The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World!

The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World!

Travel is one of the best things to do to
refresh the souls. The sights and people you meet are often so
wonderful that they leave a mark on you forever. And yet, there are a few places which could
indeed be the last place you ever go because they are pretty dangerous! 15. Danakil Desert. When you step onto the Danakil desert, you
would be forgiven for thinking that hell would pretty much look like that. Relentless temperatures, wastelands of salt
and weirdly colored rocks are all you see here. The Danakil desert is located in the Afar
region of North East Ethiopia and it is unbelievable that people actually live here! Danakil is probably the hottest place on Earth
and receives very little rainfall. To make things even closer to resembling hell,
there are bubbling lava lakes, mutli colored hydrothermal fields spread around which make it look like a scene from another planet. The area is also referred to as the cradle
of humanity because of the pre-historic fossils found here which suggest that this was where our species first evolved! 14. Mount Washington. When you earn the reputation of being one
of the most dangerous hikes in the world, there must be something pretty dangerous right? Mount Washington is a 6200 foot mountain and it is home to the strongest wind ever recorded by a weather station : 231 mph! The reason for it being such a dangerous place
is that three major storms tracks all come together here and that is why the winds are
so strong here. There is a hiking trail that exists, but even though there are many warning signs telling people not to try it! But well, people ignore them and there have
been over 137 recorded deaths since 1849. 13. Mount Huashan. Looking at pictures of a person crossing a
narrow plank over 2000 feet in the air may be enticing, but it is actually very far away
from alluring! Known as the world’s most dangerous hike,
Mount Huashan is one of the 5 sacred mountains in China. It has been part of folklore for thousands
of years and there are numerous shrines scattered in it. And then, there are a few impossible pathways carved on the mountains which are dangerous for even the most experienced hikers. It is said that there is only one true path
up the Huashan mountain which is a 12 km trek and rises 1800 feet. Supposedly, it took over 3000 years to build! 12. Death Valley. Well they might say what’s in a name, but
when the name says Death Valley, you really wouldn’t want to visit would you? Located in Eastern California, in the northern part of the Mojave desert, Death valley is one of the hottest places on Earth. Surrounded with tall mountains, and the lowest area of Earth in the Western hemisphere, the Badwater, Death valley is a strikingly beautiful
place. But that doesn’t take away from the danger
though. The temperatures can go as high as 57 degree
celcius! So if you do decide to take a trip through
Death valley, make sure your car air conditioner is in top notch condition! 11. Madidi National Park. Located in the Upper Amazon river basin in
Bolivia, the Madidi national park is as close to a jungle paradise as it could possibly come to. And yet, this paradise is dangerous, to say
the least. It spans over 19000 square kilometers and
is one of the largest protected areas in Bolivia. Madidi is known for its vast flora and fauna
and yet, that plant life could literally kill you. Almost anything that you touch in Madidi can give you intense itching, rashes and dizziness. In fact, even the slightest cut or wound can
become infected with tropical parasites and pose a grave threat. And not just the plants, there are a great
number of dangerous animals as well, including poisonous ones! Not an ideal tourist destination! 10. Valley of death of the Kamchatka peninsula. Here’s another ominous sounding name! Officially known as Kamchatka peninsula, the
valley of death is located in Russia and is perhaps one of the deadliest places that man
has ever set foot onto. The valley is located on the West slope of
the Kikhpinych volcano, and thus, the valley if full of poisonous volcanic gases. The main gas present is hydrogen sulphide,
carbon dioxide and carbon disulphide and they are the reason behind the deaths of the number
of birds and animals here. The reason for the huge number of dead animals
here is because of a domino effect. The birds get affected first, and their bodiesattract the foxes and then their bodies attract the wolverines and so on! Even the scientists working here often complain of headaches, dizziness and weakness. The easiest solution is to leave the area,
so why head into it in the first place? 9. Elephant Kingdom. We always love to do off beat things when
travelling. But well, some amount of sense still prevails. But all bets were off when it came to the
Elephant Kingdom Park in Thailand. Although the name suggests elephants, the
main attraction is a body of water where visitors can actually feed crocodiles. And while it may not strike as that much of
a scary activity, the safety was actually non-existent. Tourists would go into the water on a make
shift raft and dangle beef over it for crocs to eat. And the rafts were not really durable. They were basically plastic barrels holding
