kayaks, choose wind – sail boats – sail boats, don’t choose boats. The boats are so polluting. We were talking to our hosts and apparently
locals are trying to organize something where there’s like one day a week where boats aren’t
allowed on the lake and hopefully that will increase to more days a week where they aren’t
because they’re doing such terrible things to it. Each time a motorized boat would drive by,
we could smell the fumes. And if you’re gonna get a motorized boat out
here, at least get a clean burning engine! Come on! I’m not trying to lecture but all I’m trying
to say is if you want this to look like this when you get here, then try to take care of
it and encourage others to do the same thing. Locals here are really pushing to keep it
clean and to treat it with respect. If you know someone who would love to visit
Bacalar, please share this video with them. And give this video a thumbs-up if you enjoyed
it, please subscribe our channel to see our upcoming adventures, we’re going to Mahahual
which some people say is even better than Bacalar, I don’t know how that’s possible,
but we shall see. But one more thing… [bell rings] GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a new video… And we will see you in Mahahual [music]

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