The “Picnic” Approach to Sex? It Will Transform The Way You Have Sex FOREVER

so foreplay tips now what I want to focus
on here is to get you out of that mindset that we tend to have in the West that sex
is like a 3 course meal. You know there’s step 1, step 2 and step 3. You kiss a bit,
you fondle a bit, you maybe go down on each other, then you have intercourse, he has an
orgasm and you’re done. and hopefully she’s had an orgasm along the way somewhere. you
know look that’s fine for one model of sex but it can be a little bit boring. i encourage
you to think of sex more like a picnic. in the sense that it’s all laid out there in
front of you and you can eat it in whatever order or as frequently as you like. so if
you want to go dips, quiche, pavlova you know you can but you don’t have to. you can just
eat nothing but dips, you can start with the pavlova and go backwards. you can go quiche,
dips, quiche, dips, pavlova, pav, dips, pav, dips, quiche. you can even just kinda sit
there and drink champagne. not eat anything at all you’re still having a picnic. and this
is what I encourage you to do, is to get out of this rigid view of what sex is and just
play do whatever feels right, experiment do a bit of this do a bit of that, come back
to that. stop and have a chat, it’s all good. it’s just about getting in touch with what
you enjoy what you’re feeling in that moment sharing it with your partner and the sex can
go on and on and on and it’s always going to be interesting and therefore it’s always
going to be good. So subscribe because what’s life without love. LOVELIFE by Jacqueline

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