The Most Heated Fights – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

The Most Heated Fights – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– Check out our most heated fights right now. – [All] This is Guido on Guido drama. (snaps) – The third most heated
fight of the vacation. Vinny versus Nicole versus Jenny. What are the boundaries? – No! – Vinny like please just stop. You know, obviously there’s history. You’re still alive? – I’m going in the hot tub. – Ew. – Woo! – Don’t touch me. – He was pushing the envelope. (Ronnie laughs) – God, you’re going to ruin my marriage. Get off me. (dramatic music) Oh we’re not doing confessional together. – Oh! – Vinny. Don’t touch me. My man will not like that. – Can I talk to you for a second? – No.
– I’ve got to ask you a question. I gotta ask you a question. I was gonna ask you what the rules are. – You’re being annoying. You’re disrespecting my husband now. Stop. What? – Why’d I have to do
this scene in body paint? – And can anybody take somebody serious with a flag painted on their chest? – What do you mean? You have that on your back. (laughs) – Got him. – Listen. He has a legitimate question. – No, but you made it like dramatic. – I’m dramatic? – So what? What’s the God’s honest question? – Sometimes you go, I can’t be next to Vinny. – Okay. I can’t. – What am I supposed to do right there? Go oh okay and then like walk away. – Don’t be like annoying. Just know the boundaries. – I don’t know the boundaries. That’s why I’m asking you. – Establish your boundaries right now. – We’re friends Vin. Just stop talking about it. This is literally gonna
(bleep) ruin my marriage. I’m gonna get (bleep)pissed. Stop! – He wants to know the boundaries. – Nicole! – Don’t (bleep) with my family. – If Gianni was in a house he was like close to somebody, and then they like I
can’t be next to Gianni. I just hit my 10,000 steps. I didn’t know how the Nicole past was gonna like rear its head. – No pun. – Yeah, no pun intended. I wasn’t expecting that
fight to happen that day. – Leave me alone. – Listen. – Go be on his side. Thank you. – Okay, fine. We’re done. – Thanks for being a good friend, idiot. – Don’t (bleep) call me an idiot. Don’t (bleep) say that. Because when you say you’re (bleep) done be (bleep) done. – Looks like a (bleep)
Doberman versus the Chihuahua. – You’re the worst. You’re ruining my (bleep) marriage. – Be an adult. – Jesus, you’re the worst. – Not ruining, (bleep) Nicole. Well she’s just blamed me
for ruining her marriage. So I’m out. – I hear you, you annoying. – No one is trying to
ruin this girl’s marriage. – Exactly. She calls me a (bleep) idiot. I don’t deserve to be ragged on. – Oh my God. You’re be so (bleep) dramatic. Shut up! – That was the best. – When the Jwow came out. Oh. – Meanwhile, Nicole was scared of Jwow. 100 percent. – Yeah. – Deena versus Ronnie. The car fight. – Don’t call me sweetie. – Okay, sweetie. – No, don’t (bleep) call me sweetie. – Okay, sweetie. – You’re in an aggressive state tonight. – You know what, D. You are a good person but you play both sides. – How am I playing both sides? – You want to be my friend. You want to be Sam’s friend but like. If Sam was a talking bad about me, you wouldn’t be like don’t say that about Ron. – Deena was a little on edge in Miami. – Yeah. Sometimes you order your
meatballs with extra sauce. – You’re gonna tell me
she’s never said one bad. – No! Because you know what? This past year, we didn’t talk about you. It’s not all about you Ron! You narcissistic (bleep) (bleep). It doesn’t all revolve around you. – It actually does. – It doesn’t all revolve around you, Ron. – Obviously it does because you’re the one mad because the (bleep) doll is there. – I don’t (bleep) like the doll. – Oh why? – I don’t like the doll. – Why? – Because she doesn’t know it’s here. – So then (bleep) call her and tell her. I’m not trying to be a dick but I’m being honest with you. Like straight (bleep) up. Now I’m gonna (bleep) say how I feel. – Oh my God. I’m done, I’m done. – And here it is. The most epic and the most heated. – Jenny versus Angelina. – Hey. – Hi Angelina. – Oh hey bitch. – Hey. – Hey. – So I’m just gonna ask the obvious question. Why the (bleep) are you here? – Jenny wasted no time with this. – She’s like a preying mantis. When she has sex with you, she rips your (bleep) head off. – No bitch! No! It’s been 8 years since we’ve seen you. – Let that go! (yelling) – I bet you, you won’t make it
a (bleep) week in this house because you are not a part
of our (bleep) family. End of the day, you have not experienced what we all have (bleep)
experienced together. – This whole stuff was built up from stuff that was said off the show. – Yes. – So Angelina made some comments online about Jenny and Nicole when
they went back and forth. And they never got to speak face to face. Until this show. – Not once did you try to a make amends in eight (bleep) years. – How do I make amends to you? – Eight (bleep) years. – Do I have your number? – I didn’t have you blocked bitch. I didn’t have you blocked. – I don’t have her number. – You never Twittered me. You blocked me on every
(bleep) social media. – You blocked me actually. – You want to come
somewhere eight years later. – Right now we are watching a baby
hippo named Angelina get preyed on by wild hyenas. – You have no (bleep) idea what this took. And you’re not a part of group chat. – Facts. – Fact. – Oh no. Jwow is ripping the hippo’s head off. – You guys should be like know what let me try to
give this girl a shot because we don’t really know her. – No, I know you. You’re not a nice person. – Oh my God. Nicole is (bleep) her vagina. I mean, wait. – How long are you staying? I just want to know so Nicole can pack your bag. – Oh. – She’s not packing my bags. – Get the (bleep) out of this house. – I’m staying.

