the most traumatic travel experience of my life

the most traumatic travel experience of my life

Right now I’m in maine obviously. I don’t live in maine so I’m traveling here to maine with my family I had one of the most traumatic travel days of my entire life And I didn’t vlog any of it because you know what it was just too traumatic And I’ll tell you the story because I feel like you know what, why not you know also? I’ll tell you the story so here’s what happened it all started out at 11:00 a.m.. At Sfo, San Francisco airport California no big deal that’s where I live, okay, whatever I don’t live at the airport, but you know what I mean my flight was that like I don’t know 11 a.m. My first flight was from Sfo to Chicago airport and then from Chicago To maine that was the plan no big deal before my flight in Chicago I supposed to have like a 45-minute layover Which is a short layover, but we’re like you know what we can make it happen. Forty, You know 45 minutes We can just bolt that’s not a long layover. So we were a little bit worried. You know we’ll see We’ll see what happens our flight from Sfo to Chicago. It’s a little bit delayed So we’re like you know what a little bit stressed out. What we’re like You know what we can still make it. We can still make it. We’ll make it half decent flight Nothing crazy happened but then all of a Sudden the flight lands and we get a announcement on the overhead thing and they announce that there’s a medical thing going on and we were going to have to taxi for longer we weren’t going to be like leaving the plane for like another like 20 minutes and At that time our flight was going to leave in 20 minutes Like our flight was going to take off the ground in 20 minutes, and we’re like What are we going to do. Surrender to the fact that we’re going to miss our flight like all right? You know what we’re gonna miss our flight So we looked online and um we saw that that was the last flight going to Maine tonight So we’re like you know what we’re screwed. We’re gonna have to stay at a hotel in Chicago. We’re like What are we going to do? 20 minutes, we have 20 minutes? We’re like how are we going to do this right now? We’re like standing in the aisles of the plane just like waiting for like the paramedics to leave the plane and we’re so stressed out Because we feel bad because of course, whoever is having a medical issue. I mean heart goes out to them I don’t know they’re okay by the way But it was just stressful because we’re like we want to get off the plane but at the same time You know you want to have sympathy for whatever the situation is and we want to like ask if we can get off the plane Earlier because you know our flight leaves in 20 minutes It leaves in 20 minutes, but we were the, we were on the last row of the plane We were literally the last row there was not one row behind us We were the last one the 53rd row that was us. So we had, there was just, it was crazy, technically We’re the ones who would get off the plane last. At this point, me and my dad we’re just Pushing everybody out of the way we’re like nope, we’re nope. No, no. Sorry my flight leaves in 20 minutes We’re trying to make it. Everybody’s like you’re not even going to make it. We’re like oh, honey We’re going to make it okay, no joke We’re in like terminal one, like our plane landed in terminal one not only this is like the big-, one of the biggest airports like In the U.S. okay and we have to get from terminal 1 to terminal 2 in like 15 minutes before our plane takes off not before boarding like our plane our plane was already boarded at the time and we’re not even Off the plane yet and our plane was boarding and it wasn’t like oh
You know you just run to the next gate like we had to run all the way from one terminal to the next. This point we’re like all hope is lost, we’re like I don’t even know, I don’t even know. To make matters worse on our like ticket that we printed out in The beginning of the trip it said that like the gate was not yet assigned So we didn’t even know what gate our thing was at. All we knew was it was in terminal 2 and we were in terminal 1 so we’re like okay, what, I don’t even know. We asked some guy to look up our flight, and so he looks at our flight He worked at the airport, can either take a shuttle or you can walk and it’s going to take 20 minutes either way and me And my dad were like we’re going to freaking run this point We have 15 minutes we;re like our plane is going to leave in 15 minutes And we have to no joke run all the way across this airport, okay? So I kid you not me and my dad run over a mile with all of our own carry-on luggage We’re running through the airport like just running pushing past people. It’s so crowded I’m like dying like running in general is horrible, but like running with like freaking backpack. Just filled with a bunch of stuff So heavy literally running as fast as we possibly can we ran for like 15 minutes straight up running, and I’m like That’s like enough exercise for like the entire year and our gate is like F21. We see a gate and it’s F1 We have to go to F21, so we’re like alright. You know what we’re close right our plane is leaving in two minutes We’re like no, we just ran like for ten minutes. There’s no way that plane is leaving without us There’s no way we’re going to let that plane leave so we freaking keep going We’re like you know what we’re our plane is leaving two minutes We need to keep going my dad’s ahead of me at this point cuz I’m just dying like I’m so red I’m literally, sweat is dripping down. I’m red, like at this point. It’s like who even knows, like I don’t even know what’s going on. I guess at this point I’m just like I don’t even know what, who even am I I like I don’t even know if nothing matters to me except for getting on this flight. We have two minutes to get there It’s all or nothing right now every ounce of energy I had was I was putting it towards getting on that plane I was going