a poorly made shelter on top. The park has thankfully been shut down now For the photos of the dangerous activity surfacing online. Well, internet has its good uses too! 8. Snake Island. If you like snakes, you will probably love
it. But if like most of us you dread snakes, then this island in Brazil is an absolute nightmare. Called Ilha de Queimada Grande, or snake island,
it has been called the world’s deadliest island because well there are many poisonous
and deadly snakes living here. It’s a 110 acre island and there are about
4,000 snakes here! Oh, and among the snakes is the golden lancehead
as well, whose poison can supposedly melt human flesh! The reason for that is that the island was once a part of the mainland but rising sea levels made it an island. The snakes which were already there though that it was a good time to mate and their numbers increased. Alarmingly. Because of their venom and lack of any enemies, they soon became the dominant species on the island! 7. Sinabung Volcano. On the Indonesian island of Sumatra, there is a beautiful mountain which people love to visit called Sinabung mountain. However, it is a volcano and a rather active one. Its many eruptions have left thousands of
people without shelter many times but such is the mountains allure that they keep coming
back even though their villages have been covered by ash and lava several times already. No one really knows what is going to happen in the mountains and so it’s a better option to stay away! 6. Death Road. When a road is called the Death road and the road of fate, you can pretty much assume that it is extremely dangerous. The North yungas road is a 56 kilometer road
in the yungas region of Bolivia and it has been dubbed the world’s most dangerous road. The road initially ascends over 15,000 feet,
then descends about 4000 feet while winding through steep mountains and a sheer drop on one side! What makes it even more dangerous is that
there are hardly any guard rails and fog makes the road even worse! Because of its dangers, the road attracts
as many as 25,000 visitors every year but over 200 to 300 travellers die every year on that road! 5. Colorado River. Flowing through Colorado, Utah, Nevada and
Arizona, the Colorado river is 1450 miles long and even flows through the Grand canyon. So naturally it is a much sought after tourist
place. But what many don’t know is that the river
can be extremely dangerous. After heavy rains and the melting of the snow, the water in the river becomes veryy dangerous as it turns rough. But its allure is such that people still go
for a swim in it, often at their own peril. In 2014, during the first 7 months the waters
became so dangerous that 15 deaths were recorded! 4. New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Well, as far as beaches go, it is one of the
prettiest. But then, the visitors to the beach are not
just human. There are many sharks here as well! It has the highest number of shark attacks
for a single beach in the world and local estimates say that if you have gone for a dip here, then you have probably put yourself within 10 feet of a shark! There have been over 210 attacks over the
past 30 years! So limit yourself to the sand here! 3. Trolltunga. Trolltunga, or troll’s tongue is one of
the most famous tourist sites in Norway. Overlooking the beautiful Ringedalsvatnet
lake at a height of over 700 metres, the lake forms a breathtaking sight! The hike to the trolltunga is a very difficult
one and takes about 8-10 hours. What makes it really dangerous though is that
the fall is very steep and a woman even lost her life due to the fall recently! 2. Chernobyl. Well, to tell you the truth , this is a rather
stupid tourist destination! After all, there was a major nuclear disaster here and the radiation fallouts from the explosion are still present. Even though the contaminations levels are
now low enough to allow brief, unregulated visits, it still is a pretty dangerous place to be in. And we really have no idea why even after
that warning, but thousands of people visit it every year! There are even travel companies who arrange
for trips to Chernobyl. Wonder if they also give free coffins in the
package! 1. Running of the Bulls. Well this is not really a place than a festival,
but Pamplona in Spain is definitely one of the most dangerous places you could choose
to visit when the festival is going on. The eight day festival began in the 14th century
to honor St. Fermin. There is an 825 metre course where 6 angry bulls are let loose to wreak havoc among over 20,000 people! Well, it seems like a pretty stupid thing
to do and over 100 people are injured every year. And that is not counting the 15 deaths that
have taken place since 1915. If the whole point is to outrun the bull,
why run against them voluntarily in the first place? Have you ever visited one of these dangerous places? If so, do share your experience with us in
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  1. Death Valley is actually very beautiful. The best time to go is from December to Feb, when it actually stays at a somewhat reasonable temperature. There are lots of "can't miss" spots to add to the bucket list there, though!

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