Good morning, Tangerineys. It is bright and early in Peru. I’m not exactly sure where we are because we’re two hours outside of Cusco. We are going on a tour today. We had to wake up bright and early but it wasn’t even bright when we woke up. It was 3:30 a.m because we were meeting to go on this tour at 4:00 a.m. (Chuckles). Yeah, so if we’re a little bit out of it today, that’s why. When I woke up this morning I literally could not speak. It was the scariest thing. It was so weird. Jordan thought I was having a stroke. I would think the sentences that I wanted to say and then other words would come out… (if any words at all). If any words at all. So anyway, I’m recovering now. I’ve had three cups of coffee, so… energy! But yeah, we’ve come up the mountain pretty high. I’m feeling the effects of the altitude but here, they had some Cocoa tea for us – brought us some cocoa leaves which you pour some hot water to turn it into a cocoa tea which really helps with the altitude effects. We had a light breakfast at this place – this restaurant was off the beaten path like you would not be able to find this and less you had a guide to take you here. And then shortly, we’re going to take the bus for another hour, to go to Montaigne de las Siete colores or rainbow mountain where we’ll start the trailhead and then we’re taking a slow-paced hike for three hours up to the viewpoint, which is what? Three thousand? Five thousand? more feet of elevation. Yeah, so they called Denver the Mile High City. Well, we’re literally going to be over three miles high… which is like… Quickly Come here… I don’t know how cold it is here, but I can see my breath and they said where we’re going, it’s even colder. So, I’m bundled up. I don’t want a coat. I have a sweatshirt and a long-sleeve shirt on and they provide a blanket, so I’m going to just try to get as warm as I can before we get there. I knew it’s going to be cold up here, but it’s just so cold. It is bleepety cold. Yeah, so we’re basically at the trailhead here. We each paid 1 sol ($0.30 USD) to use the bathrooms because it’s going to be a long hike, so who knows what type of bathroom situations are on the way. Yeah. He said there’s another one in a half-hour. So, we’re going to go up at a slow pace for three hours and then he said it will take about an hour to get down. You know, I got to say this is some of the prettiest terrains I have ever seen. Oh, yeah. It’s absolutely breathtaking… beautiful. What is this? So good. This is Muna, mint, eucalyptus (?) flower for the altitude, you got to rub it like this and then smell very very deep. Great. This is good for the headache, for the altitude… because you know, sometimes people they feel the 5,000 meters, this is helping to you. Okay, very good medication for the altitude. And you have oxygen as well? Yeah, oxygen I never use because this is better and also I will give to you the most important… I will give to you the Coca leaves. Do you just chew it? Coca leaves not to be confused with cocoa… or anything else. You chew on these and it helps with the altitude just like the coca tea. But he said don’t eat it. So, chew on it for a while and then spit it out. Weird. He’s prepared. Got his walking sticks, some water and some snacks, his oxygen, some stuff for headaches like altitude portion, I would like to get moving to warm up. (indistinct) (continues…) Stretch It’s all you could stretch, Jordan. (Giggles) For my ability to stretch. So we’re just getting started on the trail. How do you feel? I can’t tell if it’s from the altitude or from the cold though. I feel good so far. Yeah, I think I kind of feel the same thing, but I think it’s from the cold. Yeah, and we’ve been more out of breath than I’d expect from this slight gradient. Uh-huh. So, everyone has the option to get a horse at this point if you don’t want to hike and it’s 60 soles ($17.82 USD) per person. We’re going to opt to make the trek on foot and hopefully not pass out. Yeah, I would get a horse, but I’m too cold. So, I need a walk. We booked this tour through Airbnb. This was the highest-rated tour on there for the Montana de las Siete colores. I think it was $54 a person. Yeah, so far I’m really pleased with it. This is absolutely gorgeous. Yeah. The only thing I’m not pleased with which has nothing to do with the tour or the quality of it is the fact that we had to wake up at 3:30 a.m. But to beat the crowds and to make sure that we could get out before they closed the passage, you have to get here that early. Yeah. Well, you have to start that early. So we’re going to put a link to this tour in the description of this video along with a sign-up link. So, if you’re new to Airbnb, you can get $40 off of your first day and $20 off of your first Airbnb experience. What’s its name – the name of your hat? I didn’t name it but I’m saying it’s a nominal pocket hat because it looks like a cross between a llama and alpaca. So, we learned the difference between llamas and alpacas on the way here and you actually looked up the difference a day or two ago. What were some of them? Alpacas laws: llamas have a longer face and pointed up ears – longer ears that stand up. Alpacas are fuzzy with a short neck. And llamas can carry weight, Alpacas do tricks. Tact tricks. It gets hilarious. And perhaps the biggest difference is llamas are about three times the size of alpacas. Can’t miss these photo ops… We’ve only been walking for five or ten minutes so far and I’m already warming up. I feel very comfortable now. Yeah, I could take off some layers. So, we learned on the way here. This is crazy. This mountain of seven colours was covered by a glacier 20 years ago and it wasn’t until that melted that they could finally see it