to get on that freaking plane. It was the last thing I did in my life I was literally gonna walk out onto the tarmac and hold onto the freaking airplane wing until they noticed me and let me on the Plane, I don’t even care. I was like no, this is my number one priority in my life right now We’re running through the F gates like F1 F2 F3 F4, then there’s a food court for like no Joke one minute just the biggest food court You’ve ever seen and I’m just like running past this food court, and it’s just like the gates just end Then finally we pass through the freakin food court, and it’s like okay F7 F8, F9 We just keep running. The last F gate It was like F21 was like the last freaking F gate And just like never and it was huge the airport is huge and each gate was so big it was, it was Unbelievable one minute until our flight is supposed to like to leave like the doors are closed in like one minute and we’re just like We’re not going to make it my dad just starts going. He’s like he’s at this point He’s just full full-on sprinting and I’m like I can’t even do this I’m like I can’t freakin Sprint. I’ve been running for about 15 minutes with a backpack. I’m dead right now So my dad runs up ahead. He’s like very far ahead at this point. I’m like freaking. I’m back here, I’m like, sorry No, he turns the corner, and I see him like pop out his head, and he’s like thumbs up And I’m like no freakin way. I’m like. What does this mean? I run up to him and I look around the corner And there’s no one else in the gate the gate is completely empty And there’s one guide at the counter, and I see my dad scanning the ticket and I’m like Halla-Frickin-elujah like literally Yes, I believe like I don’t know and then I asked my dad later. I’m like was he just standing there He’s like no, the guy that was like checking the ticket He did one like last call where he like stuck his head out of the door like for one last second before he was about To go in and shut the door for good He was doing his last calling literally looking out to be like is anybody else here all right shut the door he looks out and my dad comes Around the corner right at that second and freaking catches the guy, right? Moments before he was about to close the door literally if we would have ran slower for like three more seconds if we if The time would have been shifted three seconds like later We wouldn’t made it on like that’s how Frickin unreal it was we get on this plane And I tell you what I have never been happier to be on a plane in my entire life It was probably one of the best feelings i’ve ever felt in my life. We get on the plane. I’m sitting there I’m like do you know what I’m sweating. I feel disgusting but I’m a champion right now This is like one of the best moments of my life. I was so proud We just freaking savage that everybody was like you’re going to miss your flight Everybody was like you’re not going to make it just don’t even try and we’re like no, we’re going to freaking try We made it on the plane and look where I am now if we wouldn’t have ran I wouldn’t even be up here right now. I’d still be in Chicago F that no, so anyway that was freaking crazy Um I hope you’re still freaking not bored ’cause I would be bored if I was you. You thought it ended there, It didn’t. We land and our luggage didn’t Come basically it didn’t have enough time to get to the plane our luggage was still in Chicago, and it still is right now So today is the next day. It’s like 11 a.m. And I’m still wearing the same shirt that I was wearing and I’m still wearing the same pants and the same shoes and same Everything I haven’t changed since yesterday. I feel disgusting and I’m waiting for my luggage to come it’s supposed to come today They’re driving it to us. We don’t have to go back to the airport. Thank God just a quick shout out to United Airlines They told us they like yeah, we forgot your luggage We’ll drive it to you tomorrow. No big deal, but for now the gave both me and my dad these united water bottles, okay? Thank you united. Thank you so much for setting us up with a flight. That was like impossible They like set up you know a 48 minute layover and it was our choice You know we didn’t have to take that But we did and they really didn’t plan that out well because that’s an impossible thing to do. 48 minute layover There’s no way you can make it like there’s no way, we’ll never do that again But hey, you know what through all of that, through all the stress and pain and tears and blood and sweat We’ve got these water bottles so right now. I’m going to do a little haul for you all Do you know what you don’t even care? This is boring. It comes with all the things you’re going to need deodorant, toothpaste Lotion, tic-Tac, a toothbrush even, I mean it’s totally cute But I’m like you know united you freaking lost my luggage And now you’re giving me this like you think this is really enough like do you know what you just put me through I almost Have like a heart attack like eight times throughout that travel experience and like you give me this and think it’s okay and then you Lose my freaking luggage and leave it in Chicago, and then you give me this and think of it It’s all going to be cool, and it’s all going to be Dandy and all right I’m sorry united, but life doesn’t work like that. You know united they’ve had a few scandals recently They just think that they can just hand out these water bottles, and think everybody’s going to like them again not really how it works this is kind of cool, whatever but You know you need to work on your thing you just it’s not. Moral of the story is if you think you’re going to miss Your flight just go, just try just you know what never give up because you never know like if you just tell yourself I’m not going to make it we defied all odds And like I also ran like that’s also defying all odds, but now I’m here and that’s good. That was my story I hope you’re not bored and if you are. I’m sorry. I don’t know

