The Most BIZARRE Tourist Attractions in the World!

The Most BIZARRE Tourist Attractions in the World!

100 thoughts on “The Most BIZARRE Tourist Attractions in the World!

  1. Thank you for adding the gum wall from Seattle. It's so strange…. I live in Washington and don't even understand it.

  2. Really love the show!! keep up the good work!

    (want to know more weirdness?? look for the weirdest musea in Europe (Or America, or Asia))

  3. In Belgium: they have 3 of the pissing statues, 1. Manneken(boy) 2. Jeanneke(girl) 3. Zinneke(dog)… seen all three- bizarre art is a beautiful thing!

  4. …… is…. it bad that I actually been to the Wall of Gum in Seattle when I use to live in Washington…..

    ….. and that I actually put a piece of gum there….?

    . H .?

  5. Omg last summer i went to The Thing? I went there as a surprise cause my Grandparents and older cousin were telling me about it.


  7. i never knew about the big poo, and i live an hour away from kiama. P.S. the pictures used are of the big potato in robertson

  8. It's High Point NORTH Carolina and yes, they are the furnishing capital of the US. I live about 20 minutes away from High Point…

  9. i'm just happy that there not be robbers on that prada store… if they put cctv there, if not then robbers would be happy with.

  10. Here's another one.
    This man once created a large piece on canvass using ants as the medium in South Korea.
    It was a tourist attraction for a while.

  11. You obviously didn't know about Khajuraho , the indian version of love park. Its like Kama sutra in structure form. Made thousands of years ago.

  12. Ive been watching your videos for an hr now and you said my city name El Paso which aint even near the thing , are you watching me !? Lol Jk

  13. I'm not sure if you did one on the strangest places to eat or restaurants, but it a restaurant that exists theme toilets! I forgot where it is, but everything in this place, from your chair to your actual dinner ware is in the shape of a ?!

  14. I live in Dudley and forgot about the 'Dudley Eye' until I watched this. Nobody ever went on there and even the people of Dudley thought it was hilariously stupid. What has put Dudley on the map is the Black Country accent which makes me laugh even though I am a local.

  15. High Point, North Carolina, also featured a giant chair (like a kitchen chair). Not sure if it was the largest kitchen chair, but I know it was huge. Why is Zip the Pinhead shown in the thumbnail for this video?

  16. Matt I want you to know for a week I've been binge watching your work. In other words, you are simply awesome.

  17. "You know George, no one comes to our city." "I have an idea, Mr Mayor!" "What is it?" "We should make [insert one of these ideas here]!" "George…" "Yes, sir?" "You're a genius!"

  18. It’s a big potato.. just as the signs right in front of it say.
    It’s part of our country’s big food obsession

  19. You forgot the world's largest thermometer just outside of Las Vegas and California State line!

  20. Thank you Matt for your hard work I watched your update vid and your leaving vid I hope you find peace and joy and love in your life. I am still happy to see you when you can your videos are so educational and for a stay at home mom like me do provide a "window to the outside world". Just do what you can at your own pace and don't stress over it I am going to be a fan for life regardless HUGZZZZ from me to you <3.

  21. Maybe I'll go to the restroom park since I'm gonna be moving to Korea and gonna live close to that city xD lol

  22. what do you mean I can't take my kids to love land. I wanna show them all the positions me and their mom did to conceive them lol.

  23. We also have a big chair in thomasville north Carolina only about 15 minutes from high point north Carolina

  24. Hey Matt here is an interesting fact for you – The day you posted this video, August 16, 2018, was also the 41st anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley AND you mentioned Elvis at the beginning of the video!! Lol..

  25. Soooooo, there is a love attraction for tourist in my home country, South Korea, where I was initially born? Ok cool, and I thought Japan is weird

  26. Love ur videos my dude been watching since 2014 with subtitles lol ? I’m HoH but ur videos make me laugh plus learn something new much love from BMore md #??

  27. Matt the high roller in Las Vegas, NV is the highest , biggest Ferris wheel in the world,Well its in technically Paradise, NV thats where the strip is .

  28. These places have weird but interesting attractions. While in New Orleans, our biggest attractions are drinking while walking down Bourbon Street, The Superdome, The mansion from "Stay Alive", and the very first Popeye's. Although, we have a lot more to offer.

  29. How about this for a bizarre tourist attraction:
    Gopher Land. Walk and crawl through a maze of underground holes akin to ones dug by the attraction’s titular animal, play games such as Whack-A-Gopher, Gopher Toss, and Gopher Bowling (with fake gophers of course) and dine out at Burger and Hot Dog stands, Giant Pizza Slices, A Salad Bar, Chinese Cuisine, Tacos, Giant Corndogs, Funnel Cake, Ice Cream, and pies and meet our mascot Gregory Gopher!

  30. There really is a Museum of poo. It was fossilized to a rock from dinosaurs and what ever else pooped it out. I saw it on the discovery or the History Channel. It was a few years ago but this shook that memory loose.

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