and learned that it was here. So, our guide was saying that the people here are really happy now because they’re making a lot of money from tourism. He was saying it’s all these different colours because of all the minerals in the ground like there’s copper and gold and silver and platinum… Iron… I’m honestly surprised there’s not mining here already. Here, the red mountain brings all the minerals down (to the valley). That’s why (the river) became the colour. Yeah, we noticed that on the way here that the river or the stream is red. Yeah, so all this snow wasn’t here last night or yesterday? It wasn’t. No. Wow That one…that one… They weren’t there last night. I was just going to translate for those of you that don’t understand Maddie’s language; “the pack” “llamas” I grew up in Minnesota, so I know what snow is and I know about snowball fights, but Maddy growing up in Arizona does not. Yes, I do. (Indistinct). Does this remind you of that at all? I mean like, this stuff is beautiful, but I think this tops it like – nothing alike. Like it’s so beautiful. I can’t even possibly describe it. What are you taking off? Taking off your bra? No. Another shirt. It’s crazy to be this hot when I was this cold. Yeah. Magic. It’s getting to be a lot more snow on the trail and it’s gotten a lot wetter – muddier. So far, we’ve seen the altitude claimed one victim back there. There was a girl who was really struggling and Maddy, I think you’re doing all right, but you’re just slow on energy. Yeah. Reuben! Can we get some oxygen? I mean, I think I’m good. Once I stop for like 20 or 30 seconds, then I catch my breath fully. Do you think oxygen would help her? This is better than oxygen. Even if you use oxygen, it’s going to be the same. So, right now, Reuben our guide says we’re at 4,750 meters (15,584 ft.) and I’m just starting to feel a little bit of a headache. This is rough. This is really rough. I’m guessing that you’re feeling about like this…. Reuben! I would like more “drugs” please (the herbal mix). Of course! Thank you! We’ve gone through this phase; we started off freezing and then we quickly got hot but now it’s getting colder and colder as we go up and I’m cold again. I’m cold like compounding… more difficult… as we climb higher altitude and some part of it is steeper. Reuben said one of the reasons why I was getting a headache was because I took my hat off and now having it on will help the headache. So it cost 60 soles to get a horse the entire way, but it’s cheaper as you walk up. So, from here, we’re about two-thirds of the way, so it’s going to be 20 soles ($6.03 USD) What’s your horse’s name? The horse? Pancho! What’s your horse’s name? Panzon. Okay, so this is where the horses drop off. We stopped to walk more. Yeah, it looks like a steep climb too, so it’s going to be a lot of start-stop, start-stop. I think we got the hardest part out of the way though on the horse. Yeah, I’m glad we did that. It was supposed to be 20 soles each but we had 50 soles and they didn’t have change so it ends up being 50 soles ($15.07 USD), but I’m glad we did that. I am struggling really hard. So, let’s do this though. All right. Now or never. Let’s go. I’m taking baby Oaxaca steps. You look like you’re riding the struggle bus. So much. I wish I was riding the struggle bus. At least I’d be driving. I’m going to sit down but it’s all muddy. Okay, here I’ll give you a piggyback ride. No way! No way! So, it always disappoints me a little bit when my stamina isn’t up to something like this but it makes perfect sense. My body is literally saying, “Hey, you! Stop. I need oxygen. What are you doing? This is a bad idea” Mayday! Muscles! Help! Lungs! Help! I thought this would be a lot easier for us if we lived anywhere but sea level like we were in Ajijic at 5,000 feet or Mexico City at 8,000 feet, in Oaxaca 6,000/7,000 feet. Sea level for a year now. So, as low as you could possibly get compared to this, one of the highest places you could possibly get. So, we’re probably at 17,000 feet now, so approaching three and a half miles above sea level. AY, AY, AY, AY! This is really hard! Why did we come here to the mountain? Why? Why? Why?! Sorry guys. She’s getting a little delusional on us. Lack of oxygen. Look at the colours here in the stream. With water and humidity. Interesting that there are three other people on this tour with us and they’re all from Mexico. Two are from Oaxaca and one is from Idaho. We just got some more drugs. Our guy offered to take Maddie’s backpack. We’re doing what we can. Look at this view. Wow. Do we hike this? At this point, we’ve hiked about 3k vertical feet (about 95 vertical meters) And now we’re about to go up into the clouds. You look just like them. (Maddie singing) – This is a hike that never ends because it goes on and on and on… (Jordan joins in) We started hiking not knowing how long it was. I continued hiking to see all the alpacas. It’s really why I do this. This is fun and challenging and tiring, all at the same time. You made it! We have now hiked above 5,200 m (17,060 ft of elevation) Good work! God was just telling us, it should have been obvious but right here, that’s a glacier and then there’s a huge glacier on the other side of this mountain apparently. it was totally difficult to get up here, but it feels like such a relief and the air here is so fresh and pure. It’s just like… yeah natural goodness, like nature’s healer, except for the lack of oxygen – except for the minimal oxygen. Yeah. Ready for the descent. All right, let’s do it. Alright, let’s go down, okay? Can’t stop taking pictures of this. This is so pretty. Yeah, honestly, the seven colors part of it is a little underwhelming to me compared to the pictures we see. I