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  1. Literally THE BEST STORY FREAKING TELLING EVER. When u said your dad gives the thumbs up, i was like YAASS YAAS, no joke I’m happy too! Even though it happened like what 1 or 2 years ago lol, anyway love u emma ❤️

  2. this is me when my bus stops at the light before my stop and i see my 5th bus pull off without me

  3. omg like this story was so intense, my heart was beating so fast. like i could almost feel what emma was feeling thought the whole story

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  5. I was picturing that scene from home alone 2 where they had to run through the airport throughout the whole video.


  7. I once had a 55 minute layover and it was horrible, I also had to run from one end to the other end of Munich Airport, I almost died. But it was the last flight so yeah

  8. I’m surprised the flight to Maine wasn’t delayed cause I live in Chicago and every time we fly somewhere our flight is delayed at least 45 minutes

  9. I had the exact situation when I went to Ankara, Turkey. I had a stop in Istanbul and my friend told me that…okay you have 5 min til your plane to Ankara. 5 MINUTES!!!!! Of course, I ran like hell…repeating the gate number in my head like a lunatic…and when I made it to the area…there was a gate one number less and one number over…but, not my gate…I was like WTF!!!!!……so I asked and they showed me vaguely some know..waving your hand saying "Yeah, there – ish"….so finally I found my gate……which was freaking underground….well not UNDERground but on the ground floor…..every single other gate was on the same level as I was…and the gate which was meant for me…was in Wonderland of Alice….eventually I made it to Ankara

  10. Yall its 2019 now and after watching emmas most recent vid where voice is so different AND I JUST WATCHED THIS VID TO COMPARE HER VOICE AND DAMN ITS SO DIFFERENT

  11. Funny how I got a Colgate advertisement about how coffee stains teeth right after watching a video where Emma tries hacks to try to get the coffee stains out of her teeth?

  12. same thing happened to me, i was in new mexico and we were supposed to go to Colorado and have an hour long layover to go to Texas. The plane was delayed like 45 minutes and we're like "we're gonna pull a sonic on this one" so we get to Colorado and have like 2 minutes to get on the plane. luckily, it was really close. we were arriving at like B3 and we had to go to B5 (literally so close) but if we went through the tunnel or whatever it's called we wouldn't make it, so they stopped the plane and let us (it wasn't just me, my mom, and brother there was a few other people) get off the plane early so we could try and make it. so we were running like sonic on the ground, we finally get into the place, quickly get to B5, and watch the plane we were supposed to get on LEAVE. sooo yeah we had to wait until 1 am to get a flight to texas. how fun.

    another story (it's short): we were going to New Mexico from Texas and our flight got delayed 5 hours

  13. through the whole story i was like okay but the most stressful thing is you could run as fast as u can but there is no way your luggage can transfer that quick

  14. Is anyone going to talk about the fact that Emma is wearing a pearl necklace in 2017? ? she’s vsco before everyone else

  15. Does she mean the O’Hare airport in Chicago?❤️
    2:19 yeah, i think it’s that one!❤️
    I was at this airport this summer too

  16. Loooool something like this happened to me and my family, as we were landing our connected flight in Madrid was taking off so we had to fly to France then in France our plane to Morocco was delayed because the workers were on strike and then our luggage was stuck in Madrid and we got to morocco a day later but like yeah what an experience

  17. Don’t blame me for giving you nightmares

    I was in the woods of my local park, someone in my school saw a dead body under a mat and like 5 seconds later I heard two teens yelling
    One said “have you seen our blanket/mat” the other one said “ we’re gonna kill you “

  18. I am just seeing this video now I am from Lewiston Maine which is only 45 minutes from port Clyde. I hope you see this I love you so much and I want to be you and meet you so badly. I would love if you came back to Maine

  19. A few days ago the same happened to my mom and me. We had to get off an island and we didn‘t catch the bus so we had to run. The boat was literally about to take off and we saw that women standing there. We SCREAMED that we need to get on thet boat! And she told the guys on the boat with a phone or something that there were two more passengers. I felt the same like you did. I could not imagine staying on this island in this shitty weather and wait two more hours for the next one to come. So yeah we made it. Just wanted to let who ever is reading this to know that.
    K bye

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