The School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management at UofSC

I’m most passionate about traveling and
people. I just want to like show people the world and like show people different cultures and just expose them to more things. I wanted something that I could
go anywhere in the world and I love working with people, I love communicating with people, and just helping people. South Carolina is home. You know, when people think of the south, They think of hospitable, they think of welcoming. You don’t just learn hospitality, you are hospitable. They teach me how to
understand this industry, how to understand different cultures, how to bring them together. Being in the McCutchen House and working in those classes, I’ve learned everything from cooking and knife skills, all the way up to being front of house manager, a back of house manager in the full running restaurant. Our culture is not just friendly, it’s family. We are all a family. People care, the professors care, you have a lot of one-on-ones. You find your home in every single department or class or niche. There’s so many different things you can do with a hospitality management degree. The industry is so wide. Like you can do corporate travel, you can do hotel management, restaurant management, event planning. I’ve had amazing internship opportunities and every internship has only kind of solidified more and more that this is where I’m supposed to be. This is such an awesome major and it can get you very far in whatever you want to do.

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