100 thoughts on “The Most Heated Fights – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. Deena was right when she told off ron like that. At the end of the day deena was friends with ron and sammi not just ron lol.

  2. Yeah she took it overboard he doesn't want you then u come at ya girl they don't care about your MARRIAGE they all need to calm down

  3. They all look a mess after surgeries.

    As far as Snooki….I’ve always gotten the sense that she loves her husband way more than he loves her.

    At this point, jenni needs to back off Angelina. The bullying needs to stop. Grow up!

  4. I wouldn't be nice either but that towards jenny she uses everytime what people did in the past it boring find something else. Your not perfect also Jenny you have made mistakes. All I have to say live your life amd move on and that's for all the Jersey shore people it's boring

  5. JWoww destroyed her face she looks like Michael Jackson disgusting. I wish Angelina just beat the s*** out of her I know she can she's way hotter and JWoww J Bow Wow

  6. "Nicole was scared of Jwow"

    Nicole is NEVER scared of anyone.

    That's one of the things I love about her.

    Now let's get one thing straight: Jennifer and Nicole are friends and it's normal for them to fight.

  7. Good grief every single girl girl is a bigger grenade now than when the show first started. Geez I feel sorry for their husbands for having to look at that.

  8. Vinny is pathetic. He doesn’t do any of that with the other girls in the house. Whatever happened between him and Nicole happened yyyeeeaaarrrs ago during a time when her and gionni were dating—not madly in love and not married with kids. Vinny is basically dissing what Nicole and gionni have. Guys who do stuff like that know what they be doing.

    And omg why has ron ever been around? Get rid of that emotional freak 😂

    Shoutout Deena for being a real friend

  9. He just said : why did I have to do this SCENE in body paint!! But if it was real then the punchable little girl is in the wrong!! Entitled , aggressive and dumb.. YOU ARE RUINING YOUR OWN MARRIAGE WITH BAD BEHAVIOUR ., So happy that guy in that bar punched you(cause you had it coming)

  10. Ron to Nicole on Vinny ‘He wants to know the boundaries.’ 🤣🤣🤣 you need boundaries in every aspect of your life & perhaps ur arde wouldn’t b in jail!

  11. Well Nicole if ur man was having problems you shouldn't be on the show and having another baby isn't saving ur marriage. 🤷🏽‍♀️ honestly i can't watch this it's not same cast no more.

  12. i cant be the only one who heard Snooki real quick go “no wait” right after she said “…idiot” hahahaha

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