think they used a lot of photo editing in that. Expectation. Reality. Yeah, and in as possible as it’s cloudy and snowy, it’s a little bit more muted but I do think this in general is breathtaking. Absolutely and as much as I’ve struggled, I still think it’s worth it. I probably would have opted to take a horse the whole way though, just because I don’t think I’ve acclimated to the altitude very well being that we’ve been living at sea level. I’ve acclimated better than Maddie has but it’s still a struggle – it’s still hard. Tell you what guys, I’ve been looking at this landscape for like four hours and it does not get old. This is absolutely gorgeous. I’m surprised that people haven’t talked more about the surrounding landscape – like the terrain around here, but of course, the seven-colour rainbow mountain was amazing and an interesting natural phenomenon with all the metals in creating the colours but the terrain around here is equally if not more beautiful. Uh-huh. Totally agree. So, on the way up there, I didn’t really notice this because I was just struggling too hard but all these little streams that kind of pass through the trails, you can see all these colours of rock, yeah, like green and maroon and tangerine… So, it’s the mountain of seven colours – the rainbow mountain. The rocks are just dispersing and travelling down the mountain. So, you can get a little taste of that before you’re fully up there. Right over here, to the right, you can see several glaciers, maybe they’re all the same glacier. But they’re coming down the mountain in a few different places and you know what? I bet this entire valley was formed by a glacier because glaciers are one of the most powerful things in nature. They can change a lot of the landscape over time. This is the first glacier I think I’ve ever seen (in person) and honestly the whole landscape here and this whole experience is like life-changing. I’m so happy we did this. It was difficult, I’m not going to lie about that. Yeah, hang on, let me switch hands. Okay. I honestly don’t know if I would do it again, at least, not unless I was more climatized. I would do it again. I think it’d be easier the next time. Yeah, probably. I’m really glad we waited like we’ve been in Cusco for like three days I think, for me. Yeah, four, I think. It would have been hell on earth if… we tried it like the first day we arrived or something. I’d have passed out, for sure. So after the rainbow mountain hike, Maddie you pretty much “we’re out”. I was done though. I mean, at the end I was saying you know what, I’m glad we did this, but I would never do this again and you thought differently but I think the experience for me was like a headache the entire time. I was on the struggle bus the entire time and by the time we got back to our Airbnb, I was so deathly sick from altitude sickness I think. I had an impossibly terrible headache. I was nauseous and dizzy and my body ached everywhere. And so, that was pretty much it for Cusco for me. I was sick the entire rest of the time. Yeah, it took a long time for you to recover after that. And then while we were there, I ended up getting either food poisoning or some stomach bug that was like food poisoning. Yeah. So, we were just like… we were really struggling in Cusco after this. I mean, like I said, glad we did it, but it really was kind of like downhill after that was over. So, you guys may have noticed that it’s been a long time since our last video; like three weeks or something. This might be a personal Tangerine Travels record. Well, after Cusco we went up to Winnipeg to visit some of my family and then we went to Phoenix to visit some of yours and we had already decided that that was going to be our early Christmas since we wouldn’t be able to spend actual Christmas with our families. So, we put the funds away, put the cameras away and just spend some quality time with them which put us even further behind on our Channel and on videos, like releasing this video. Yeah, and then we got back and you had a surgery scheduled. Yeah, a few days after we got back to Puerto Morelos, I had a surgery scheduled and I’m not going to be getting into the details of that just yet. I will very likely be explaining everything in a video coming out on our channel, but I still need time to process and fully recover. This is only the second time we’ve been outside of…not we. This is only the second time that I have been outside of the apartment since the surgery, so still recuperating in that department. But that is unrelated to our travel and our trip to Cusco and all that. Just so you guys know, it’s wasn’t an emergency situation and I don’t have cancer or a terminal illness that I know of. Hopefully not at all. So, this was something that I had planned previously and it’s something that I think is necessary for my long-term health. So I’ll just leave it at that for now. So, I think that about catches us up for now and we should hopefully be getting back into the swing of things within the next week or so, all dependent on my recovery and it seems to be going in a positive direction. So, yeah, two thumbs up there. But before you go, this is a perfect opportunity to check out our binge-watch everything playlist. So, we’ll link on the end screen to check out our story from the very beginning. Yeah, on the playlist you can watch every video we’ve made in order very easily. Anyway, please subscribe to our channel. If you’d like to see our upcoming videos that we will be releasing hopefully very soon and one more thing… Gong that bell! So you are the first to be notified when we release those new videos and we will hopefully see you soon.

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